The Destroyer

The Destroyer

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Androkles: I am Lord Androkles, heir of Ares and son of former Lord Zeus. I've spent a lifetime in the shadow of a prophecy told long ago. All of Olympus believes I am the harbinger of their doom, The Destroyer. Is my fate set in stone? It always felt like it until I met her. Ismene-Eirene: I am Ismene-Eirene, daughter of a prominent horse breeder of House Poseidon. My life has been spent feeling like a bird in a cage. I thought nothing could ever free me from that cage. A night of chaos and bloodshed led me to The Destroyer. Can he destroy this cage?

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Androkles
Born from lightning, a destroyer emerges. The fall of Olympus in his hands. - Oracle of Trophonius“Lord Androkles? Are you awake? Lord Ares is requesting your presence.”, a hesitant, almost scared voice called from the other side of my door. “You call yourself a soldier of Ares…” a separate voice whispered as if reprimanding the other. “Oh, please, like you’d be any more forceful. He’s the destroyer.”, the first voice whispered back. I groaned, pulling my pillow from under my head, and pressed it against my face to contain my scream. I HATE that word. I hate that prophecy. Fuck the Oracle of Trophonius. “I’m awake! Stop whispering like gossiping old women outside my door, and get back to your duties!” I bellowed as I threw off my blanket. The sun wasn’t going to rise for over an hour. What in the name of Zeus could Eugenius want with me? Granted, I’ve just been lying here working up the enthusiasm to get out of bed. I have tasks I should be doing and probably should hit th
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Chapter 2 - Ismene-Eirene
My nose wrinkled as my sleep was interrupted by the smell of smoke and the ringing of alarm bells. “Miss... Miss Ismene-Eirene… you need to wake. The village is under attack.” My maid’s fear-filled voice filled my ears as she shook me gently. “Rea? What? What’s going on? What time is it?” I asked, sitting up. “The village is under attack. I don’t know by what, but we must evacuate. Your parents are waiting.” she said, pulling me up by the arm. “Hurry,” she said, pulling me along. I suppose I should be used to this. It has been the way of my life since I was born. I was born without sight and have never been without my parents or a servant guiding me. Though generally, it was not in such a rush. I could hear yelling outside and hurried to keep up. I didn’t know what had come to attack our village, but I didn’t want to be here when it got closer. “Yes, let’s hurry, Rea.” I agreed. “Rea… Eirene… over here. Hurry. Leander and Eline are waiting.” the distressed voice of Alkaios
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Chapter 3 - Androkles
I shouldn’t be here right now. I’d been told to head directly to the commanding officer for the unit upon arrival. I wasn't supposed to stop. Lord Ares wanted me to see and learn but not take risks. It didn’t matter that part of my gifts made me more robust than most. I could still be injured, and I could still die. I’d kept my eyes forward as my small unit moved through the ruins. I tried to ignore the cries around me. I kept reminding myself that it wasn't for me to clean up and tend to the wounded. But then something told me that what people tell me I should do doesn't always make it right. I’d been the one to notice her. To witness her stumbling. The others kept moving forward, and I should’ve too. Yet something told me to stop and help. So I broke from formation, and here I am, tending to the wounds of this blind girl. I don’t even know why I told her my name is Andy. Only Diokles calls me that. I’m not particularly eager to lie. But then again, it isn’t a lie. Andy is a sho
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Chapter 4 - Ismene-Eirene
I don’t know how long I’d been out. I had restless dreams. A mixture of remembering the sounds of the chimera attacking, Rea screaming, Alkaios telling me to run, and the smell of his blood, my blood, for that matter. I relived the feeling of fear and desperation as I tried to navigate my ruined village. But then the fear faded, and I felt safe and could feel the steady rhythm of Andy’s heart beating. Andy?!I suddenly woke up, sitting up, trying to figure out where I was. I last remembered being on Atlas, supported in Andy’s arms. “Eirene...” I heard my father’s voice call out to me moments before I felt him pulling me into a hug. “Oh, my sweet daughter.” he sighed in relief, hugging me tightly. “F...father? Oh, thank the gods.” I sobbed, hugging him as tight as I could with my injured arm. He is alive. My father is alive. I felt fresh tears sliding down my cheeks, releasing my fears for him. “Is mother… is mother okay? What about Rae?” I asked, fearful of the answers. “Yo
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Chapter 5 - Androkles
