Sold To The Hybrid King

Sold To The Hybrid King

By:  S. Mendez  Ongoing
Language: English
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The world used to be at Katniss Valenciaga's feet. She was a princess, an Alpha King's daughter. Beauty, intelligence, wealth, power, and a gorgeous mate, she had it all. Although she was born without a wolf and there were people who secretly hated her for it, she didn't care as long as she was loved by the people who mattered to her. But Katniss' world had turned upside down on the day of her wedding. Her father was betrayed by his subordinates and was accused of treason. Their entire clan had to face the punishment. Her father sacrificed his life to help her escape while her mother and brothers were caught and will soon be executed. Her groom, friends, and the people she trusted all turned their backs on her. Out of desperation, Katniss went to the forbidden tower where the strongest hybrid Blade Marshall lived. He was imprisoned there by the Mages for his devious acts. Others even referred to him as the 'Devil King'. They said there was no one more manipulative and more vicious than him. Only a desperate person would seek for a devil. And Katniss was that person. As devious as they say Blade was, he was her only salvation. She came to the tower and freed him. She sold her blood, body, and soul to him in exchange of her family's safety and of the revenge she was planning. With Blade's help, Katniss was on the verge of succeeding when she suddenly encountered the biggest hindrance that could change the rules of the game completely: she had fallen in love with the devil. With her heart now on the line, could she still emerge victorious?

