One Another Chance to Love Jane

One Another Chance to Love Jane

By:  Sia Sage  Completed
Language: English
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Not all stories are meant to happily ever after. Some are meant to start with a tragic end dipped in tears, grief, and blood. Jane, the girl who once had a happy family, and was loved by everyone is now left alone in misery, with no escape from her past or her sorrows. Jane, whose life suddenly took a miserable turn on the day of wedding, when everyone she loved, died in a tragic car accident, leaving her in deep grief and misery with no hope for happiness in life. 'No dark clouds can prevent the sun from shining forever' Can a ray of happiness shine over Jane again or she will have to live her life in grief and misery forever, only time will tell.

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19 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jane Dark clouds veil the sky, rendering everything dark and depressing, the same as the incident that happened today. As clouds in the sky, pain veils my heart, making me feel the same, gloomy from the inside out. The sudden change of events made once pleasant days unpleasant. My wedding turned out to be the reason for the death of my family. The thought of not seeing my family, or my loved ones ever again, shatters me from the inside, but my eyes remain dry, with not a drop of tears in them. My family has to pay for the sins of someone else. I don’t even know whom I should blame, the driver, who was drunk driving on the wrong side of the road, or I who invited them to attend the wedding if only I hadn’t asked them. The accident never occurred. It was my fault. It’s me who has taken four lives and killed them. The drunk driver was just a host of my sins. It’s for me that Liam, my little brother who was only a teenager, has to die so early. For me, my parents have to die. Jared,
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Chapter 2
Jane The place that once was my rapture, time made it my agony.Every corner, everywhere my eyes land, reminds me of the past. This place was nothing but a house we bought made with bricks and wood. With time, we made it our home.The house that always made me smile in the past, the same place, is making my heartburn, nauseating me, and reminding me of people I lost. I can’t stay here, not now, so I ran, moving my legs as fast as possible, stressing the limitations of my body.I ran from the past, my life, my grief, wanting to leave everything behind, and ran, just ran, fast, until my vision turned blurred, with my knees jelly. With everything turning dark.“Sleepyhead, wake up,” I heard a familiar voice as a pair of lips touched my temple.I opened my eyes, coming face to face with a half-naked man with his hip wrapped in a towel and the rest displayed for my pleasure. My eyes scanned the figure in front of me, top to bottom from his muscular arms, which flexed as he was drying his h
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Chapter 3
Brandon The life of a doctor and a father of a five-year-old have ups and downs of their own. But the last few days were the hardest, since we are moving to a new neighborhood, a new house. There is so much work to do that I lose count and maybe sleep. I guess that’s why my head is hurting badly now and then. But, I hope this is the last time we have ever moved. Marlene is growing fast, even as a single father. I want to provide for her home, a family, and the love and care she deserves that I have never had in my life. “Daddy, can I have candy?” I looked down, staring at the tiny beings beside me. We are both shopping for our new house, and Marlene is an excellent company for that. I also have to design a room for her. Marlene is very tomboyish. She doesn’t like dolls or princesses, except her likes are cars and legos. Everything I would have wanted if I was a child, and in many ways, Marlene is like me. “First, let’s buy some clothes for you. Then we can go for ice cream. You lik
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Chapter 4
Jane Time flies and pain turns into memories. With each passing day, the pain strengthened me more than before. Memories that once hurt me now make me smile. Smile at the moments that we spend together with each other. I remember when, as a child, my pet dog died, how broken I was, crying the whole time, not being able to sleep or eat anything. Then my mother said to me, ‘Time heals everything, but it can’t bring back what you’ve lost.’ Who would have thought that the words my mother once told me for my dog, the same word, would remind me of her, strengthening me every time I’m lost, or lonely? Life’s unfair, but at times like this, when your heart is concealed by the dark cloud of pain and sorrow and when all hope seems to fade, a ray of sunshine comes to you, giving you hope, a desire to live for yourself and someone dear to you, same as mine. If someone told me a few months before that, I would lose everyone dear to me in an accident. I would have laughed and maybe kicked the h
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Chapter 5
Brandon I sighed as I packed my things. The patient took longer than I accepted. Jane must be waiting for me.I quickly made my way to my office only to see Jane with her eyes closed, lying comfortably on my chair. I was not surprised to see her fast asleep, with her delivery date coming close and no one by her side looking for her, taking care of her. It’s already very tough for a woman to give birth to a life, but in Jane’s case, things are intense.She has to do everything on her own with no one around her, to care for her. I do my best to help her, but Jane is such an independent woman. She never asks for anyone’s help, even when needed, and that’s what worries me the most. Even more when she is not around me, like times when I’m at work or when she is alone at her home, mostly at night, and I don’t know why, but around Jane; I feel so protective like she is someone too precious to me, but the thing is, I can’t even tell Jane about how I feel about her. Jane has already faced so m
