The Pack's Vampire

The Pack's Vampire

By:  Everleigh Miles  Updated just now
Language: English
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Book Three in the Havermouth Pack Series - "The Pack's Secret Keeper" and "The Pack's Triquetra" ** Trigger Warnings - this is a DARK werewolf/vampire bullyboy romance book, featuring non-con/dub-con, gaslighting, violence, and a range of very kinky group sex bxg and bxb, sounding, masochism, bondage, BDSM, Daddy-Dom, and more ** Can you keep a secret? Talen can. It's a long life as a vampire, during which he has learned to hold his secrets close. Can Talen's secrets save his mates, and Havermouth, from the grip of destruction?

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96 Chapters
** Please note, I am not a historian, and this is not an accurate depiction of the past, but a fantasy version in an alternative world very similar to our own - Happy Reading :-) **The Concordia, Twelve Hundred Years Before (Give or Take a Century)Swords in hand, the brave and noble soldiers crept up the rampart, conquering the fortifications of the enemy, and creeping closer to the stronghold castle, skirting the chickens who fossicked through the dirt for their breakfast, and keeping belly to ground in order not to be spotted as they reached the peak.“I see them,” Thaelen whispered, his blond hair blowing forward over his dirt smeared face. His features still held the roundness of youth, only just beginning to reveal the strong lines of adulthood. “Crouched over there, behind the wooden barrels.”The three other boys, designated enemy soldiers by the game, clutched wooden practice swords and crouched between barrels and the wooden wall fortification. The women and men who maintai
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Wisdom and Warnings
The Concordia, Twelve Hundred Years Before (Give or Take a Century)The house of Lagita Gulgane, queen of the Concordia, was a single, long room with an elaborately carved screened area behind the High Chair which hid the bed in which the king and queen spent their nights. The rest of the household slept either upon the benches that lined the walls to either side of the central hearth, or upon the floor around it.Thaelen, like many other child vampires, slept on a ledge built within the rafters and accessible by ladder. From this haven, he could look down upon the revelry of the adults celebrating another successful raiding season and the return of their king, the dancing firelight casting their shadows into gigantic proportions on the walls.His father sat upon the High Chair, a fragile and treasured glass containing a mix of mead and blood held in one hand, whilst his most trusted soldier regaled Lagita with stories of his prowess in battle. Thaelen lay on his back next to his new
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Van Helsings
Havermouth, Present TimeThe meeting broke up, and the soldiers rose and began the slow shuffle out of the tidy rows of seats, past Talen and Aislen, and out into the foyer. Their laughter and light-hearted conversation were at odds with the situation in Havermouth, jarring Aislen’s tolerances. She wanted to yell at them to stop f-king laughing and do something, but there was something intimidating and almost menacing about the men that held her tongue in check.Her instincts told her not to draw attention to herself, or to Talen, and she suspected her vampire felt the same way, as he subtly moved them back into the narrow walkway behind the very rear row of seats, placing himself between her and the aisle.The police and fire chief, Heath, and several black clad men gathered just before the stage.“Should we go down there?” Aislen wondered, she couldn’t hear what was being said over the rumble of voices of the soldiers leaving the audience hall, but she could read the body language l
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Bite Marks
Havermouth, Present Time“That’s like… a thing? Like a real thing?” Aislen looked between her two mates.“It is,” Talen replied placing his hand on the small of her back and encouraging her gently forward.The alley and carpark had taken them through the square of the town, depositing them on the street where Rhett’s shop was located, bypassing the blocked off, soldier filled main street. It was a route that someone who had grown up in the town knew, but that people new to the area would not.They crossed the road, pausing on the corner to look up towards the main crossroads of the town as yells broke out, Heath tensing. A group of men dragged a woman, fighting, clawing, her hair wild and her blue suit covered in blood, out of a building and into a van, leaving behind one designer high heel on the pavement. The van shook, and the passenger within shrieked, the sound carrying as the van pulled away from the curb.“Was that…?” Aislen trailed off remembering Dr James and the bite mark on
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Mourning Mates
Havermouth, A Year Before“She’s a beauty,” Cameron leaned against the fence and admired Jules’ new mare, Aria, who was grazing in the field nearest to the house.“She is, sired by Maverick James, and out of Soprano Siren, fourteen point two hands, she needs a bit more work, but she has a sweet, gentle nature,” Jules was pleased by his purchase. “I’ll take her out to ride the fences later today and see how she does.”“Chester will be jealous.”Jules slid his eyes to Cameron and then away. “Sometimes we have to make choices, Cam, and no matter how much we love a horse, sometimes a new one is needed, right?”Jules wasn’t talking about horses, Cameron thought grimly, but about women. “Sometimes, there only is one horse,” he replied softly. “And you can’t replace it.”“I’m sorry for that,” Jules murmured. “I am, Cam.” They watched the mare graze in silence before Jules gave a slight restless gesture. “You should go see your mum before you head off, have a cup of tea. She’s leaving again f