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21 Chapters
Chapter 1: Blood, Body, and Soul
‘NO MATTER what happens, do not ever go near the forbidden tower, Katniss. That is an order.’The Alpha King’s words echoed in my ears while I was running towards the very place he warned me to steer clear of. The rain was pouring and I could feel my knees about to give out. My stomach was grumbling and every part of my body was screaming for rest. But I couldn’t afford to stop even for a moment.This was a crucial time, not just for me, but for my entire clan whose lives were on the line. My chest swelled with fury when I thought about how much they were suffering right now at the hands of the people they trusted the most.I only stopped running when I was finally in front of what others had called ‘the most dreaded place in the whole world’. The tower was where the Hybrid King lived. It was also the place where he was imprisoned at for twenty-five years now.Only the supernatural beings could see the tower that was now filled with vines. The Mages who cursed Blade put him up there t
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Chapter 2: Deal With The Devil
FOR a moment, I thought about Chester, the alpha from the second biggest clan in Asia, next to ours. He was the man I was supposed to marry. He was my mate and the only man I had admired and had given my heart to since I was a little girl. In front of my clan, he swore to love and protect only me and yet, he ended up to be the very man who had broken me. Our five year-relationship ended with just a few words from him. ‘Let’s stop this, Katniss. I’m exhausted. I can’t help you. Doing that will only implicate my own clan. And I am not crazy enough to do that just for you. Don’t contact me ever again.’ And just three days after hearing those harsh words via phone call, I saw his gorgeous face on the television. While I was on the run, Chester was somewhere very comfortable. He was smiling to the media with my very best friend standing beside him. The two were even holding hands. For a man who looked exhausted, Chester seemed very at ease. News of his wedding had spread. Only this time
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Chapter 3: The Devil's Meal
BACK in the old days, I heard that Blade’s tower was swarming with women. In fact, they said that all the beautiful ladies in the world could be found inside his territory that’s why countless men from noble families wanted to be there but only selected people were invited to join the revelry. So, that was the reason? He needed the women to satiate his hunger through blood and sex? I swallowed hard when Blade gazed at my body. He was only looking at me, but it already felt like he was touching me with his eyes. I stiffened when I felt that part of him getting bigger in my hand. It was my first time touching a man’s private part and I was not quite sure what to do. Blade’s unwavering gaze pierced through me. I quickly took my hand off his lower half. The air was cold because it was still raining outside, but I was sweating buckets. When I pushed him away and I stepped back, to my relief, he didn’t stop me this time. I took a sharp breath to compose myself. Tonight, I even wore my we
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Chapter 4: Contract Sealed
MY HEART was beating so fast. I was not sure whether it was because of Blade’s kisses, his touch, or the promise written in his golden eyes. His eyes were burning with desire and hunger, but his big calloused hands on my body were surprisingly gentle as if he was holding a treasure. It seemed that he was doing this to comply with my wish. I didn’t think he would do it though, that he would have a soft spot under that rough exterior. Blade leaned closer and bit my neck. He moaned upon tasting my blood. And there it was again, that carnal pleasure brought by his fangs. It was like an electric current spreading from my neck, to my breasts, and all the way down between my legs. Not long after and I found myself writhing under him. My breasts were quivering, my core was pulsing. “You taste divine, princess. You are a meal worth waiting for,” he whispered after finally leaving my neck. He showered my collarbone with kisses. Every time his teeth would scrape my skin, I would lose my mind.
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Chapter 5: Wild Heat
IT was over at last, I thought while panting. When Blade pulled out, I released him from my embrace and closed my eyes. I didn’t even know I was embracing him until it was over.But seconds later and my body became tight with tension when I felt something rubbing against my dripping flesh. I opened my eyes and gasped when I realized that the one touching and pressing against me was the head of his shaft. He was hard. Again.Blade laughed. The sound was rich and deep. And then he smirked. He looked into my eyes and said, “I am nowhere near done, princess.”His dark gaze then drifted to my lips down to my breasts. I felt his manhood jerk as he stared at me. And again, the heat from his body seeped into my skin, it burned through my veins. I just came. Yet, the tips of my breasts became rigid once more and my core clenched. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from moaning.“Don’t do that,” Blade demanded. “I like the way you moan under me, princess. Don’t stop it.”And as the newest additi
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Chapter 6: Once A Princess
IN A BLINK of an eye, the most beautiful day in my life had become the most tragic one. The guests would remember this as the bloodiest wedding in history. Most of the knights who had sworn allegiance to my family were now on Uncle Titus’ side as they killed our guards who tried to protect us.I screamed when their blood splashed onto my wedding dress.“What is the meaning of this?” Dad hollered as he exposed his claws.Uncle Fredrick, one of the Council members, firmly announced, “Traitor Adam Valenciaga, your status and all of your power as a member of the royal family are hereby revoked from this moment on for committing a treason. You colluded with the Vampires to secure your daughter’s position as the crown princess.”Dad looked dumbfounded as he glanced at his best friend. “It was you who did that and now you are trying to put the blame on me? And the Council believed you just like that? Where are your proofs that it was me?” he screeched at Uncle Fredrick. “Show me!”“As punish
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Chapter 7: Run, Little Rogue, Run!
I SHIVERED when I felt the coldness from the tip of the knight’s blade on my nape. I felt it pierced my skin. And I could smell my own blood dripping. “Katniss!” Archer, my eldest brother, called out just when I was about to lower my head and beg Nicole. He was bleeding profusely already. Still, when he saw my situation, he shifted and bit the knights who stood in his way as he ran to me along with Earl, my second brother, while Dad and Ronan ran to save mom. Nicole and others shrieked when Archer roared. Despite the situation he was in, pain still crossed his amber eyes upon seeing what happened to me. He quickly rubbed his cheek against mine as if to give me some warmth, as if it was his way of comforting me before he released me. He put himself in front of me like he was shielding me from everybody. Earl ran to my side and lowered himself. And when I understood that he wanted me to ride him, I climbed over him. He did not waste another minute and sped away. Earl was the fastest
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Chapter 8: Summer Snow
THE PHONE slipped through my trembling fingers. It fell onto the floor, but the sound of the screen cracking was nothing compared to the sound of my heart shattering for the umpteenth time. I stood there for God knows how long, my body was convulsing. I pulled my hair and screamed, but even my own voice had failed me. It was hoarse because of what I did last night until this morning. My knees shook until I fell down on the floor. My mind was yelling at me, telling me to keep it all together, but I couldn’t breathe. I kept hearing the sound of people rejoicing as they burned the two most important men in my life. I remember their faces. Those were the same people who knocked on our gates, crying and begging for help in an ungodly hour because of the problems in their packs that they couldn’t seem to solve on their own. My parents were busy all the time. They were exhausted and they needed rest too, but even if we stopped them, Mom and Dad still opened their gates for their people and
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Chapter 9: Strike One
(Nicole) “OPEN your eyes and look at me, Chester. You belong to me now. I need to know it’s me you are thinking of while I lie here beneath you and not some ugly bitch-“ I didn’t get to finish my sentence when Chester suddenly covered my mouth with his big hand. He thrust himself inside me. I glared at him, aroused and annoyed at the same time, but all the irritation I felt flew out the door when I felt how hard he was. Well, he should be. I sucked him off. And no man in this world could refuse my mouth. Once they get a taste of my tongue, they can’t get enough. The Council members would die to feel my tongue against their rotten dicks once again. All it takes was just a quick tongue play and all those old bastards would cum deliriously and would beg for more. But I would never do that. Not anymore. I am the crown princess now. It doesn’t matter what I did to be here. I own this seat now. And there is no way in hell I will let somebody steal my throne away from me. Nobody can ever
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Chapter 10: The Sinner and the Saint
THE FIRST thing I noticed was his long, silver hair which I wanted to grab and touch to find out if it was as velvety as it looked. He was tall, maybe a couple of centimeters taller than my beloved. Both of them had the same built. And both of them looked… tasty as hell.So, this was the infamous hybrid, the Devil King? I licked my upper lip. When he slowly walked inside our domain, it was as if he was marking the land as his. He walked with absolute grace and power.The devil was wearing a black suit which made him look so domineering and so expensive from head to toe.This is bad. I can’t stop thinking naughty thoughts.The nonstop ringing of the bell from the tower near the castle must have irked his eardrums. The hybrid glanced at the tower and casually set it on fire which had me giggling.Unlike most of the wolves, I didn’t feel fear at all. That word does not exist in my vocabulary. Instead, what I felt was desire and it burned inside me. I didn’t think I would meet someone who
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