The Luna Stone

The Luna Stone

By:  Elamiella  Completed
Language: English
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Trouble has come knocking on the Hatherleigh family door and the one to shield it off is no other person but Elise Hatherleigh. First in line and renowned as a world class fashion icon. Elise is dragged into a world of greater luxury, contempt and betrayal. Carl Blackburn, whose brooding and dark nature sends shivers down her spine both with fear and desire. To anyone, sacrificing Elise as a bride for the Luna Stone was more than appropriate. She was the perfect candidate and hence, the answer to the question on 'who will bell the cat' fell on her shoulders. The fate of Elise now depends on her decision! All Rights Reserved! This entire book or any portion of it thereof.. should, and must not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the Writer/Author. Copyright 2022 THE LUNA STONE

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67 Chapters
Episode 1
AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you for giving my story a chance. I hope you enjoy the story as you follow me on it. Please do not forget to vote, comment, and give your reviews for it'll be greatly appreciated.This story is purely a work of fiction; no character name or location is related to anyone or anywhere. But if you find any, it's purely coincidental; do not take it to heart. Everything used here is mainly to enhance the enjoyment of the readers, and I do not mean any harm to anyone nor any authority. Thank you!!!~~~~~~~~~~I sat on the dirty sidewalk as I watched passersby in the busy traffic of Stafford Town. I looked at my maroon t-shirt and faded blue jeans in horror. I was never like this. In fact, because of my rather tall height, face structure with the nature of my job, I wasn't permitted to dress down.And as a model who was renowned for my exotic features, I've got deep blue eyes against Arabian features, dark tanned skin, high cheekbones, pink full lips and a
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Episode 2
To any sensible person or living creature, the sound of the name of the Overlord was enough to give nightmares. No one dared challenge the greatest warrior both politically, physically and financially. And even otherwise! But then, I was not normal.“Where are we?” I asked the maid, who led me through a maze of winding passages. One could definitely get lost here, I mused as the maid walked on briskly without a word dropping from her lips."We are here, Miss Hatherleigh!” The maid announced with a bow as we got to an ornately carved oak door. The designs on it were the moon, clouds and wolf heads.I knocked on the door because it was a polite thing to do, and before hearing any response, I entered. "So nice to finally meet the Elise of Hatherleigh.” A masculine voice that brooded power and sensuality spoke as I tried to adjust my eyes to the dimmed lightings in the room. From what I could see, it was just normal.It was like an ordinary office cum library which had a nice brick fire
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Episode 3
Very far away from my thoughts, I was surprised as my mind began to play a fast one on me. The tall, lean and dangerously looking young man with a smooth shaven face, transported me into another word. A world of fantasies.My eyes widened in amazement as my gaze walked around his body. The thick blond mane he had was bound in a neat low ponytail. His broad chest was well defined and muscular. Thomas glared at me as I gasped, then I recovered myself back again. “Master, this is Elise Hatherleigh, daughter of Lewis and Kai Hatherleigh.” Said Thomas, and the man motioned for him to leave. I felt the hair on my neck rise, leaping my heart into my throat at the mention of 'master'. "He's the Overlord..?" I muttered, almost completely voiceless. This man looked like danger personified with his quiet and brooding looks. I noticed he had a scar on his right ear and one of the nails of his fingers was missing as I drooled over him.Suddenly the dimmed light brightened and I could not ho
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Episode 4
There was little or nothing I could do to savage the situation; the best and only way I thought out was, 'dialogue', we needed to dialogue, but from the look of things, nothing seemed to be happening.No chance for me!No hope for a better way!“I am willing! I'm willing!" I screamed, practically increasing the tone of my voice. "Please, let's be logical about this. There must be a way we can go around this. We can actually find something to do about it.” I begged endlessly as he pulled me across his chest and down to the bed. Our breaths hovered around each other as we fell in unison. I struggled with him, and all of a sudden, he kissed me.Hot kissed me!Shock drained me from my inside out as my eyes widened in amazement. The taste of mint, coffee and a hint of whiskey immediately swamped my senses as I opened my mouth involuntarily. His tongue darted around quickly like it was having a taste before twirling around mine. He pushed me down, pressing my stomach far deep into the bed
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Episode 5
As we both waited for the answer that would change our lives forever, my phone rang and I quickly shoved my hand into my mini bag, brought out my phone, and immediately took the call. It was the alpha of my pack. He was probably making an enquiring call as touching the meeting and whether I was making it out alive at least.“Elise what is going on at the moment? You have spent more than a quarter of a day there. What does he want in return for the stone?” Alpha David asked, and I sighed. Then I looked at the Alpha Carl in front of me and groaned. “It is a marriage proposal, right? We have imagined something like this would happen, and you just have to make the right decision especially as the guardian of the pack. You have a right to choose whichever way you want this to turn out for us all.” David said, soberly.I knew my alpha was gifted enough to know what was going on, that was one of his powers. “Alpha David, I believe that the right decision is to actually marry him. I have n
