The 13th Zodiac Lover of Charlotte

The 13th Zodiac Lover of Charlotte

By:  Sinichikudo26   Ongoing
Language: English
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Charlotte is a simple princess in the Kingdom of Canopus, who was a prisoner of her own parents in the dungeon because her sisters are insecure and intimidated of her beauty. However, when their kingdom was colonized by King Abaddon of the werewolf tribe, stargazer Venus helped her escape the dungeon to find her fated man who will redeem their kingdom and save her family from the most evil creature on their planet, King Abaddon.

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49 Chapters
It has been eighteen years since King Solomon and Bartholomeo became enemies on the planet Gathiolea. Their conflict started when King Solomon desired the Tizona sword, a strong and powerful weapon. He insisted to King Bartholomeo on using it to protect his kingdom, but King Bartholomeo refused. King Solomon was infuriated and decided to depart from King Bartholomeo's kingdom. King Bartholomeo cut the ground with the Tizona sword to separate his kingdom from Solomon's.What happened has saddened all the Canopus magicians and Alabama warriors. Amidst this complex conflict, Queen Elizabeth learned she was pregnant through a magic well created by star gazer Venus. Her two children, Princess Olivia and Zendaya, were overjoyed because they were expecting a younger sibling. They used their advance ritual magic to see what their youngest sibling would look like. To their surprise, they saw Charlotte is going to be a beautiful woman when she grows up. Afraid that she might steal the men's att
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Charlotte saw hanging Cuirass with faulds and tassets plate metal armor set in front of an old house, then she realized that she's already in Alabama as she remembered reading a book regarding their clothes. She took it and hid in the cave next to the house to change her clothes. She put it on her body and her armor suits her well. She left her old clothes and left the cave.When she exited the cave, two men of the same height wearing full metal armor on their whole bodies and heads confronted her. They have long hair and blue eyes. "Who are you? And what are you doing in Alabama?" asked the warrior on the left."I am Charlotte, nice to meet both of you," she said after bowing.The warrior asked her again. "You are not living here, are you?""I am from this place, I often hide in the cave at my back and I don't go out often!" she responded.The warrior looked at Charlotte pervertedly. He gradually maneuvered himself toward her. He leaned over and placed his lips next to her ears. "You
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As the night got deeper, Felipe decided to walk home with his new servant, Charlotte. Felipe's house is just a few steps away from the Alabama market and the dark road was filled with silence. Charlotte is holding her knife digger in case someone tries to hurt her again. Whereas, Felipe was complacent and leaned his head on his hands, which were raised behind his back. There were no other warriors passing by, and he could see the fear and dread for safety on Charlotte's face."Trust me, no one will hurt you especially when I'm here by your side. I'm still good and can keep up with the young warriors despite my age," Felipe said complacently. After a while, they arrived at the wooden house surrounded by broad-leaved trees."I live in this tacky old house alone so pardon me for the mess. I didn't even think about having it repaired. It would cost me too much if I had it fixed. Besides, I'm too old, so dying in this old house isn't that bad," Felipe opened the door knob of his house and
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Star Gazer Venus's projection suddenly disappeared before Charlotte could speak. She came out of the cave and saw Alexander approaching with a basket in his hand. Charlotte was excited to meet Alexander and intercepts him."Where did you go, Alexander?"Alexander gave the basket to Charlotte. "These are breads I bought, eat them so you can have strength for our quest!"Charlotte felt that the bread was still warm and the aroma was very delicious."I went to the warriors of King Barholomeo and explained what happened yesterday night. They believed what I said and I found out that there are complaints about the old pervert who tried to take advantage of you!"Charlotte bowed again. "Sorry, I was gullible enough to trust and believe what Felipe said. Don't worry, because it won't happen again!""No problem, I watched over you the entire time yesterday because I knew your beautiful face would attract pervert warriors!"Alexander heard Charlotte's stomach growling and he grinned. "Go ahead
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"It's good and you're awake," Alexander sat on the chair and caressed Charlotte's face. "You seem tired from the quest we did, I was naive to let you use your power to make our mission easy!"Charlotte mumbled as she's too weak to speak up. "It's not your fault, I also wanted to help you as much as I could. In fact, earlier was the first time I used my power to the fullest!""Didn't you have any exercises done when you were in your kingdom?"Charlotte nodded. "I haven't had any training since I've been locked inside a dungeon for eighteen years!"Alexander's voice rose slightly and he frowned. "That is fucking crazy. Is this serious? Why did they do that to you?""I can't figure out the reason either, but I would like to learn how to use a katana so I can be useful to you!""I like your fighting spirit, if you want we can train outside once you fully recover your strength!"Charlotte tried to raise her body but she feel ache even in the slightest move."Don't force yourself, Charlotte
