Alpha's Charming Mate

Alpha's Charming Mate

By:  Riannon Red   Ongoing
Language: English
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Nathan Grey became the Alpha of the Old Woods Pack just a few months ago. Together with his best friends, Beta Kaiden and Gamma Caleb, he is trying to fight off the threat from a large rogue group that settled in the vast forests of North Washington. Between creating an alliance with the biggest pack on the continent and learning how to lead a pack, the last thing on his mind is finding his mate. He doesn't understand everyone's obsession in finding their destined one. That is, until he meets her. Nate gets persuaded by his friends for a night out in Bellforth, where they end up going to a show by a local theatrical group. As the performance begins he realizes that one of the actresses is his mate. Captivated by her voice and beauty, he quickly forgets about his previous views on soulmates. But what if she doesn't know about mates and holds secrets of her own? Caleb just recently became Gamma to one of his best friend. Together with Beta, the three of them had been friends since childhood yet he holds a big secret from them. With a deep desire of having his mate, comes even bigger fear of being rejected. Not only by his possible mate but also his friends.

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16 Chapters
Night out
*Nathan POV*I groaned, frustrated over the financial sheet. I can't seem to focus on anything since Anthony and Ariane's visit.Two weeks ago, my friend Anthony Newfort, Alpha of the Full Moon Pack came to visit my pack, together with his mate Ariane and Beta Ethan.From the start, I could sense that there was something different about Ariane. And Anthony also seemed to change as well. As the rogues attacked the same day, it turned out that Ariane is a damn Goddess, not only that, she is the Moon Goddess' daughter!I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed.When I told her that I was not actively looking for a mate, she said that I could change my mind quickly.I asked Anthony later what that was about. He said that as Selene's daughter she has a gift of premonition, she can tell if someone is close to meeting their mate. And she could sense that my mate was near.I closed my laptop with a thump and leaned my head into my hands.I never felt the need to have a mate. I'd never plann
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The Show
*Nathan POV*"Why?" I whined, holding the paper in my hand. "Out of everything you can possibly do in this city, you chose some musical?"Trinity stared daggers at me and I stepped back.I may be a strong wolf, an Alpha, but pregnant women scare the shit out of me."It's not some musical." She scoffed, showing quotation marks in the air. "It's the best musical ever. SIX!"She said, excited."Besides, it's done by our little theatrical group from the city. And all the money goes to charity." Kaiden added, a little offended himself.I rolled my eyes."Fine, if it's for charity I won't complain. Too much. What is it about?" I yawned, looking at the ticket.“It's about the six wives of King Henry VIII.” Caleb said casually, and we all looked at him, wide-eyed. “What? I like musicals.”“That's surprising.” I muttered under my breath.“Come on, let's go in!” Trish squealed and grabbed Kaiden's hand, dragging him with her. “We have seats in the front row!”Oh great, I thought about napping b
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The curtain comes down
*Nathan POV*The show ended and the audience stood up, applauding the group. But my eyes were still only on my mate.The first queen introduced herself and the rest of the crew. When she got to my mate she smiled brightly and bowed, her eyes met mine again and she kept in contact while I was standing there, clasping with a wide grin. Savy Reed.That's my mate's name. But what should I do next?People started to disperse and the crew along with Savy went behind the curtain. I sat still in my place, not really knowing what to do.“Come on, Nate. Everybody left already.” Kaiden shook my arm and I growled in answer.“Mate’s here. I'm not going anywhere.”“She is a human, Nathan, you can't just stalk her.” Trinity sighed and sat next to me, trying to focus my attention on her. “Come, she will be leaving through the back exit, we will come with you and introduce you to each other.”I pondered for a second and finally huffed with agreement. That is the safest approach.Although my wolf is t
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Hunting my mate
*Nathan POV*"Are you sure you don't want me to give you a ride home?" I asked Savy while waiting at the bus stop."Didn't your mom teach you not to get in a car with a stranger?" She giggled while raising her eyebrows. "She told me that, for sure.""Fine, you have a point." I chuckled. "About the phone number, now." I wiggled my eyebrows with the sexiest smirk I could force my face to make."You are a persistent one, I'll give you that." She laughed and stretched her hand out. I put my phone in her palm, brushing my fingers slightly on her skin. She shivered and a little blush came back to her face.So am I affecting you after all?"Here." She gave me my phone back. "You can call me now to see that I have put a real one."I chuckled and gave her a call. She raised her ringing phone to show me with a broad smile."Do you want to go out with me tomorrow evening?" I asked bluntly. Not really ready to part ways with her now."Not wasting any time." She snorted. "I'm singing in a bar tomo
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Forming plans
