The Royal Vampagon Hybrid

The Royal Vampagon Hybrid

By:  KowynKowyn  Completed
Language: English
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The hybrid Daydra is a vampire/dragon, a 'Vampagon' stolen from her mother before she was even born in a terrible gruesome way and raised by the wicked man that stole her. Betrayal is rife within her pack and inner circle. Daydraeets two men along the way, who both seem to be her mates. One seems charming and wonderful the other cold and selfish. Who will she chose. Will she leave her Kingdom once she finds it or will she be the one to them all from the war that is inevitable as the sorcerers and hunters team up with rogues to take over and rule their plane.

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84 Chapters
Chapter One - The beginning -
Unknown POV... his head, in my lap. His amazing emerald eyes locked on mine, shimmering in the dappled sunlight under the willow bark tree. I am slumped forward cradling his face covered in blood, I know it's not my own. Tears streaming down my cheeks, landing, making pools on his face, uncontrollable tears. His lips are moving but his voice is silent. I can't make out what he is saying no matter how hard I try. My vision is too blurred from the tears I can't stop from coming. I try to speak, to ask him what he is saying... but nothing, nothing but silence. What is going on!? What is this, what's happening, who is he!? The only thoughts I can seem to muster. Suddenly, I'm standing in the distance looking at the scene that was just in front of me... I feel a light breeze comb through my hair, it seems to ease some of the pain I am feeling at this very moment. I watch myself look up at the shimmering sky which has turned to night all of the sudden. I yell out to the mirrored image of
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Chapter Two - Conflicted -
Unknown POV I look at my alarm clock, not even 6am the same as always. The same time, same day of the fucking week, same god damn nightmare in the same shit hole of a cell ever year and I always fall back asleep. I at least have a cot, thin shitty per-used pillows and my alarm clock.I hate this pack and this man. He is violent, cruel and vicious. How I managed to be in his care I'll never know but fuck it here I am. Still alive!. That's a bonus. I hate the pack simply because they don't seem to care enough to come check on me out here or even notice anything.Oh, and Erica always makes sure to remind me one way or another how worthless and disgusting I am. What an abomination I am and how I don't belong, I only bring shame to her and her pack. Pppfffttt, it isn't even her pack well not yet anyway.Thinking back to my nightmare I never know who it is, the man in my lap, bloodied and dying. What the snakes mean. What either of them are trying to say or what he is trying to say. Why I
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Chapter Three - Trouble brews -
Unknown POV Bang, bang, bang, the sound coming towards me. I know this one all too well. His fist hits the wall as he strides towards me, a look of pure evil spread across his face. His black eyes show no emotion at all. Just a void of nothingness. I knew I messed up when the alarm was sounding too long and then me and my big loud mouth. There's not that many stairs to walk down so it was never long before he was down here and approaching the back corner where I am."Hello Demonic!" I say with the most pleasant voice. "my, my, my well aren't we looking as pretty as ever."! I sarcastically add.I know I shouldn't poke the bear as the saying goes but if I'm already in shit, might as well do it, my style. I'd rather not be punished at all but if I'm going to be it will be for something I have done wrong. Plus then he won't get the satisfaction of me being afraid of him. I came to learn quickly he likes when he smells fear. It fuels his desires, gross and twisted I know but I won't ever
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Chapter Four - The new comer -
Unknown POV As I drive into the gates of the pack school leaning over my steering wheel slightly to look around as I do. It seems smallish and could use some TLC but all in all, letting out a soft sigh it's another school, another pack, another introduction. I hated the new kid speech I was told to give at every school I went to, in every class I had on the first day. This is school, four in two years. I don't know why we keep moving around or moving packs but my mother's a healer and my father a Gamma ranked wolf. So at least we get it a little easier when we transition into the packs, and we are welcomed.Sitting in my thoughts I smelt something that now has my attention and I'm on high alert. Something that smelled and seemed off but familiar. Like I've spelt it before but can't place when and where I've smelt it and what it is, just that I know it's dangerous. If that makes sense. It wasn't the normal smell of different wolves and sweat and perfume. No. It was like drying seaweed
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Chapter Five - The meet and greet -
Unknown POV The first two periods went by like a daze, this one was dragging out so badly. They always bore me, but this one today was.way worse than usual because I seem to know the answers to the questions before the teacher asks them. She just repeats everything. To old fashioned and predictable she is, I giggle to me. Miss Ava while younger than most is to off in la-la land most of the time so we all just read or to have conversations and Mr Hamlock well he is way too old. Never shaves, never showers, and never does any teacher or anything for that matter. Just says "get out the booklet and do the pages until it's done"! Closes his eyes and snores so loud we aren't sure how Mrs Clamington has heard him. As the principal you'd think she'd be onto it. This teacher though it is a little Strange. Miss Alice is her name but we haven't had her before. She introduced herself as the sub for our usual teacher, Mrs Claminton was with her but, I don't know it seems odd. Shaking my head, I'