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Chapter 6
Jane The dinner was fun spending time with Brandon and Marlene. Whenever I’m with them, I sometimes forget my sorrows, the ease and the bond that I feel around them is very hard to describe, but the moment they appeared in my life, there was not a single time that they made me feel lonely or sad.But today, when Marlene made Brandon the father of my child, for a sec it seemed funny, but that is something I don’t think that I can accept. I don’t want anyone else but Jared to be the father of my baby.I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts in my mind, making my way towards the bed, calling it a night.Sleep came peacefully, but after a few hours, my body started to feel uncomfortable. I wake up with my eyes scanning the ceiling, trying to distract myself from the discomfort in my body; my lower back is hurting badly. I tried changing my position from left to right, trying to find any comfort, but even after minutes of discomfort, the pain didn’t seem to pass away.I rose fro
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Chapter 7
Jane The night of Liam’s birth was the second worst nightmare of my life. I don’t know, but if anything bad happened that day, I would have been alive by now. He was the only family left for me. When Brandon told me he had to do a C-section to save Liam, I considered myself so helpless and distressed, like I couldn’t even do anything to protect my child. I felt worthless as a mother, as the memories of the accident shook my mind; the accident that caused the death of all my family members and Jared. Taking them very far away from me, so far that there is no return. But thankfully nothing bad happened that day. It was a hard delivery, with the umbilical cord being wrapped around Liam’s neck. It was very hard for anyone to save Liam, but with Brandon’s fast decision and precise moment, he could save Liam. The birth of a baby is something that no woman can forget, but for me, it was bittersweet. I was happy yet sad, sad about being all alone in the world, sad that my baby would have no
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Chapter 8
Jane Where the hell is Brandon? It’s ten in the morning, and he is nowhere to be found. I want to shout the words in frustration, but I can’t, at least not in front of the kids. I can’t remember how many times I have tried calling, but he hasn’t replied once. I tried one more time just in case he picked up but groaned in frustration when he ignored the call. Marlene’s having some pancakes with Liam for breakfast. It’s been like 24 hours since Brandon dropped her here with Liam and me. It’s not like I mind her staying. I love it when she is with us. But she misses her father. Marlene has asked me so many times where Brandon is and why he hasn’t come yet. And every time I avoided the question by acting busy because I didn’t have any answers to her question. I tried calling Brandon one more time and yet got no response. Things are worrying me a bit. This is the first time Brandon has not come directly from his shift to pick up Marlene from my house. Why is he so late today, and it’s
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Chapter 9
Jane Brandon spent the entire day sleeping. At lunchtime, I went to ask him for lunch, but he was fast asleep, so I left him alone, not disturbing his sleep. It was almost dinnertime, and I was preparing some food when I heard a knock on the front door. I opened the door, coming face to face with Brandon standing in the doorway. His eyes focused down on the ground as he brushed his hand over his hair. “Jane,” I moved aside from the door, giving him the space to enter the house."Come in." Liam and Marlene are both in the living room watching Frozen. But seeing Brandon enter the house, Marlene jumps from her seat beside Liam, racing towards her daddy, and landing directly in his arms. “Daddy,” “Are you alright, now daddy?” Marlene asked Brandon. Brandon appeared puzzled by her question. “What do you mean?” “Jane said..., you’re sick, and that’s why you are resting in the house. We should not disturb you,” she said, burrowing herself in his embrace. Brandon directed his eyes at
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Chapter 10
Jane “Marry me.” “No,” I said, without giving it a second thought. I freed my hands from his grasp, turning my face away from him. I don’t even want to look at his face after hearing his words. “Jane, listen to me first,” he said, calling my name as he grabbed my shoulder, turning my body towards him, face to face. Brandon stared into my eyes. But my mind was so outraged by his words that I shoved his hands away from my shoulder. “Brandon, how could you say something like that? You’re my best friend, but you...” I said, with my voice broken and outraged but quiet. I don’t want the kids sleeping in the other room to wake up and see us like that. “Jane, please just let me explain first,” he said, cutting me between words. “Do you think that your explanation will change everything?” I asked, “You know, that I will never in life dream of marrying someone else,” I paused, “You know, but even after knowing everything, you asked about something like that to me.” All this time, I w
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