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WOLFBANE SERIES BOOK 3 ***It is highly recommended you read book 1 (Wolfbane) and book 2 (Wolfblood) before starting this one for context and to avoid spoilers.*** Gigi has a shameful secret. Before she was even a teenager, she made one small mistake that permanently altered her life--killing her wolf before she had the chance to shift for the first time. Desperate to become a werewolf, and gain the ability to meet her fated mate, she regularly visits a shop run by witches, famous for granting wishes. All seems to be going according to plan until one fateful day she runs into a huge visiting the very same shop. After exchanging insults with each other, they go their separate ways, not expecting to ever see each other again. But the Moon Goddess clearly has other plans, because when Gigi returns to her pack, she learns the from the witch shop is an alpha visiting from an ally pack, and he remembers everything. *Content Warning: This is a romance with dark themes including explicit adult content, graphic violence, offensive language, and other content some may find offensive. Read at your own risk.*

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121 Chapters
Chapter 1
GINGERSecrets. Everyone has at least one, right?Mine was that I lost my wolf. It happened a long time ago—it was an accident. It was one of those moments in life that changed everything. You know what I mean. One day, everything was normal, great even, and the next thing you know, your life is destroyed over one bad decision.Yep, all it took was one stupid decision and my wolf was gone. I kept crossing my fingers that there was a chance she might come back—that she was still somewhere deep within me, stagnant, in a coma, just needing a little shove to wake up. That's why I went to see a witch on a regular basis.That was my other secret.My parents were suspicious of witches—us werewolves and witches didn't exactly have the best relationship. Lots of old wives' tales, I think—that whole 'be careful what you wish for' thing. Apparently, when a witch granted you your wish, it never quite worked out like expected. But I was desperate. It was the only hope I had to ever be a werewolf a
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Chapter 2
GINGER"Gigi!" my sister Paige wrapped her arms tightly around me as soon as I entered the house. I hugged her back, so appreciative to be reunited with her again, returning to my pack in Vermont after finishing up the school year. Being twins, we had a special connection. It had been much stronger when we were younger, a lot of my own resentment toward her pulling us apart over the years. It wasn't her fault, but I couldn't help but feel envious that she was able to accomplish all my dreams. An unsettling feeling that someone else was living my life constantly choked me, salt rubbed into the wound.The thing is, becoming a warrior was always my dream. Our dad was a warrior, and I was always way more into it than Paige. I'd love to go with Mom to watch him spar on nice days out. I loved when he spent time training me to fight and defend myself in the backyard. Yes, I was a daddy's girl through and through. And the way I hung onto my dad was the way Paige hung onto me. Even though she
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Chapter 3
TYSONIf I were being completely honest, it was nice being away from my pack for once. That place could be so suffocating most of the time. I mean, my grandfather was a complete dick, and my dad wasn't much better. It's like they say, alphas always have to be in charge, and more than one alpha is volatile—an explosion just waiting to go off. In the case of my pack, there were three of us, which made the whole thing pretty combustible. I'm actually surprised we hadn't battled it to the death yet.Granted, things weren’t exactly smooth sailing coming to Alpha Blake's pack either. We were still two alphas with competing personalities, but it was better than dealing with my father and grandfather. Blake was pretty reasonable and wasn't hell-bent on making my life miserable. Although, I'm pretty sure Blake wanted nothing to do with me coming to his pack to "check things out". But he was desperate to make his mate's family happy, so he agreed to the arrangement for the summer. That worked o
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Chapter 4
GINGEROh Goddess, fucking Artemis. My head hurt, my stomach burned, my chest wheezed. The sun was so bright. I kept trying to open my eyes, but the light streaming in through the window made it very difficult. I moaned, in terrible pain, my whole body sore. This was worse than my worst hangovers. Even when I blacked out it was never this bad. I really did need to go to the pack clinic. I'd cry out for Paige to carry me there. She was a full-time warrior—her muscles were definitely strong enough by now.I finally forced my eyes open and was instantly confused by my surroundings. This wasn't my bedroom. I'd never been in this room before at all. Had I hooked up with someone the prior night? I tried to think back. What had happened?The full moon! It all hit me at once. I had taken the double batch of the potion and then everything got blurry. And, oh my Goddess, was that a dream, or had that douchebag from the fortune-telling shop really appeared? It had to have been a dream, right? Bu
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Chapter 5