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Chapter Six - First encounter -
Unknown POV I glanced up at the clock on the wall just as I left the classroom in a hurry. 2:50pm, ok I have an hour before lock in, as I call it. I don't have a phone, or even a watch, Demonic... I laugh to myself what a name honestly his parents must have thought he was a demon child just like he is as an old man. I swear with a name like that they hated him, they had to. No one would name their child that... would they? I pounded for a moment. I don't even think that is his real name but it's what I have been made to call him, I think to myself as I walk towards my locker.I look up slightly as I get closer to my locker not wanting to bump into anyone or give them an excuse to hit me or to insult me. I walk with my head down a lot. I don't like being stared at as everyone knows what I am, and I don't like making eye contact. The whispers and their thoughts are bad enough. I just want to shrink into myself most of the time. As soon as I do I know what they are thinking. Mind readi
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Chapter Seven - The arrogant newcomer -
Unknown POV I watched the events unfold in front of me in the hallway. I didn't get involved like always, I never do. I stay off to the side and keep away from her. I don't want to get too close; she might find out about me and how I feel for her and that wouldn't be good for either of us. The newcomer was rude and arrogant, in all honesty I wanted to go over and punch him, but as karma decided, I didn't have to. That's my girl I thought. Beautiful and shy but dangerous if pushed too far I thought as I watched her punch him right in the nose. I continued to watch their interaction, she was on fire, not only can she stand up for herself she is a little sarcastic too. Finishing their back and forth moment in the hallway, he was walking passed with Erica I swear I almost threw up. Trust arrogant preppy looking boys to be around their own."She doesn't even know who she is, it's a shame really, so beautiful too,"! I said out loud not meaning to. I turned and headed out the fire exit. E
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Chapter Eight - Eavesdropping -
Loclyn POV Standing in a new classroom full of new people again. It's starting to get old. Fourth school in two years. Yay. Not. I thought as the teacher ushered me to Introduce myself to these students. Do I really have to? I thought as I did the same routine as always. I started to introduce myself when I noticed a lonely looking skeleton of a girl at the back of the classroom. She wore a massive hoodie, it's way too hot for jumpers I thought to myself. No sooner, did I catch myself staring at this mysterious girl, she looked up enough for me to catch her eyes. Captivating that was the first thought I had. Her eyes were this Golden yellow, streaks of pearlescent, running through them like lighting shards. I've never seen that colour before. It had me entranced. They were beautiful and round. Her hair from what I could see was blonde, but the tips were a very light reddish pink. Strawberry blonde hair I corrected myself. She was stunning in every way and had my undivided attentio
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Chapter Nine - The one I call mum -
Unknown POV Busting through the doors of the cafeteria still angry with the events of 10 minutes ago I saw Wendy look up at me. The smile had gone instantly, and her arms crossed over her chest. Not much startles this woman and I sure didn't but she doesn't like it when people are stomping around and sulking like I just did. "Sorry Wendy" I sing out to her on the other side of the cafeteria. "That's quite alright dear but don't make it a habit" she says in a gentle but firm way.Walking straight towards Wendy, who is the best lunch lady in the world. So beautiful and elegant even for her old age. Long blonde hair is always in a perfect bun. Gorgeous light blue eyes that sing with gentleness especially when she smiles. She is always well dressed and happy. Her smile, so soft and warm. She is what I would imagine a mother to look like. Her voice is soothing and calming. Her hands are smooth and soft to the touch. Just what I imagine a mother to sound and feel like. She was the anatom
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Chapter Ten - My encounter with her -
Loclyn POV After watching her interaction with the lunch lady and listening to what was said, I had a smirk on my face. Of course, everyone wanted to find their mates. What did she mean by asking if she had one? Is she some sort of ninja mutant possum thing I wondered having a quiet little chuckle to myself. As she was leaving, I called out to her, but she didn't turn around or even acknowledge that she heard me. Maybe she didn't, but I swear she saw me. "Hmmm, a bit rude isn't she"? I said to no one. Maybe she was worried that I came just to abuse her or even hit her for breaking my nose just before. Either I could have sworn she saw me and heard me. I raced to the doors she just went through. At the back of the school, I thought furrowing my eyebrows. No one goes out the back of the school. There's nothing out there but the forest. Erica did say she lived outside the pack. Maybe that's the way to where she lives. It wasn’t something that is usually unheard, a student living ou
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