Fated to the cursed Alpha prince.

Fated to the cursed Alpha prince.

By:  Hyacinth  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Do you really think we're going to accept you? A traitor's daughter?" Roxanne has always been known as the daughter of a man who betrayed his king and his kingdom. Everyone she came into contact with hated her for it and life was a different sort of hell for her. With a sister whose whereabouts was unknown, Roxanne sets out to go find her, but by chance she crosses paths with a man the whole kingdom fears and resents. A man whose mask made her feel he hid something dark and horrible underneath, and whose icy blue eyes made shivers run down her spine. A search for the truth joins them together and soon, Roxanne finds herself drawn to the one they call the dark prince, the same prince in whom she sees nothing but someone who is hurt and who was misjudged. Ariel couldn't understand what was happening to him. He had been cursed by a powerful witch, a punishment for his cold heart and for the past two hundred years of his life, all he wished for was death. He had gotten used to his dark and dreary life, but yet the appearance of a strange girl turns his world upside down. She was a girl who smelt of roses and sunshine, with hair the color of fire, and glaring silver eyes. His wolf panted after her. He thirsted for her like he thirsted for water. He could not understand the feelings that threatened to turn him into a fool, but with Roxanne's appearance, a series of actions were set into motion. Actions and decisions that might provide a silver lining for him and that might bring out the truth about Roxanne's father and her true identity.

