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After losing his beloved fiancée to an accident; Jaden Keystone, the youngest billionaire in the country closes his heart never to be opened again. Nineteen year old Anna Alexander isn’t everyone’s favorite girl but everyone’s topic when it comes to gossip. Being beautiful, smart, audacious and ridiculously stubborn weren’t qualities that made up a woman and ironically; the last person to care about this opinions was Anna. If life could spiral in the wrong direction; living in the Keystone Villa preparing to get married to rich and mean Jaden wasn’t definitely the direction Anna thought life could spin to. Her determination to save her father, his compromise to save his family’s name; the two bitter souls were not trying to make their marriage work. But when Jaden barges into Anna undressing and finds it hard to take his eyes off her; their relationship further spirals into the unknown. Surrendering to a lifetime of animosity or opening their hearts; were options for Jaden and Anna.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Anna's POV: I was at home, slowly getting set for the evening's occasion, and now it was almost time to go and my companion was yet to arrive. I picked up my phone and called, no answer. I was about to start fuming when I heard a knock on the door. Mom answered as I stood up to apply my finishing touches. The arguments and mockery taking place downstairs made it obvious who was at the door because Kathy Anderson was the one person who can't stand my Mom and vice versa. In three minutes I was downstairs, walking cheerlessly to the sitting room. I took a critical stare at Kathy and then at my Mom, giving them a bit of a questionable smug look before they both started to laugh. "Really? I know I'm not looking very elegant, but I never knew I was THIS funny." "Oh shut up Lady Sherlock." Said Mom. "What's funny is the fact that you're trying so hard to seem like you're not looking very elegant. Don't you have a mirror in the room or something?" Well, that was unexpected, I though
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Jaden's POV: I despise Sir Carrington! I can't believe it. He thinks he can just blackmail me into going to his little party, and it certainly wasn't just because of the investment deal, but also because of the relations he has with my family, my Mother to be exact. He called her earlier to remind me. Oh, you will pay for it soon you old fool. I instructed my staff that I'm closing early today, I was sure they were curious enough to wonder what changed my mind and prompted me into going to the party, but I can't just simply tell them why. "Yes... That's it, so everyone should get their asses back to work!" I sighed, but not for relief. It was in anticipation of the horrible evening that was to come. I was looking forward to a night in my home bar with Daniel and maybe others. Speaking of which, I should invite him to this boring party, then we can head back home for some drinks and a card game. I gave Daniel a call, fortunately, he was available so I told him the
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Chapter 3
Anna's POV:It's the tenth time Kathy has been calling, I am not going to pick, but maybe it wasn't because I was pissed off about the night before, maybe I also feel guilty and a little embarrassed at myself. I just didn't know what to tell her. Good thing it's the weekend. I had already packed my stuff and planned that I'll say bye to Mom and leave as soon as I'm back from the Carrington's. It's not a lot but I'm still grateful that from Friday evening to Sunday afternoons I get to stay with Dad.Here I am now, thankfully Kathy will not be visiting me while I'm in Dad's place. Just as I was thinking of that, I heard a knock on the bedroom door."Sweetie, are you awake?""Yeah, Dad. Come in please."He came in with a cup of coffee and some sandwiches. "How are you doing? You came in so distressed last night, did something happen? I got you some breakfast by the way, just how you liked it.""Thanks, Dad, I'm fine, nothing happened, just tired, that's all."He set the food down and s
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Chapter 4
Anna's POV: I never knew how hard it is to run inside the heavily pouring rain until today. I always thought it would be fun, but here we are today soaked to the bones, running through the streets holding each other's hands. Mom tried stopping a taxi, but it was in vain, cabs were scarce around this part of town especially now that the streets are drenched. Fortunately, the station wasn't far away, so we decided to run instead. We arrived at the station and just as we were about to enter, an officer halted us by the door. "Woah, hold on ladies, the floors have just been mopped and our tiles can be pretty slippery. Wouldn't want you cuties kissing the floor." "Officer please, we just need to see someone, my father. He was brought in about an hour ago. We received a call..." "The speeding guy? He was the only one we brought in this morning." The officer said while portraying an awkward expression. "Go over to that desk and explain to the officer standing there. But first, let me
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Chapter 5
Jaden's POV: Suddenly, my life was dark and the dark clouds above couldn't understand how I felt. We arrived at the hospital and as soon as we entered, I began to feel my brain hammering against the walls of my skull. I was barely walking, just dragging my feet all over the floor. My wet hair distracts my view, offering a foggy glance at the path I'm scraping. "Good morning, I'm Doctor Larry. I want you all to–" "Save it, Doctor. I want to see him. We want to see him. Now." I said, bitterly aware that I'm merely requesting to see the body from which my brother's soul departed. After a few minutes of late goodbyes and cries, we all returned to the hospital premises, and I realized my feet could no longer carry me, so I sat on the floor. Sorrowful thoughts pierced the insides of my mind. I wondered why it had to be Jimmy. He was the sweetest kid I've seen, the best baby brother anyone can ever hope for. Scenes of our childhood played under my eyes, I recalled the irreplaceable mem
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