Stuck Between The Mafia Lord And His Twin

Stuck Between The Mafia Lord And His Twin

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“Does my twin brother make you moan like this?” He asked and I whimpered. He was torturing me, and I could no longer bear it. I watched as he brought out his finger, only to put it in his mouth and lick. I swallowed as I also imagined his twin brother doing the same. I was in a trouble I didn’t know how to get out of. Darlene would never expect to get married to Alexander. What she didn’t see coming was falling for Alexander and his twin. She is left to decide in which twin she is actually in love with, while both of them fought over her.

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126 Chapters
Darlene "Dad! I can't do this" I whisper shouted. "Why?" He asked, clearly confused as to why I wouldn't take his decision. I so badly wanted to roll my eyes at the fact that it was an obvious reason why I couldn't do what he was expecting me to. My father, Mr Bernardo had accepted a marriage proposal from the McKenzie's, on my behalf! Could you imagine my face when he broke the news to me this morning? "I simply can't marry man I have never met, I mean what if he's not the one for me?" I asked, stress evident in my face but my father waved it off with a flick of his hand as if to dismiss my obvious worry for nothing. "Is that it?" He asked me, I looked to mum who as casually knitting in her chair, squeak quiet almost as if she didn't want any part of whatever it as that my father and I had going on. Even though she was supposed to be even more engaged than I was. Mum had always been like that and my father and I had always been like this too. He would make decisions f
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Darlene For the first five minutes, we sat beside each other on different stools without exchanging as much as a greeting. In fact, the only sound that could be heard inside the bakery was the sound of our teeth munching on the delicious mini salted chocolate tarts I had baked. And maybe, the sound of my mother's conscience calling her out for allowing my father sell me off to an unknown man in marriage; that is, if she was not here to try to convince me even more, on behalf of my father. She was the first to break the awkward silence, "You know we love you, right?" She inquired. Usually, when she asked, I had the answer at the tip of my tongue, but at the moment, I was not so sure anymore. When my mom realized that I didn't plan to give her an answer anytime soon, she continued, "Well, we do. Your dad... I don't know what has come over him but I'm sure he still loves you very much." I scoffed. "Really? If he did, I don't think it would cross his mind to sell me off. I don't t
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Alexander "I will marry her, father. I will, I'm only asking for some more time." I pleaded as I stood before my father in the company's conference room. A meeting had just been concluded and all board members had evacuated the space, all except my father, my twin brother, Frederick and myself. My father had yet again, brought up the issue of marrying Darlene Bernardo, the daughter of the baker. I was not opposed to it, simply because no one could ever say no to my father, but I was only concerned about the time frame. I was definitely not in the right frame of mind to get married in the coming month, like my father had informed me. "You will be given no more time, Alexander. You are thirty already and I just clocked sixty. A little too old to handle an entire Mafia ring, don't you think? You need to get married, any time from now. The date will not be shifted any further." He spoke, a trace of finality laced in his words as he took a drag of his cigar and blew the smoke directl
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Alexander I cleaned off the blood on my palms with a white handkerchief and my face also, after which I exited the scene where I had just shot a man dead, leaving my boys to clean up after me. It was a chore now, something that had to be done. This was the life I was brought up in. The life I had gotten accustomed to, the life I now held dear. The Mafia ring meant everything to my father and consequently, to me and my twin brother. It was our obligation to keep it running, no matter what. I slid into the passenger seat of my silver Honda Accord, having finished what I came into that neighborhood to do and my driver began to move the car. My thoughts drifted back to what made me finish off the man I'd just killed. He had been owing thirty grand for a year now, and he'd been running. If there was anything I detested strongly, it was when they ran around with my money. Like they did not know I wasn't a man of mercy. They always ended up finding out in the comfort of hell, I always
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STEFAN MCCOY "Boss. We've got news" from where Stefan sat, in the midst of the girls who shaked their asses With seduction. Stefan kept on looking at the girls, clearly ignoring the men who had ripped bodies and were clad in all black. Stefan was on a whole different vibe, taking a drag from his cigar as he puffed on the ass of one of the girls who wore less clothing than a table top. "Boss..." Desperation evident in his voice as one of the men that stood still said, the one who spoke earlier, trying to get his attention. "Yes?" Stefan sounded even more sinister and more distant than they recognised. "It's urgent sir" the same man replied, still on the edge. "Isn't everything urgent?" Stefan looked dead at the man go stood good few inches away from him. "Sir..." He persisted, earning dangerous eye from Stefan "... It's about the chameleon" that got Stefan to stand up abruptly, even though there was currently a girl who was giving her all on top of him. He pushed he
