Alpha Dante

Alpha Dante

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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"I want the entire show" he said, looking her in the eye. "I beg your pardon?" She asked, frowning in confusion, straightening on her chair. "I want the entire fucking show, get your information from me, talk to me, seduce me, sleep with me if you have to. I want to see how you work" he said, crossing his arms over his chest "only then would I decide whether or not to keep you in the job" *********************** When Aurora is assigned to work for her Don and Alpha's son, complications happen. The new Capo Dei Capi, Alpha Dante puts her up for a challenge. She is to impress HIM and get the information that she and his father were looking for.

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132 Chapters
Chapter 1
Aurora:“Fuck…” he hissed, reaching his climax and emptying himself in the condom, riding himself off as he rested his forehead in the crook of my neck.“Did you cum, baby?” He asked, his voice above a whisper, and lying, I hummed in response. He pulled out of me, and I couldn’t help but hiss at the sudden feeling of being empty. Watching as he removed his condom, he threw it in the bin before cupping my cheeks, kissing me gently. I smiled into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck, unlatching the necklace before he could notice.The two of us pulled away, and smiling, I got up from bed and started getting ready to leave. “Leaving already?” He asked, watching as I bent down to get my pants, putting the necklace inside my pocket. I put on my panties and went to slide my pants on, knowing that it would be minutes before he noticed the missing ornament. I looked at the open bottle of scotch, biting my bottom lip before taking it, pouring myself a third or fourth cup tonight, gulpi
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Chapter 2
Dante:I looked at Aurora whose eyes were wide in surprise as she clearly processed the mating bond. Her brown hair, which was messy last night, was tied in a bun, and I couldn’t help but catch sight of the love bite that was on her neck.Being drunk last night, her calling herself tipsy was just some stupid excuse as not to admit that she went a little overboard with the number of drinks she had. “How do you know my name? I never mentioned…”“Dante, is my son, Aurora, and one of the reasons I called you here today was for you to meet him” Giovanni, my father, said, stopping her. She frowned in confusion, and turning to face him, taking her attention off me, I could tell that the last thing she expected to hear was that “I am retiring, Aurora, and I know that you are not bound by blood with the pack; however, I want you…”“Wait, wait, what?” Aurora asked, stopping Giovanni “why are you retiring?” “I have grown, Aurora, and I need to rest. My son Dante would be taking my place, and t
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Chapter 3
Aurora:“You can’t be seriously expecting me to work with HIM?” I asked, looking at Alpha Giovanni who smiled at me.“I know that you are surprised, and in all honesty, I never expected the two of you to be meeting the way that you did; but we both knew that I wouldn’t be staying forever, Aurora” he said, his voice softening.“I didn’t even know that you had intentions of retiring anytime soon. Yes, I know that you wouldn’t have stayed in your position forever, but I expected to at least be notified. You know, to keep it in mind, to be mentally prepared…”“You wouldn’t have agreed to work with Dante if you knew. At least, now, you don’t have any excuses, and I know that you don’t like how you two met; but if I mean anything to you, please do this for me” he said, his voice softening. I sighed, and stood up from my chair to get on my knees in front of him.“Alpha Giovanni, you have been the father that I didn’t have. You saved my life when everyone around me was using me for being aliv
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Chapter 4
Dante:“Do you think that she would be calling?” Leonardo asked, scrolling through his phone. He has been searching for something for the past hour, though what it was, I was sure that not even he knew. “Considering the fact that she wants nothing to do with me, no” I said, answering Leo, ignoring the clench in my chest as I spoke so coldly about a woman who was supposed to be my mate. The idea of her being my significant other was disturbing enough, and the vision of her walking out of that hotel, smelling like sex and alcohol for some task for a prick like Giovanni wouldn’t escape my mind no matter how hard I tried. I wasn’t even sure that she knew that he was simply taking advantage of her for HIS own benefit, and even if she did know, I wasn’t sure if she was okay with that or not.“What if she decides to test her luck and do as your father told? And even if she DOESN’T want to test her luck, what if your father persuades her into this?” Leonardo asked, taking a sip of his cockta
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Chapter 5
Aurora:I ran my brush through my hair after taking a shower, making sure to get the tangles off it before drying it with the towel.I planned on leaving it to dry naturally, but a towel would always help me not get my clothes soaked, and judging by the fact that I would be meeting Dante, or need I say, Alpha Dante, in an hour, I guessed that taming my curls would be somewhat necessary.Applying my hair cream, I gently ran my fingers through my hair, spreading it evenly before turning to my closet, deciding what to wear. The bedroom was already a mess, and knowing that I had to clean it up when I was back, I couldn’t help but dread the night already. I didn’t even know where he planned for us to meet; therefore, I couldn’t decide on what to wear and have been sitting in my white robe for the past twenty minutes. That didn’t bother me much, though, I had used that time to apply my makeup and get my hair done. The makeup I applied was lighter than the one I usually applied when in busi
