One Pack, Two Omegas

One Pack, Two Omegas

By:  Raven Pearce   Ongoing
Language: English
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Stacey has been sent to the best pack possible. The Alpha Zante is drop dead gorgeous and so are his two other Alpha Mates, Kodan and Zev. She is determinded to remian the Omega of the Alphas until her acceptance and mating ceremony where she will become Luna. However what happens when Alpha Zante finally meets his destined mate. Maggie is a rare and powerful Omega, she is unaware of this and being born from two humans causes her to learn about werewolves fast. Will the power of Love or Money win. The battle will begin.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
“When a werewolf is born from two pure bred human bloodlines, these people will be known as the Moon Goddess’ own children and possess powers unheard of by any other werewolf”Maggie POV*Alarm Rings* 06:00am I slap the snooze button on my alarm. I only need 10 more minutes and I will be able to muster the energy to get through the day. “MAGS!! Time to get up you’re going to be late to school” A voice came through the closed door. I knew I wasn’t going to win against my mom.“Alright” I groan as I pull myself out of bed. I was really dreading today, my graduation from high school and my 18th birthday. The door swings open and my mother stands beaming at me, but I could also see a hint of worry. “My baby is 18! Happy birthday darling” she cups my face in her hands and looks me in the eyes. “Thank you, mom. Is there something wrong?” I ask curiously. There was definitely something off. “No darling nothing is wrong. Have a great day at school.”She stands me in front of the floor lengt
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Chapter 2
Stacey POV Zante enters my room and stands there with a stupid grin on his face. I smirk back at him and walk past, through the open door. He grabs my wrist in the hallway and pulls me against him. He pushes the hair off my shoulder and runs his lips on my skin and when he moves his mouth further up my shoulder to my neck he bares his canines. He brushes them against my neck and nips at me playfully, while tangling his fingers in my hair pulling my head to the side exposing my neck more. I’m instantly wet and grip his arms tight, feeling I might just fall to pieces right there if he did much more. He wasn’t going to do it here was he? Is that why he insisted on collecting me.He presses his hips into me and I find myself wanting to rip his clothes off, I run my hands down his chest and to his pants where I fumble trying to undo them. He smiles into my neck and retracts his teeth and kisses up to my ear and whispers;“Soon, my good girl” his words cause a moan to escape my lips and I
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Chapter 3
Maggie POV Mr Phillips walks in and smiles widely at us all. “Hello students, as you know we have some guests here today to talk to you…” mr Phillips explains. He continues on to remind us of the massacre and how many years later the werewolves are trying to build a friendship with us again. Some of the class gasps and concerned glances are exchanged between everyone. This is the first time a werewolf had been in the city for 10 years. “Please welcome Alphas Zante, Kodan and Zev from the Eclipse pack that owns this city” Mr Phillips applauds. I had gone back to looking at the charms on my bracelet before something pulls my eyes up towards the door. I am met with eyes just like mine but flame red, dark hair tied up in a knot and light stubble across a chiselled jaw. He stops in the doorway not taking his eyes off mine, a feeling sweeps through me that I had never felt before. I unknowingly sniff the air and a smell of pine and freshly cut grass hit my senses. It was so inviting, an
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Chapter 4
A week later. Maggie POV It’s been a 2 weeks since I met my wolf Lyra, my parents had spilled everything about my childhood and how they knew I was different. I had initially been furious with them, and had refused to speak to them for a couple of days, until Lyra convinced me to talk. It still wasn’t the best atmosphere at home but my parents understood the shock of this revelation. My mum had openly spoken about how she had been advised to hand me over to the training facility to become a breeder for the new bloodline I bring with me, but my mother had refused and thankfully I remained with them. My life would have been so different if I had become a breeder. Lyra turned out to be insanely naughty. She had a habit of filling my head with images that made me wet pretty instantly, in the most inappropriate of places. One of these places happens to be when in job interviews and today was no different. I had lost my virginity years ago, when I was 16, before I found out I was a were
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Chapter 5
Kodan POVI stare at the tree line, we could hear branches snapping and the odd growl coming through the trees. We were definitely outnumbered and really needed Zante back. Before I could mind link him to see how long he would be, three dark brown wolves emerge from the trees. They stunk. Rogues had their own scent and were generally always in wolf form as their wolf counterparts take over completely.Zev and I go back to back ensuring neither of us were vulnerable to the rogues. They didn’t stand a chance against us if we weren’t out numbered but they had the advantage. One lunges at Zev causing Lupin to completely take over and pierces his neck with his canines before shaking him around until his body become limp. He bares down on his throat until I hear the snap of his neck and the thud of his body hitting the floor. One down but unfortunately this had only opened them to the opportunity of getting at me. More wolves emerged from the tree line, this was the biggest attack we had en