We’d been fighting and driving the chimera back for four days before it was finally far enough into the mountains that we couldn’t go after it. Now we were marching back. Some soldiers would return to their posts while my unit and I returned to the capital. As we rode in formation, I was alongside the commanding officer at the front. I’d tried not to think about the blind girl during the fighting. Though I found my mind wandering to her in the hours, I rested. Holding the mati my elder brother had forged for me in the mortal realm.Often I’d found the mati would give me a sense of warning, of foreboding when someone had ill intentions. Often I felt this when my father or Eugenius would speak of my future. I also would feel it around town and even among the soldiers of Ares. Their fear of me differed from the evil I felt from my father and Eugenius. But with her, with Ismene-Eirene, the girl with two names, the mati didn’t give either of those reactions. It felt warm, like when I’m
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Chapter 6 - Ismene-Eirene
Two months. That’s how long it took to get things settled in the village, and mother recovered enough to travel. We’ve begun to settle into the estate in Olympia. I’m still learning my way around the house and the property. I haven’t started to explore the city, not that my parents would let me anyways. “Eirene? Can you come and sit with us?” Father called me into the sitting room with him and Mother. Carefully finding my way with a cane, I managed to find a chair. “Yes, father?” I asked. “I know that much has changed for us. And that you are still mourning Alkaios.” Father started. “But given your age and, if anything, recent events showed us, we want to ensure you’ll be taken care of if anything happens to us.” Mother added. I frowned, knowing where this was going. “We don’t want to arrange a marriage in which you wouldn’t be happy.” Father quickly said. “Of course.” I nodded, taking a calming breath. I know they want to protect me. And to them, having a husband is
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Chapter 7 - Androkles
Yet another tedious session of the council. Mostly arguing about taxes and how much each House charged for its services. Poseidon argued that the fees Apollo, Athena, and Ares billed for the chimera attack on a village predominantly made up of members of his House were far too high. Zeno is still a young Poseidon, only having taken his title ten years ago. Well, young by some standards, I suppose. Diokles is the youngest council member but has the most power, literally and figuratively.  “Lord Poseidon, that is enough,” Diokles stated in his rarely utilized commanding voice.  The whole Parthenon went silent, from the council members to us heirs down to even the scribe that documents the meetings. Electricity was in the air making even the hairs on my
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Chapter 8 - Ismene-Eirene
I was so happy when we returned home, and they allowed me to ride. Of course, that was dulled when I realized I would be confined to a pen on an older mare used to teaching children to ride. Father excused himself, probably not wanting to deal with my annoyance, as he headed to another enclosure to prepare horses to show a customer coming by, leaving my mother and a servant standing by the pen watching me.  “Oh, I hate how he allows this...” I heard my mother sigh nervously.  I know she loves me and, at her core, just wants me to be safe. But her overbearing behavior is going to drive me insane. She was always hovering over me as a child due to my condition. And it only became worse after my brother died. And now it has tripled since the chimera. I can't f
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Chapter 9 - Androkles
It felt strange talking to her like this. Not odd in a bad way. But I can't place the feeling. She's not afraid of me. She wants my company. Very few wanted my company, and even fewer were women. As she made a point about leaving, I looked up at the sky and realized the sun was going to set soon. Which meant it would be dinner time at Ares House. "I should. It is getting late. But I should also wait for Dio to finish his business. I did arrive with him." I sighed, looking into the distance, and saw Dio talking with a man I assumed to be her father. Dio was indeed a strange man. I'm unsure what he was playing at by introducing himself as Dio to her. Or when Dio intercepted Elaine to give us more time to speak alone. "I hate to say this, but if he loves horses half as much as my father, they'll be there until dinner is cold,” she said with a chuckle. She has a nice laugh. Wait, did I think that? "I could call someone to show you around. I wish I could show you myself if you w
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Chapter 10 - Androkles
It was that thought that stayed with me the rest of the week. Even as I entered my childhood home of House Zeus for my Sunday lunch with Diokles, it was one of the rare days I was given no tasks. Diokles had always insisted, even when he first came here, that we have a meal together on Sundays. He told me that in the mortal realm, his family would have Sunday meals together with whoever was able to attend. Eugenius felt this was good practice for me. He, of course, wants me to carry on the long-standing alliance between Ares and Zeus. But nothing about Sunday lunch with Diokles is business. It's just a chance to relax. Sitting in the dining area waiting for Dio, I found my mind returning to Ismene-Eirene, again. I need to stop that. But she said she wanted to see me again, to speak again. I don't know how or if I should. I am not shopping for a wife, and I know my father and Eugenius would probably not approve of her, given her blindness. Though they may be talked into considering h
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