The Black Alder Series

The Black Alder Series

By:  Mistress Niko  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning. This book will contain scenes of Violence , Betrayal, and intimate scenes between a woman with more than one male at a time. With that said, Welcome to the Black Alder Series. This book will be written in three parts surrounding the lives of Elena, Kayla, and Arabella. Three women victims by their circumstances. Each of them has a destiny to face and they are all entwined with eachother in one way or another. Each possess a special ability. With that ability, they will seek to change their fates and become strong leaders for their families. Enemies lurk around every corner, wanting to claim the women for their very own, but these women are not going down without a fight. Read on to see how this all unfolds. Be prepared, it's a tunnel of emotions your about to go through. See you on the other side. Part one, Luna Rising, will center around Elena. Part two, Broken Chains, will center around Kayla. Part three, Midnight Sky, will center around Arabella.

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72 Chapters
Book One, Luna Rising
Before we get started, I just want to say welcome everyone. Be sure to add my Facebook group fan page titled The Black Alder/Accalia Packhouse to join all of my other fans for discussion and giveaways. Happy Reading. ***************"Elena", a voice came from behind me. I'm standing in the middle of the most beautiful garden full of rose bushes and white dandies. I turned around and saw a young woman approaching me. She seems to get more beautiful with each step she takes. " Who are you and how do you know my name, I asked. " Mom always told me to ask these questions to strangers? " I am a friend child", she replies with a smile on her face. Her hair is the most beautiful color, silver and white blended together. She is dressed in a silver dress with beautiful curves, but what draws me in the most is her eyes. They are the bluest blue eyes I have ever seen and feel at peace. Her aura of power is pouring from her in waves and suddenly, even with me being 4 years old, I know she wou
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The Day I Lost
School is going by as fast I hoped. My gamma classes are advanced but that was never an issue for me as I am an A student. My dad will expect nothing less. Here I am sitting at a lunch table by myself since Jen is taking beta junior classes and I do not associate with anyone else other than her here. I am sitting here eating an apple when suddenly David and Marcus decide to sit at my table. I looked around, wondering why they chose this table. My brother must still be in his classes. David is looking at me with an annoyed look in his eye and Marcus is looking at me with his usual smile and beautiful blue eyes. David makes an annoying sound with his mouth and my eyes trail back to him. I looked him straight in the eye. He was letting off his alpha aura to try to intimidate me, but it was not working. I only assume it's because I don't have my wolf yet. Once he realized I would not lower my head, his eyes widened for a second with what looked like shock and he went back to being annoyed
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It's been almost a week since the attack, and I've been in the dungeons. I got my voice back, but I don't use it. Tomorrow is my birthday, but I wish more than anything that I was dead. The cells here smell like piss and shit. All you hear all the screams of the ones being tortured down here. I try to tune it out. I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes, all I see is my dad's head. My dad......It's my fault he is dead...I didn't attack him, but he died protecting me... Fresh tears come to me as I try to stay silent. The first few nights in my cell, I was visited by Lynx, who beat me severely, asking me why I did it. I tried to tell him I didn't. It was mom, but it only pissed him off even more. On another night, David came to taunt me, saying if he was the alpha, I would already be dead. Even slapping me around a few times to prove he can. Jan only came once. Her visit hurt the most. I was so happy when I saw her, but she looked at me so full of hatred. She punched me in the face a
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Be Prepared
It's been 3 years since I've been taken out of the dungeon. During that time, I was beaten and abused by what seemed like my whole pack. I've lost tons of weight and am now really thin. Anytime anyone mentions me, I'm referred to as the girl who took off her father's head. Some people avoid me, which makes my job a bit easier. I am so lucky to have snow because the beatings have been getting so frequent. Even Jen has joined in now. All those years of friendship are just gone. She knew better than anyone how much I loved my father, but I believe Lynx's influence on her may make her see things his way. I've gotten used to the occasional hits and slaps, till they stopped getting a reaction out of me. People would hit me; I would get back up each time. They seemed to stop since I wasn't crying about it anymore. The hitting stopped randomly a few months ago, and now I just get the occasional angry glances I am used to. I haven't used it though. More focused on the fact that my 18th birthd
