The greatest son: Zane strikes back

The greatest son: Zane strikes back

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“Grandfather, please don't marry me off to this waste of space. He is just a lowlife that is sick, carrying diseases around, and being gross!” Ava said, getting more and more enraged with each word coming from her mouth. “That's enough! Ava, stop that right now!” Mrs. Taylor said. “Don’t order your grandfather!” “If you insist on giving Ava to me, I would walk out of here now and never look back. A woman like her is not something that interests me.” Zane said, his voice steady as he met the old man's eyes, his words pissing Ava and her parents off.

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85 Chapters
A nightmare
The sound of laughter, chit-chat, and classical music echoed in Zane’s ears as he walked into the hall, behind Damion Briggs, his wife, Deborah Briggs, and his brothers and three kids. The moment they arrived and stepped inside, Zane could feel others' eyes on him, but he kept his gaze ahead, ignoring the whispers as people's eyes followed him. When they reached a couple of well-dressed guys, Mr. Briggs stopped, forcing a smile as he said, “Arthur, Cyrus, Theodore, and Christopher, it's good to see you four.” “You got an invite to Mr. Alfred's retirement party? How lovely,” Arthur said with a dash of sarcasm in his tone. Looking over at the Briggs family, a foreigner who had recently entered the country and established his company there, said with a genuine smile, “These must be your children-” “Yes. This is Theo, Sophie, and Leon Briggs.” Damion said with pride in his eyes. When Zane subconsciously locked eyes with Christopher, he sighed and calmly uttered, “Zane... I am Zane
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What’s the plan here
The morning light met Zane sleeping on the hard, dirty floor of the mansion's front porch, hugging onto his body to keep warm.Suddenly, he felt someone kick his legs lightly once and then harder the next time, causing a sharp pain to run through his bone and he instantly jumped from his sleep, his face turning white.As soon as he woke up fully, he looked up and met with one of the mansion cleaners, Paul, and he earned a scowl from him.“You can't sleep here. You need to get up and go somewhere else.” Paul commanded, pointing at Zane with his broom in his hand, and he glared at him when he refused to budge even an inch. “Did the cold air lock your ear?! Move!”Frowning, Zane forced his aching body to stand up, wincing in pain as he put weight on the wrong foot while limping toward the front door.When he grabbed the doorknob and turned it, it was locked, and he turned to look at Paul, but the guard disregarded his stare and started sweeping.‘If you think this is going to make me giv
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Four security guards
Embarrassed, Emma lowered her head, averting her gaze, her cheeks flushed pink when she subconsciously glanced at Zane, and he could see her holding back tears.“Miss Taylor, please tell us whatever you need us to do to fix this, we will do so without complaint.” The manager apologized after swallowing harshly.Glaring over at Zane, Ava snarled, “Kick him out! He’s sick and should not be among other people!”“I am not sick.” Zane tried to defend himself.But the Manager frowned at him and said, “You need to leave, now.”A look of disbelief settled on Zane’s face as the sound of faint mumbling grew around him from other customers, and a mixture of embarrassment and anger rose in him.“I am not sick,” Zane tried to explain. “I just sneezed-““Security, can you escort this guy out? He’s harassing a customer and making others uncomfortable.” The manager ordered.Stunned, Zane frowned, staring in confusion at the manager as the two security guards stepped forward, grabbing his shoulders ro
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Rain down hell
The looked of terror that settled on Zane's face when he realized that the old man was Mr. Alfred was raw. The guards immediately started panicking, and one of them spoke with his ego instead of his head, “You turned away Theo Briggs, so we thought you wouldn't want to see Zane either... After all, he is not someone worth wasting your valuable time on...” “You four are fired!” Mr. Alfred firmly said, and then he looked at Zane, continuing, “You... Get in the car. I am taking you out for dinner.” The guards were speechless as Zane was, and before they could get over their surprise, Mr. Alfred and Zane had gotten in his car. When they finally woke from that stunned feeling, the Modernized H2 Hummer had already sped up with the two security details SUVs, following it, and still, the four security decided to chase after the cars, knowing how much their pay was, and screaming, “Mr. Alfred, we didn't know he was someone you know!!” Soon they were chasing the cars’ dust because the thre
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I am taking you to the hospital
The wedding hall seemed crowded with hundreds of people, but none of these folks were there to cheer the groom or the bride on. They were people that Zane had no relation with, people that had nothing to do with him, and they were people that the Taylor family knew."Everyone, please stand for the bride's arrival." The officiator announced.Soon, everybody in the hall quieted down, then the guests woke from their seats, staring at the wooden door, waiting to see Emma.The news about her marrying the pathetic, illegitimate son of the Briggs family had been no secret for a week, and people were already gossiping among themselves. When she stood in the doorway and her grandfather didn't approach her, after a while, Emma's face remained as calm as always as she stared at the faces, gazing back at her, and her fingers tightened around the white roses and she marched down the hallway.A faint smile curved onto her face, although no emotion was in her eyes, as she kept her head high, headi