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Oshiro, Odin, and Bathazar followed but none of their attacks were strong enough to take down the golgozur dinosaur. The four of them gasped and Odin begged them to penetrate the mouth of the monster. Odysseus charged anyway and the dinosaur's tail knocked him unconscious on the forest."Odysseus is really a pull of pride, he doesn't let other warriors dictate his actions!" said Prince Arthur. "He is strong but it does not mean he can do all things on his own. Teamwork is a key to victory!" he further explained further.Oshiro Balthazar and Odin stood behind Odysseus to protect him."Let us enter its mouth and kill it from the inside out," Oshiro blurted out.The dragon spewed fire again but they used their zodiac shield to block the attack. They then entered its mouth and slashed its internal organs.Odysseus woke up and slowly stood up. "Did we defeat it?" he asked as he looked at the disappearing dinosaur."Yes, we manage to kill it, Odysseus!" Oshiro grinned."Congratulations seco
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They were stopped by two warriors guiding the door with silver badges on their breast plate."Pardon us, Prince Arthur but your warriors are forbidden to enter the Kingdom as per the rule of King Bartholomeo!""And who are you," asked Prince Arthur."I am Gusion, one of the enchanted warriors of the King!" answered the warrior.Prince Arthur turned to the left side of the door where the other warrior guard was standing. "And you?""I am Belerick, also one of the enchanted warriors of the King!"Prince Arthur crossed his arms over his chest. "They are my visitors and I personally invited them over to come and eat dinner with my father!"Apologize your Majesty, I need to go to the King right now and ask his permission before letting them in!""Well then, just stay here and let me talk to my dad. Who knows if you exaggerate the story to make me look evil in the eyes of my father?""Your Majesty, I am in no place to do such a thing. I worked really hard just to be promoted to this positio
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The night already got deeper when Alexander returned to the guild hall. Isabella was standing at her platform and answering some warriors mobbing her. She noticed Alexander coming in so she approached the wounded warrior who looks extremely tired. "What happened to you Alexander?" Isabella touched Alexander's face. "You are badly injured... let me get you some herbal medicine to-"Alexander put down the baskets he was carrying, removed her hand from his face and yelled in anger. "These are just minor injuries, I am training hard so what you see is just normal, fucking idiot!"An old warrior with a long mustache dragged his feet towards Alexander. "What's wrong with you, Jerk? Do you think you are above all of us? Just because you're one of the zodiac warriors does not mean you treat warrioress with rudeness, especially someone who is highly respected as Isabella!"Alexander has a mocking look on his face upon seeing the meddler warrior. "Get out of my sight, low-rank warrior, just min
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Isabella couldn't handle her obsession with Alexander, so she undressed and walked in the middle of the river to seduce the zodiac warrior."Bathing is more fun if you are not alone," said Isabella. "I want to join you in taking a bath. I can scrub your back, and you can do whatever you want with me, especially since it's just the two of us in this warm river!"Alexander opened his eyes and was surprised to see Isabella naked in front of him. He saw her pinkish bo*bies and it made him horny. "W-what are you doing h-here? Did you just follow me, Isabella? Don't you see I'm taking a shower right now?" he asked."Of course I do!" Isabella wrapped her arms around his neck and suddenly cried. "I was so offended by what you said earlier and I am so jealous of Charlotte. Is there no hope for us to be together? I've wanted you for a long time and I don't want any other man but you. I didn't agree to be seduced by other men! Do you know that I promised myself that on my birthday, you could tak
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Prince Arthur started dancing with Isabella, Alexander stormed off as he couldn't imagine that he had sex with another woman other than Charlotte whom he has a crush on. He went to the Black River alone and sat down on a tree that fell on the ground and stared dumbfounded. Suddenly the fog thickened in the area, making him disappear. He was pulled out from his thought when he felt someone approaching him. He stood up and he drew his sword. He rolled his eyes and sharpened his ears to listen to the sound of footsteps. "Show yourself, dumb-ass. You're barking on a wrong tree!"Someone jumped behind him and attacked him with a sword which he immediately blocked. He noticed the gold sword and recognized who attacked him."Prince Arthur, is that you?" asked Alexander."Your skill with the sword is really impressive, Alexander!" said Prince Arthur."Thank you very much for your praise Prince Arthur. What you said to me is imprinted in my mind!"Prince Arthur waved his tizona sword and the f
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