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Little Note Wolfe’s, new characters are about to be introduced, so I will be putting POV for whose point of view ill is speaking from.(Marcus POV)Elena. She is so beautiful. Her very name means Light itself. I have loved her since the day I first met her 10 years ago. We were both still kids at the time. I was eight and she was only four. She is the most beautiful of all the people I know. I remember falling and hurt my knee from playing around outside. She came up to me and kissed my knee and told me it would all be okay. I knew right then, the moon goddess made her for me. I tried to make sure I was in her life as much as possible after that. She and my sister Jan became close. I loved it. My sister knew how I felt about her. However, I had to keep my thoughts to myself. As the beta of the pack, it isn't a good look whoring around with all the pack sluts, I prefer Daniel to do it. His nature. Not mine. I knew she was my mate about a week before her father's incident, when I turned
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The Lunar Eclipse Festival
Roland's POVI hate this place. Here I am in the Black Suns Territory for 2 weeks because of my workers and pressing to expand our business. When I got the invite to come to The Lunar Eclipse Festival, I almost turned it down, had it not been for that dream I had the night before. The dream of the girl with the jeweled blue eyes. FlashbackI'm waking up in a bed, made completely out of what looks like gold with red drapes. This doesn't seem like a dream. I usually know when I'm dreaming. No, this is more a distant memory. In comes kids: 2 twin boys and 1 girl. One boy looks like me with black hair and gold eyes. So does the other, but his eyes are a blue I've never seen before. The little girl's eyes are the same shade of blue. I know these kids are mine. I feel it deep down. "Mommy says it’s time to wake up," the little girl says Just as she said that my heart and eyes were alert at the thought of my lost mate, Raven coming through the door. I always thought no one could ever be m
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Secrets Revealed
Roland's POVWHO WAS THE CAUSE OF MY MATES' INJURIES?I know my aura is through the roof. My aura is dangerous, and righteously so. I am not known for patience.I am looking around and each of his members in this room has a nervous look. All of them kept glancing at Elena. However, Elena wouldn't tell me as she seemed afraid. I know there has to be more to it, but she won't speak about it, and I won't push her until she is ready. No one seemed to say anything. I take out Elena's hospital sheet and give it to my Beta to read. Cole took the sheet from my hand.1. Broken left jaw2. Shoulder blade dislocated3. Arms dislocated4. 7 broken fingers5. Crushed ribs 6. Broken nose7. Right leg dislocated8. Left leg dislocated9. Both eyes were swollen shut10. Bruises on the lower backand the list goes on and on. It also says she died alpha. Dead for 2 minutes. Which one of you is responsible?" Cole demands. Everyone has gone quiet. All of the guilty. Well, all of them except Marcus. He
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Last Day
Elena POVDuring the meeting, I remained silent up until Serene came in and I saw how Alpha Ned was towards her. I am so afraid that when I leave, she will be forced to stay behind and endure the same punishments I had to for years. However, when Gamma Nate claimed her as his mate, I was so relieved, all I could do was silently cry. Roland must have sensed my rising stress and I also wanted to hear what she wanted to say. She wanted to tell Roland what they did to me. I was so scared she would be putting an even worse target on her back from this shitty pack, but I knew she was right. He had to know, and I wasn't able to tell him. Even thinking about it, made so much anger start to rise. Serene took my hand and Roland's and just he through my memories. I could feel his reaction to them. However, when he got to my memories of the moon goddess, I saw Serene start to convulse and shake. I started to pull away but both she and Roland held my hands tighter, and I was brought back to my mem
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Meeting the Pack
Elena PovAs we ride to his pack lands, I am watching Serene. I know something is different about her, but I can't point it out. She catches my eye and, as if reading my thoughts, she shows me her mating mark." Oh, my Goddess" I scream, causing Roland, who is on his phone, to jump and his hand wraps around me protectively. He laughs when I point out their marks and goes back to his call. Everyone else is laughing at his reaction to my scream."Sorry," I told him and shrunk in my seat. He kisses me on my head, and I can't help but think how I would look with my mating mark. I think about being on a bed, with candles around us and he starts kissing me gently. First, the need increases. It was so hot that I kissed him back with the same intensity. He unties the robe I'm wearing and lays me down as I giggle. I decided to be bold. " See something you like, " I asked, trying to be bold as he started to kiss my neck. I let out a soft moan. It feels so good." You know I do" he playfully gr
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Mall Time
Elena POVWe arrived at a 3-story building with many outside venues. We all went into the mall and there were so many stores inside. Mia pulled us into Charlotte Ruse first, and the lady at the counter welcomed us and took my measurements. She then pointed me to a section made specifically for my size. Mia tossed many pairs of pants, shirts, and dresses my way while Serene picked through clothes for herself. I was in and out of the dressing room for over 45 minutes, but I have to admit, she has wonderful taste. All the clothes she picked outfit me perfectly and they all helped to bring out my newly forming curves. I asked Mia to put some stuff back, so we didn't spend a lot of money. I don't want my mate to get upset with me for spending too much of his money. She ignored me and paid for all those clothes anyway. We walked out with so many bags. There was a door attendant who took up our backs and I assume they were there to put them in the trunk of the limo. Mia was dragged up to the
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