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I look horrible
The moment the nurse saw the critical state Emma was in, they didn't waste time rushing to get her from Zane, and once they had her on the stretcher, they rolled her away in a haste.Rushing after them, Zane followed closely behind them, a sense of worry washing over him like waves. When they reached the door, a nurse stopped him in his tracks, saying, “We will take it from here, and we have already called Dr. Roberts, and he will be right with us. Just sit in the waiting room.” Even though Zane was hesitant, he nodded his head and took a step back as he watched her rush into the room.As time slowly drifted by, the silence in the waiting room had Zane pacing back and forward, constantly glancing at the clock on the wall, praying for something to happen, anything, but as time passed, he just kept thinking the worst, dreading the worst.A guy in a white coat walked up to him a few minutes later, saying in a soothing voice, “You are the husband?”“Yes,” Zane answered with a nod.“Oh,
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Don’t make an enemy out of me
The silence in the room sent an unsettling sensation down Emma’s spine, and she opened her eyes, realizing that even after sleeping for so long, she was still in the hospital.When she sat up and looked to her right, she saw Zane sitting in the chair by her bedside with his head resting on the sheet, sound asleep.“Isn’t this position uncomfortable for him,” Emma mumbled with a pout, reaching her hand over Zane’s hair, wanting to touch it so badly, and yet, hesitating at the same time. She didn’t want to wake him up, but she also wanted nothing more than to run her fingers through his hair.Suddenly, Zane’s ringtone echoed, and before Emma could pull her hand back, he had raised his head, and it hit the palm of her hand, causing him to stare into her eyes.“Sorry,” Emma whispered, yanking her hand to her side, looking uneasy, thinking he was going to get mad at her for waking him up.The small smile that suddenly played on his lips made her a bit relaxed and shocking to her, he reache
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You wouldn’t dare
“Is your pillow fluffy enough?” The nurse sweetly said to Emma, making her even more uncomfortable.But she didn't want to seem rude or ungrateful for the kindness they had shown her. It's just that, well, she had never been so comfortable in a hospital room before and it freaked her out at how kind the staff was suddenly being.A weak smile made its way to her lips as she tried hard to hide her embarrassment from her. “Yes, thank you. It is very soft.”The nurse looked up from her notepad with a happy smile on her face. “Great! We have more fruit and juices if you are still hungry and want-”“No, thanks. The sandwich, the soup, and the fruit were enough along with the cranberry juice.” Emma softly said, wondering why they were being so freaking kind to her. it was not her first time being at a hospital, so to her, from past experiences, it was really strange that they were dotting on her like this.When Emma caught the nurse giving her that hesitant look, she felt awkward, knowing th
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Getting a divorce
The sound of her family's voices in the dining room had Emma's heart rising in her chest as she slowly walked past the doorway, heading for the kitchen.When she got there, the servants were not startled by her presence because sometimes, her grandmother punish her by making Emma help out in the kitchen, washing dishes, cleaning the floors, and doing other jobs that the rest of the servants did."Hi, Abner,” Emma said, approaching the head chef with a hesitant look on her face.“What is it?” Abner asked, raising an eyebrow when he noticed Emma's troubled expression. “Why are you looking at me like that?”“Can I ha-ve so…me… food,” “What?!”Nervous by the raise in Abner's voice, Emma began to fiddle with her hands, her mind was spinning, and her stomach felt uneasy. “I am hungry. Can I have some food?” Emma mumbled softly.“I have already served the table. So, why are you not in the dining room with your family, instead you are begging in here like some common servant?”Hesitantly, Em
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A new marriage contract
Confused about the rage burning in her grandfather's eyes, Emma hesitated, feeling Zane squeeze her hand as she tensed up.“Come here now!” Mr. Taylor commanded sternly, making Emma flinch.Feeling like she was being told to make a choice here, she darted her eyes to Zane and then mumbled, “I am not divorcing my husband!”A dry laugh escaped Mr. Taylor's lips as he shook his head and then said, “I am disappointed in how much you turned out exactly like your mother... ignoring all the training, and discipline that I fought to instill in you!!”Seeing that this situation was about to escalate, Zane stepped in, saying humbly, “Grandfather, what is the-”“Don’t you dare refer to me with such a title, you no-good worthless piece of trash! Your lying father just broke off the agreement we had for your arranged marriage! So, I am taking my granddaughter to court to get a divorce, and when we get back, your ass should be out of my house!” Mr. Taylor barked at him.It didn't shock Zane that hi
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