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Episode 6
“Your mate..?!” I cringed as I felt shivers crawl down my spine as he spoke. The bathroom suddenly became smaller and I wished I could put an end to the call. “Who exactly is your mate?” I asked surprisingly, for it was in fact a very rare thing for one female mate not to be aware of her other soul mate. And if Carl really was my soulmate, I would definitely know. I was taught about the various signs of recognizing one’s future life partner, and this was obviously off it.What was really wrong with me? And no one told her about the tattoo when I went to see my pack after the initial meeting with the Overlord. Was I really that tired that I didn't notice how people looked at me when I entered? Everything was definitely not falling into place for me, and I didn't like it.“Really? I thought you would have known by now sweetheart; everyone in your pack knows that by now." He halted, looking even more surprised than I was. Or maybe not. "Okay! Have you checked your left arm or your lef
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Episode 7
Carl had become a regular in the three days to the wedding. After the chocolates, he sent in an all exclusive black credit card that I took generous advantage in planning to get my things, I met him almost twice and the experience was almost pleasant and even sensual.I was picking the venue with him; we went to see the owner of the cathedrals and while we were waiting for the vampire billionaire, who had an odd penchant for acquiring church buildings, Carl asked, “So what are you wearing under that coat?” I looked at him in surprise at the naughty trail my mind went to and clenched my thighs as I imagined what it would be like for Carl to really see what I was actually. He laughed when I didn't notice when the secretary called us into the office.“Honey! I think you should pay more attention to your surroundings.” he commented loudly and I blushed. “Never mind, I will soon get to the bottom of what is really under that coat. Very soon!” He whispered as we entered the office and sque
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Episode 8
The scent of fresh baby breaths and roses filled the cathedral as I marched in line with my bridesmaids, with my dad by my side. My friends looked gorgeous in the light blue dress made into different styles and my father looked very dignified with his navy blue tailored suit and red bow tie, and his gray streaked black hair slicked back.He had offered words of comfort when I confessed that I was feeling nervous and nauseous too.The church looked splendid with the banners and sprigs of flowers decorating every corner. There was an intricate web of fairy lights and what looked like vines around every arm of the church pews. Everything looked so dreamy that evening.The organ hummed as the bridal march song began and I looked at the crowd sitting. The groom’s family and friends on the left, sat gracefully, beaming with smiles with a spray of bluebells and gardenias decorating their pews. The sole cameraman was busy taking pictures rapidly as we reached the altar. My family and friend
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Episode 9
The Overlord!I jumped over a root as I ran for my dear life. I had never been a strong fighter but like the deer, I was a great sprinter, feeling really so light on my feet. I had never been more frightened in my entire life as the three wolves were hot on my heels, sprinting endlessly with so much heightened sense of speed. All on fours…I just kept hopping around; the forest was luckily my domain, so I had home advantage and I knew the territory like the back of my palm. Every part of it and me was not going to let any macho wolf defeat me or catch me.I jumped over another entangling root and decided to save my neck; I could easily take care of my cousin and Lincoln. There were some things that could never change and I suddenly howled as I ran, increasing my speed, far deep into the muddy part of the woods. The mud was slippery and I was banking on using it against the three slower and heavier wolves.I was sprinting, with my head lifted up as the bright, silver moon shed it's gl
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Episode 10
Mr. Mystery disappeared as soon as I asked that question. I became lost in my reverie, wondering who he was and where he had gone to in such a swift manner, as my pupils wandered around for him.Still trying to find him, Bianca came in, squealing.. “It is midnight cupcake, time to leave with your mate; I am so happy for you.” I rolled back my eyes and cocked my head, as I checked the watch in my hand; it was past midnight, at five minutes past two in the morning, precisely.Luckily for me, the agency I worked with gave me a two weeks honeymoon leave, and I was going to spend the days judiciously. Glaring at my already intoxicated friend, I spread my arms far apart, welcoming her into my arms, as I tugged her into a hug. "I'm going to miss you.." I voiced, rubbing my palm on her back in soothing confidence. Obviously, she didn't respond. The power of alcohol! So I thought though.And in a jiffy, I pulled away, took a quick glance around as I searched for my new husband and mate.As
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