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30 Chapters
Chapter 1: The cursed prince
On that fateful day. The prince took a sip of his wine and he swirled the liquid in the cup feeling escatic. He was so intoxicated. He stood up, already feeling lightheaded. His words were slurred, unintelligible and barely making any sense. He stared at the lords who were present and erupted in sinister laughter. Taking a mere step and almost stumbling to the floor, his body felt weak and heavy, unable to even move. His guards immediately rushed to him and helped him back onto his throne. "Your Majesty, are you alright?" The prince's captain of the guard asked. He lifted the young prince into his arms and took powerful strides towards the prince's chambers. Once inside he gently laid him on the bed. Nigel had a concerned look on his face, he gently shook his head before he left the room. On the other side of the kingdom. That same night, the king had a nightmare, one that made him shake vigorously on his bed. His body was sweating profusely and his brows were creased into a
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Chapter 2: Traitor's daughter
Roxanne walked along the long pathway and she smiled to herself. She glanced at her bundle of coins in her hand, the lingering thought of what to buy with them came seeping into her mind and she drew in a deep breath as she reached the market. She felt excited as she glanced at the people who were there, those who were buying and the ones who were selling. She walked steadily towards the man who was selling some vegetables and she greeted him curtly. "Good evening mister, I'd like to buy some cabbage and green sprouts" she said while smiling broadly. For the first time in a long time, she felt free, her heart churned at the slight thought of what she had experienced in her past village. Being the descendant of someone the whole kingdom knew as a traitor was not easy, sometimes she could barely get food to eat, even when she had the money to pay for it. That being said, her order should have been taken and delivered by now. "Please what's the matter?" She asked, concerned. The
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Chapter 3: Ariel
Roxanne stared at him for a while. His aura was one that demanded respect, his icy blue eyes bored into hers but yet she couldn't see his face. He was wearing a mask. One that covered his face so completely that it looked like he had draped some essence of night and shadow around him. His inky black hair managed to cascade down his back in straight silken strands. His hands had gloves on them and he even wore black boots. Everything about him seemed dark. Roxanne found herself walking back, scared by just his presence. Behind that mask could be a scary face. The rumors she had heard made her know it was a face she wouldn't want to see. She turned to leave, telling herself that she had never met him, she didn't want to ever meet him. "Everything will be just fine. I just have to get out of here." Roxanne couldn't help the effect he had on her, it made her even more scared than she had anticipated. When she saw that no one was chasing her anymore, she decided to walk freely in the
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Chapter 4: Leaving the once loved family
Roxanne muttered the name silently. She hoped she could calm down. She felt oddly drawn to that name and she felt satisfied with the outcome of the situation. It made her lips curve into a smile and she turned to leave. Again she was suddenly grabbed and she felt her hand being roughly pulled. She felt so scared, thinking that it was one of those who had earlier held her captive. She turned to see who it was and she was momentarily relieved to see it was nobody else but Lord Alex. Realization dawned on her and her heart palpitated. She looked down, feeling scared, but for a totally different reason now. She wondered what Lord Alex would do to her now. How did he even find her in the first place? "My lord, I...I can explain" Lord Alex stopped dragging her and he turned to look at her. His golden-flecked eyes always managed to catch her by surprise and it was the most commanding part of him. Those eyes were glaring at her now. "What can you possibly explain, Roxanne? You have me
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Chapter 5: Mine
When Roxanne noticed Lord Alex and heard his words, she felt overwhelmed with emotions. She wanted to throw her hands around him and gave him another tight hug, but she knew she had to withhold herself. She smiled with the tears still dripping out of her eyes and then she knelt on the ground. "I know I'm not worthy of your forgiveness, Lord Alex, but I'd want you to forgive me and give me a chance to prove myself worthy" she begged. Her voice was hoarse and her throat felt dry. The older man only smiled at her and he extended a hand to her. "Stand up Roxanne, I've come to realize that I was a bit selfish. I was thinking about my family, about how they would survive if my business was not moving forward, but you are also family, and family sticks together. I'd appreciate it if you stayed with us and didn't leave. " His words made Roxanne's eyes well up with tears, she was a bit emotional, she couldn't help the dreadful feeling when she had noticed the blazing anger in his eyes and
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Chapter 6: "Mates are for princes, not monsters."
Ariel's wolf howled in his head from late that night till early the next morning. He felt like he was going crazy. For once in his life, he felt sorry for actually wishing his wolf came back. Now that it had come back it seemed determined to drive him mad with howling. "Will you shut up!" The birds that perched on the window sill of his castle fluttered away in a flap of wings. Pigeons. They were part of the reason the castle was so filthy anyways. Ariel scrunched his face under the mask he wore as he looked around. This was the first time he was granted a reprieve in decades and his castle was filthy, his room was a mess, and his wolf didn't see the need to stop howling. He truly was cursed. He let out a crazed laugh at that thought. Like he hadn't been made aware of that fact for the past two hundred years now. He had to live and watch everyone he knew die. All the lords that were in attendance the day the curse was cast were killed off, He had killed them himself. The
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Chapter 7: "You have such nice hair."
The sun hit Roxanne directly on the face and for the first time in a long time, she had a smile on that face. "Hey, sit still, will you?" Roxanne giggled as she sat down more firmly into the chair. It had already been a few days since she had the encounter with the cursed prince and she was already trying to cast the incident out of her mind. He had simply helped her out. Nothing more. It didn't really matter that he had given her his name and it didn't matter that she couldn't stop thinking about him. The way his mask had given him an aura of mystery and danger might be the reason she couldn't stop. That was probably it. Roxanne sighed looked in the waters of the clear stream she had her feet submerged in. She would have to go into it almost totally later on but that was something she would think of when the time came. Annabelle had insisted that they come out here to dye her hair. She said Roxanne could put herself halfway into the small river and she would sit on the ri
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Chapter 8: "Let me go!"
Panic filled her as she saw the people walking towards them. It was the same group of men that had tried to rape her that day, and they were coming for her. Roxanne's stomach roiled as she realised she wasn't alone this time. The men were coming for them! She whipped her head around, frantically searching for Annabelle with but Annabelle was nowhere to be found. She had either fled or vanished into thin air. Roxanne would be satisfied with anyone of the two. As long as her friend was out of danger. Panic filled Roxanne as she contemplated her current options. "Oh shit." She was in the river. She hadn't bothered to put on anything except a simple white frock, and it was one that would definitely cling to her body now that it was wet. That would be like giving the men more motivation to come get her. They would take one look at her dress clinging to all her curves, and they would run crazed with lust. Why did they have to appear at this time? Roxanne felt frustrated. The
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Chapter 9: "How am i not dead yet?"
The water in her lungs was the first thing that urged Roxanne to go above the surface of the water.The water here was ice cold, almost like the forest itself. There was something about the chill that had settled over her that she didn't find natural.Maybe it was the water or maybe it was the fact that she was almost drowning. Roxanne didn't know.She cried out as her leg hit a sharp rock and her toe sent a flare of pain up her body. Dry land was just a few paces away from her. Roxanne could hear the water and smell the flora of the forest. The trees were thick and the sun had retreated into the clouds. Everything looked darker.Roxanne pushed herself to maneuver her way to dry land. The shore was just a few paces away. If she could just use her last remaining bit of strength to get there.Something hit Roxanne on the head again and the sound of laughter was the only thing she heard before the world blacked out.Roxanne dreamed.She was on the beach now. The sun is shining warm on h
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Chapter 9: "They're all dead."
Roxanne only looked at her friend as she said those words. She blinked.Ariel had saved her again?Why?"Why would he do that?"Annabelle simply shrugged her shoulders and walked off.Roxanne felt even more confused with Annabelle's reaction.But why did Ariel save her? And what was that nonsense the men had said about her being a witch that had cursed their crops?Roxanne tried to sit up but the headache that lashed at her made it impossible for her to even raise her head up. She didn't feel any cut on her head but she could tell that she had been injured somewhere.Her head ached like someone had hit it with a hammer and that hammer was still lodged in her head.People just loved being cruel and wicked. Why did they all want to kill her?"Are you okay Rox?"Roxanne felt a sensation of relief wash over her as she heard Lord Alex's voice. His tone dripped with concern and his face made it clear that he was definitely worried.He sat down by the side of the couch and touched her head w
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