TYSON"Good night?" Blake smirked at me, as he caught me entering the packhouse after I'd gone for a run, his eyes crinkled in an amused expression."What?" I asked, confused."I saw that girl you had here last night doing the walk of shame this morning. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." He chuckled. "I see you're enjoying everything my pack has to offer.""You saw her?" I asked."Yeah, her family was worried about her so we put out a search. Like the pack security? Make sure you report that back to your family.""Do you know who she was?""You dog!" Blake pushed on my shoulder with an amused smile. "You didn't even get her name? I always at least got the name.""Well, what's her name?" I kept my expression neutral, not sure whether it was better for Blake to think I'd banged her or not. I still needed to find out what she was hiding from her parents. As much as she infuriated me, I didn't want to blow whatever cover she had for whatever the fuck she was doing—which I also wan
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Chapter 6
BLAKE I woke to the most amazing feeling. Sparks danced up and down the shaft of my cock as it had found itself in a warm, wet enclosure. Damn, it felt so good. My eyes shot open to, similarly, the most amazing sight—my mate, completely naked, bobbing her head up and down the length of it. A guttural groan escaped from the depths of my chest, completely in awe of what was happening. My sweet, shy luna was waking me by swallowing my cock like a champ. I didn't even want to question why she was doing something so out of character for her. Then she moaned, the feeling vibrating against the skin of my rock-hard cock. I must have died and gone to heaven. Her eyes glanced up at me locking with mine, a mischievous look on her face as she slowed her pace. "I've been waiting for you to wake up. I'm so horny," she moaned. "I want your cock so bad." What! Now she was talking dirty to me? She was using the word 'cock?' "Where is Jasmine and what did you do to her?" I demanded, a huge smile on m
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Chapter 7
BLAKEI ran into the clinic, immediately running to the back, not bothering to check in up front. Hey, I was alpha and my mom was a doctor, so no one ever questioned me. I immediately ran to my mom's office, but she wasn't there. I quickly found an empty room and deposited Jasmine onto the bed, then ran to find someone else to help her.I finally caught a nurse. "Have you seen my mom anywhere?""It's her day off, Alpha," she replied."Oh.""Would you like me to find you Dr. Davis?""Yes, but I'll still call my mom." Okay, I was being a brat, but I trusted my mom more than anyone else. Not that the other doctor wasn’t competent. I just knew my mom would do a thorough job, especially with my mate.The nurse walked away briefly, and then came back to take Jasmine's vitals. "Low blood pressure," she said."What does that mean?" I asked."That's probably why she fainted.""Will she be okay?" I asked."She should be. But the doctor will know for sure." I nodded, holding Jasmine's hand and w
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Chapter 8
TYSON"Heya, Beta!" I plopped down on a chair in the office of the packhouse, crossing my ankle over my knee as Luke typed at his computer."Hi, Alpha. How's it going?" he replied, not taking his eyes off his screen."Not bad, not bad." I paused, and then, after a beat, I continued, "So, I noticed you have civilians sparring with the warriors. What's that all about?"Luke looked up at me. "Blake wants everyone to be ready just in case we ever have to fight a battle on our land. He figured that if civilians sparred with warriors, they'd get better training. We still try to pair everyone based on experience and ability.""I see, I see.""Any other questions?"I tried to act as casually as possible. "Any chance I could see the sparring schedules for the next couple weeks?""Sure. Any particular reason why?""Just want to look if that's okay.""Sure, I'll forward them over to you right now.""Great, thanks," I replied. "So, is everyone required to spar?""Everyone from the age of eighteen
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Chapter 9
GINGER"It's so nice having you back!" Paige remarked. The weather was beautiful on Paige's day off from warrior duty, so she brought me along with her and Jasmine to ride the Newport to Beebe bike path, which was about an hour from the pack. They were both a lot more fit than me, but they didn't ride too fast so I could keep up with them.On our way back, we stopped at a market to buy sandwiches and snacks, and then hiked down to Jay Branch Gorge. Everything was crowded that day due to the nice weather, and both Paige and Jasmine complained about there being too many humans around. I had noticed over the years that most werewolves didn't really like being around humans, almost having an allergic reaction to them."Yeah, you're funny!" Jasmine agreed with Paige."She's hilarious. You should see when someone pisses her off. Some of the insults she comes up with are crazy." Paige laughed. I was suddenly reminded of Tyce and everything I'd verbally vomited all over him. Luckily, I had av
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Chapter 10
GINGERWhen we got back to the pack later that evening, Jasmine invited us over for dinner at the packhouse, and to watch some TV show series they'd been watching together after. Paige basically answered for me and took me along. I figured if he was there when I got there, I could just split. Fortunately, he was nowhere to be found when we entered."Jasmine, Paige! Are you joining us for dinner? I'll put out some extra plates," a very tall, blonde girl said as soon as we walked in, and then I remembered that she was the Beta's mate. I felt so out of touch with what went on in the pack having gone to boarding school for high school and now going away for college. "And oooh, Paige, is that your twin?""Yep, this is Gigi," Paige pushed me forward. "Gigi, Lucy," she said unenthusiastically. I got the idea she wasn't a huge fan of her."Hi, Gigi!" Lucy said cheerfully, the contrast between her and Paige's attitude clear. "Yay! This is great! I love when we have company!"Before long, we we
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