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Chapter 6
Stacey POV 2 days later. My stomach grumbles and i head down the breakfast. I meet the three men in the foyer and greet them all. They each pull me into an embrace, and I was happy to notice the house staff had got the stench of the Other One out of the house. I could finally relax. Zante and Zev leave, heading into the dining room ready for breakfast. Kodan hangs back and wraps his arm around my waist. I smile up at him and pull him into a deep kiss which causes his claws to dig into my side. He smirks against my lips, before he pushes me towards the dining room door. After breakfast, I decided to go to my room, intending to shower but change my mind. I’d seen Kodan's door open on the way up. I pull on a large T-shirt and long socks and pad towards Kodan's room and hear he is in the shower. I settle myself on the bed waiting for him to finish. I had planned just talk to him but my mind changes fast as I see his muscled figure stop in the bathroom door.Kodan stands stunned after
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Chapter 7
Maggie POVI haven’t seen Zante since I accepted the job at his company 3 weeks ago and I was glad about this after the encounter I had with their Omega. She treated me like I had done something wrong, I don’t understand why she would be upset just because Zante had smelt of me the day he interviewed me. It’s not like I did it in purpose. But the way she had grazed her canines against my lips and suddenly retreated once she had inhaled my scent, played on my mind.I kept seeing Stacey every now and again in the office, watching me and Zante's office like something as going to happen. It was hard working in this office; Zante had explained that it was going to be difficult for a while as I settle into my job. I was surrounded by humans and male werewolves. Zante had ordered me some suppressants and descenter and had placed them in my desk draw with a note.‘Use these while you’re here, it should make things easier.’ And it did. The descenter kept the other alphas at bay however they st
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Chapter 8
Kodan POVZante had been restless for the past week, he was worrying, we all were. We could sense something was wrong with Maggie but she wasn’t responding to us. She’d called sick at work all week and her parents could only tell us she was hiding in her den refusing to leave. We all felt guilty for the stress Maggie had been put through, understandbly she would be terrified.We arrive at the office and stand in the foyer. She wasn’t here again. Stacey comes bounding into the building.“There you guys are, I’ve been looking for you” she squealed with delight before wrapping herself around me. Brody hissed at her touch. He was starting to reject her as all he wanted was Maggie. I ignore him and embrace her. She leans into me inhaling my scent and smiles sweetly up to me.“I thought we could go on a breakfast date” she says with a big grin on her face. I smile at her and nod before pulling Zev with me to grab our jackets. Zante glances in our direction and i could feel the dread ebbing
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Chapter 9
Maggie POVWhy hadn’t Zante fixed the elevator yet? I groan to myself at the fact I would be climbing 6 flights of stairs an hour earlier than usual. I cursed Zante for holding a meeting so early, pulling my hair up into a messy bun and taking a sip of my coffee.Once at the top, I drop my things at my desk and enter Zante's office. I’m hit with his aura which buckled my knees. I steadied myself and watched as Zante turned around to look at me. He gestures for me to sit as he walks be behind his desk and pushes a piece of paper towards me. I stare at it and wonder why he was showing me a blueprint of a house. “It’s for you and your family” his words made my mouth fall open and nearly hit the floor. I stare at him in confusion. I was happy living where I was with them, in our house, one of the only constants I have. Why was he forcing me to live on the land.“Don’t panic please. I’m not trying to trap you. This is for your safety and because of your bloodline that is something I need
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Chapter 10
Alpha Jase POV “Please let me go” Sitting in the back of the car, I pull the source of the voice back towards me. I had found a new bloodline Omega and she was now all mine. Before the week was out she would be marked and mates by me and then she will forever be mine. I feel saliva dripping from my canines as I looked at her, her eyes covered by a blindfold so she didn’t know which direction she’s was going in. I couldn’t risk her finding her way back. Her life was now with me and my mates. “No. I’ve been searching for you for years and there’s no way I am giving you up now” I growled at her. We arrived at the pack house of the Darkmoon Pack. As I climb out the car I’m greeted by my mates Damon and Leo. I smirk at them and stick my head back in the car. “I have a surprise for you” I say grinning and pull Maggie from the car. She had given up fighting and I scooped her up carrying her towards the house and down to the basement, locking her in a cage I had built for prisoners. I co
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