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Gods and Sacrifices
The Concordia, Twelve Hundred Years Before (Give or Take a Century)Thaelen watched Sigrid chase the waves with the slave children, her skirts held to mid-thigh, and her braids bouncing as she laughed and splashed through the shallows. The day was bright, and the sky clear of cloud, and the weather had encouraged the slaves to the water. They searched the sand and the shallows for fish, took boats out deeper to cast their nets and strung drying frames around the fires, to smoke and dry their catch for the winter.Thaelen had not come to the beach for food. He searched the sand, to see what treasures of the deep the tide had brought in.“What are you doing?” Sigrid asked as she returned to him, the sand crusting her wet legs with salt.“Preparing offerings for the gods. In a few days, we will travel into the mountains, see there,” he pointed to the shadow on the horizon. “There is a temple there. It will take many days to walk there, and we will stay with the strongholds we encounter o
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The Pilgrimage
The Concordia, Twelve Hundred Years Before (Give or Take a Century)The pilgrimage towards the mountains took several days as it was traditionally made on foot. Many vampires chose to make the pilgrimage each year, and so Thorarin and Thaelen were accompanied by a number of vampires, slaves, and wagons ladened with supplies for the humans and gifts for both the lords of the Concordia who would host them along their path and to sacrifice to the gods.The days were filled with the slow trudge towards the mountains on the horizon, and the nights with stories told by firelight, the storyteller’s throats lubricated by blood mixed with mead or beer. When they reached a stronghold, the entire caravan would be absorbed into the homes of their hosts, and they would stay for two days, in order for Thorarin to spend time with the lords and ladies of the Concordia, with Thaelen at his side learning how to negotiate and resolve the concerns of his future kingdom.As they passed through the strongh
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The Bath
The Concordia, Twelve Hundred Years Before (Give or Take a Century) The Temple of the Gods was perched high in the mountains, and it took most of the day to guide the wagons up the steep and narrow roads to where, around a jutting point of rock, the way suddenly widened into a generous courtyard and the temple appeared, cunningly carved into the mountain. The temple was as large as a stronghold, the chambers uncounted, with many layers of openings and balconies looking down into the courtyard it framed on three sides. The stone-smiths who had carved it were artist vampires, and their efforts were still ongoing, with scaffolding built against one side showing the newest renovations. The arrival of the pilgrimage was anticipated, and the courtyard was filled with acolytes, priests and priestesses of the various gods, and their blood slaves. Thaelen and Thorarin were guided through into the great hall, lined with the altars of the gods, and began the slow progression from altar to al
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Tea Leaves
Kabramatta, One Year Before Aislen dreamed of Rhett, dressed formally in a black suit and shirt, standing on the balcony of the river house with the wind trying to suck his hair free of its tie as he gazed out over the river. His hands were in his pockets, the suit jacket riding up around his wrists, and he was clean shaven. His cheekbones were sharper, his jaw more defined, youth faded into manhood. Heath walked up behind him, wearing charcoal grey to match his eyes. His hair was closely and severely cut. He placed his hand on Rhett’s shoulder and they both stood, grimly looking out at the flowing water, before turning together as Cameron stepped out of the river house. Like Rhett, Cameron wore a black suit, his shirt crisply white. He was weeping and shook his head as both Rhett and Heath started forwards. “Don’t,” his lips shaped the word though there was no sound. He turned and walked around the corner of the house. Aislen woke and lay awake gazing at the ceiling, her heart rac
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Taking Blood
The Concordia, Twelve Hundred Years Before (Give or Take a Century)Thaelen admired the way that the moonlight played over Akaus’ skin, his muscles flexing as he thrusted into Besafora, his fingers gripping her hips so tightly that the skin dimpled beneath his fingertips, but it did not seem to hurt her at all.“You can be rough,” Akaus grunted. “Rougher than you think, faster than you think. You have been raised to be careful with your vampire strength but have trust that Besafora will let you know if it is too much. With some practice, you will learn to read your partner’s response.” He withdrew and moved to the side. “Try it.”Thaelen’s heart pounded as he moved between the human woman’s legs and Akaus curved over his back, confident that his weight would not affect Thaelen, his hand stroking over Thaelen’s stomach, guiding Thaelen’s c-ck into the human woman.Thaelen groaned dark and gritty. “Ah, by the goddess,” he sobbed out.“Yes,” Akaus enjoyed Thaelen’s pleasure. “She feels w
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