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Chapter 6
Dante:Aurora’s eyes were wide in surprise as she processed what I just told her.“You are either sick or out of your mind. There is no in between” Aurora said, glaring at me. I raised an amused eyebrow at her, and shaking my head, I leaned in and rested my arms on the table. “I am a little bit of both, but I know that you and Giovanni have been looking for information, something that he is well aware that I have. Now, I am giving you the option to be smart and get it out of me, and you can choose your method” I said “and by the way, just to give you a small notice, if you think that the pendant I gave him was the real one, it isn’t. I am not as stupid as to risk him using its compass” “You are a fucking bastard”“I have been called worse” I said, shrugging my shoulders “but you seem to be in a mood, and it’s not only because of my offer”“You being in front of me is annoying enough, offer or not” she said, nodding at the waiter who wanted to pour her a glass of wine. He offered me
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Chapter 7
Aurora:I brushed my hair as I got ready for my day, not really bothering to blow dry or straighten it as I knew that I wouldn’t be doing much. Plus, should I be required to be with anyone, I could always wear a wig.To say that I was not excited for it would not be a lie; however, I had no say in this. I had to do this for Giovanni, and whether or not I liked it; I had to comply.My phone rang, breaking my train of thoughts, and despite wishing that it was Aiden, I knew that he would be staying as far away from me as possible.Checking my phone, I smiled when I saw that it was one of my friends, Jade, who was calling. It has been a while since I’ve heard from her, and seeing as I was aware of her coming back from her trip to Europe; I knew to expect a call.“Tell me that you missed me without telling me that you missed me” she said once I answered the phone. I laughed, my chest swelling at the fact that I knew that something was going right at least. She was yet to know about Aiden b
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Chapter 8
Dante:“Okay, I think that this is the last of it” Aurora said, massaging her temple. I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my lips as I looked at her as she got up from her chair to head to the printer, and having given it the order to print wirelessly, I could hear the paper going through as to print what she needed me to read and sign. Her heels clicking on the ground with each step she took back toward me.She handed me the paper to sign, and standing as close as she was from me, the two of us looked at one another, and I couldn’t help but tense when her cheek brushed against my own. She looked at me, her expression calm before she took a step back, straightening up. Her hair which was tied in a bun allowed me to see her features completely, and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t get harder for me to contain myself.“This is the last paper to sign, for now. The banks still need to send their statements, but that would require your dad to give the approval” Aurora said,
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Chapter 9
Aurora:I glared at Dante who dismissed me out of his office as his beta arrived. “What’s gotten on her buttons?” I heard him ask as I slammed the door shut. I had to get out of the building before I slammed a plate on the man’s face, and despite my aching chest, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at my wolf who weakened when he growled.I caught sight of a few new faces inside the reception, and frowning in confusion, I shook my head in question at one of the employees. He shook his head in response and nodding, I walked toward them, crossing my arms over my chest.“Need I ask who you are?” I asked, looking at the group of five men and two women. They looked at one another then at me, the girls eyeing me up and down before one of them, a redhead, opened her mouth to speak.“We are Mr. Dante’s employees. He brought us over personally, and I believe that if you have a problem, you can discuss it with him” she said, crossing her arms over her chest, challenging me.“And why was I no
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Chapter 10
Dante:“I take it that the two of you are yet to discuss the fact that you are mates” Leonardo said, chuckling when he was sure that Aurora was out of the building “nor did you inform her of the new employees that we were bringing in”The anger that she left in had my wolf urging me to follow her, and having heard her speaking to my pack members; I had to fight every instinct that urged me to go and punch my pack members for insulting her the way that they did. “No, and I am keeping it that way for a while. I have to make sure that she wouldn’t betray me and go on ahead telling Giovanni everything that we’re doing” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose “plus, you know my morals when it comes to choosing a woman that I would date. Yes, she would have her past just like I have mine, and that doesn’t make a difference, but with Aurora things are a little more complicated than we both can call acceptable, and you know it”“Then why not reject her?” Leonardo asked. I had to admit, his qu
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