*Nathan POV*I ran back to the bushes where I left my clothes. Looking around to see if there was no one around, I shifted back and got dressed.Getting into my car, I leaned over the steering wheel and sighed.I knew that meeting my mate would change my life and I was afraid that I would lose focus on things that were my priority. I still have all the issues in mind, but…I want to focus on her, on winning her heart and most importantly, on helping her with whatever issues she has.That means finding anyone that threatens her.I took a phone from my pocket and texted her.Nathan *Hey, returned home safely?*I tapped the steering wheel, waiting impatiently for her text. After a few more seconds, I heard a sound.Savy *Hey! Yeah, I'm home. I'm getting ready to go to bed. Thank you again for a meal. :)*Nathan *No problem. I had fun talking with you today. I hope we can go out again?*My heart thumped in my chest, waiting for an answer. I almost crushed my phone in my hands.Savy *Well,
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New day
*Nathan POV*I tapped my fingers on my desk, my mind deep in thoughts.I kept thinking about my mate and what she said. I know she ran from something but this is as far as my knowledge goes.I can't just ask her about this bluntly. She would know that I followed her and listened to her conversation with her roommate.She would think I'm some creep.I cringed inside, face slapping.I can't believe I actually stalked her.It all would be just Mitch easier if she was a werewolf or any supernatural creature. Why did the Moon Goddess pair me with a human? What plan does she have for me?I turned on my chair and looked out the window.The border guard reported sighting of rogues near the border last night. As they chased them, they realized that the rogues may have a camp near the city outskirts. Which didn't help my sleep. Savy's apartment is close to the woods and she often goes by bus late at night. I sent my trackers this morning to find these rogues, and as soon as they are located, I'
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The chase
*Nathan POV*My warriors scrambled in front of the pack house when I joined them. Caleb quickly came as well, alarmed by the commotion.“What happened?” He asked, undressing as he was preparing to shift and run with me.I noticed that he had dark circles under his eyes and looked tired.“The trackers reported that one of the rogue's camps is settled near the south city border. It's close to where Savy lives. I'm going to wipe them off.” I explained as the warriors started to shift.“I'm going with you.” Caleb nodded but I shook my head.“No Caleb, I need you to stay in the pack. We can't assume that this is not a bait and they won't attack the pack when I'm away. I need you to stay here." I explained, putting my hand on his arm."Yes, Alpha." He nodded and started to coordinate the guards.I smiled, seeing him in his Gamma mode."We are going. When we stable upon the group, I want you to act fast and clean. One, straight attack."My warriors nodded their heads, I quickly undressed an
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*Nathan POV*"What the hell?!" Savy's friend screeched and almost hid behind her.My mate chuckled and started to walk towards me. I lied down and hid my maw under my paws, trying to look as much like a puppy as I could. "This is the wolf from yesterday." She smiled at me and leaned over, stretching her palm at me. "Can I pet you?" My heart started to beat faster as I lifted my wolf's head, making her small hand touch my fur."You are nuts. This is a wild animal you know?!" Her roommate, Sammy, whined.Savy turned her head and looked at him. Sammy blinked rapidly and sighed, coming closer.What the hell was that? Did they just… talk through the mind-link?No, it's impossible. They both are human. Savy's hand caressed my head, and scratched under my chin, making me forget my thoughts.My tail started to wag, hitting the concrete loudly. My mate giggled, now using her both hands to scratch and pet me behind my ears.Holy shit, this feels better than I thought."You mind if I try? I'
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*Caleb POV*I walked away fast, making sure neither Nathan nor Kaidan could see the tears that were threatening to leave my eyes.I now know what I smelled on Nathan. It was the scent of my mate.Nathan must've encountered him during his fight with rogues. Was my mate a rogue?I walked inside my apartment and as soon as the doors locked behind me, my back slid down the now locked doors and hid my face in hands, sobbing.Is it possible? My mate was a rogue? Does this mean Nathan killed him?I waited for so many years, just to lose my mate before I could even meet him? This is too cruel. Moon Goddess cant be that cruel.I took a deep breath, remembering the scent. Apples and pears, my favorite fruits, bring me back to the past, when I helped my mom make jams out of the fruits we picked ourselves. The scent of them can calm me and puts a smile on my face, memories of my mother filling my heart.But now it's tainted, I can't ever smell the fruits now without thinking of my lost mate.I p
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Heart to heart
*Nathan POV*Caleb smiled and sat in front of me. With my high senses I could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest."Cal? Are you okay? What did you smell on me?" I asked, dumbfounded."My mate." Caleb said with a sigh, his face beaming with happiness.My face must've been ridiculous because Caleb started laughing at my expression.I, however, was waiting until my mind rebooted.His mate?"What? How? But I was only with my mate today and before that I fought rogues…" I stopped abruptly and stood up. "Wait! Your mate was among the rogues? But… I swear, there were no she-wolves among them." I almost got on my knees, guilt eating me from the inside.Have I murdered my best friends mate unknowingly?"Hey, calm down. There were probably no female wolves among the rogues." Caleb smiled. "At first, when I smelled the scent of my mate on you, I thought the same. That's why I was so shaken.""I don't understand. Why do I smell like your mate, then?" I asked, sitting back, my mind blank
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