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DARLENE I swallowed hard and stared straight at the table, eyes nearly popping right out of my sockets. "What?" My voice was in whispers that came out strangled and unheard. I wished I had walked into anything else. Anything else other than the entire Mckenzie family sitting there, on a table in my Dad's bakery. I recognized Mr Mckenzie anywhere and in any form. Every now and then, he loved to show face in my father's bakery and bless us with all sorts of money and gifts that, if I do say so myself, were actually very unnecessary. I hadn't seen the rest of the family before, but I didn't need to be told twice that the beautiful woman who sat by his left and the two handsome men who rounded the other quarter of the table, were the rest of the family; their aura stood out like a gem in the midst of full stones. They oozed off regality in all shades and with heads held high and shoulders poised in the air, postures straight and confident, even while sitting, anyone could have been a
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I wanted someone to wake me up from my nightmare. This nightmare. The more I breathed, the more I realized how real this was. How I was going to get married to this man. This man whom I barely even knew. Don't get me wrong, Alexander Mckenzie was gorgeous. He was absolutely breathtaking. And ridiculously, even. So far, he seemed to have a well mannered behavior too. I liked the air around him, how sophisticated and chill, nearly mysterious it was. I liked how he seemed to listen more and talk less, while Idid the reverse. That was even a shock to me because I was extremely nervous the entire time. I was awkward too. I wasn't sure what to say or how to act, so I spoke out the first thoughts that came into my head and blabbed it without a filter. And maybe, he also had a good sense of humour. Because once in a while, he seemed to chuckle slightly at my stutters. Alexander seemed like a great man. However, I barely knew him. And one thing was certain; amidst all that silk hair, pret
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"You like flowers?" Alexander McKenzie's voice was gruff and I was aware that behind the short curtain of hair that'd fallen over my face as I bent to admire a hibiscus bush, he was watching me."I do! Even the ugly ones!" I gushed, unable to help the smile that lifted my already high cheekbones. Flowers and cakes and maple syruped donuts, I wondered if that made me a typical romcom barbie."I don't, all that hardwork for a few pretty days before they wilt and die off." The man muttered, the toned muscle of his bicep flexing through the silk line of his crisply ironed suit.Yes, I imagined he much preferred everything plastic. It reminded me of Laura Diego, my best-friend since ever. She'd vehemently denied getting any work done, but I'd noticed the lift of her big foxy eyes.I wondered what she would think of the Mafia prince."Huh." I settled for instead, and he cleared his throat, rubbing the nape of his neck awkwardly."So, what was your childhood like?" I fished, unsure why I wa
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DARLENE"W-when do you want to set the date?" I squirmed shyly, it was all happening too fast, I didn't know two things about picking out a wedding dress, although I suspected a man like Alexander would handle it."Anytime from now, I want my wife in my bed with me as soon as possible." He chriped calmly and I stifled yet another scream as my breath hitched in my chest."Of course, no …wifely duties would be required of you Darlene…at least not immediately." He soothed, choking an awkward laugh when he caught on my no doubt mortified expression.I wasn't scared of being with him, far from it, haters would have said I was even looking forward to it!I just wouldn't know what to do with myself, in their big stone mansion, in bed, next to this handsome man."Uh, great!" I hollered with way more enthusiasm than was healthy."Do you always do that?" His velvet voice thrummed through me as I whipped my head to him sharply.Do what? What was I doing?"Bite your lips like that when you're ner
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ALEXANDERThe Limo ride back to McKenzie manor was everything short of teeth-chatteringly depressive."It's time you fought for your place and stopped fooling around!" My father's authoritative baritone was clipped as he flexed his hands in the car just as Fredrick's thick hands wrapped around his neck in a choking motion, the swamp water green of his eyes rolling upwards before he grinned at me.I resisted the urge to bark out a laugh, it was the kind of thing that would have made the veins on pops forehead bulge with disciplinarian disappointment.What had he been on about? Shit, I hadn't been listening.The half crescent moons of his sharp grey-blue eyes snapped to me in the rearview mirror before flicking back to the stretch of asphalt.He looked like Fredrick in that moment, same narrowed eyes and unreadable expression.Most times I'd wondered if my younger brother were carved out of some punk-kid teen manga, the little imp sure acted like it."Yes father," I nodded, agreeing to
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