Shattered Bonds

Shattered Bonds

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The children of the Guardians have grown up together. Emlyn Gunnar has known Richard Holstin her entire life. She gives her virginity to him when she is 16, on the night of his Alpha ceremony. For the next year and a half, they date in secret. Emlyn has fallen in love with Richie and dreads the day he finds his mate. But as her 18th birthday draws near, she is feeling more confident that he is her mate. Due to an impromptu moment of unprotected sex a couple of weeks before her birthday, Emlyn finds herself pregnant with Richie's baby. On her birthday, when she realizes he is her mate, she is relieved. She knows Richie wants to have a baby, they just weren't planning on one so soon. At her birthday party, the moment her wolf howls that Richie is her mate, saying it out loud for everyone to hear, Richie also cries mate. Only, he isn't looking at Emlyn. He is looking at a female from another pack. When Richie refuses to reject her, letting her escape the pain of his romance with his “mate”, she will have to be the one to reject him, causing him to feel the pain of the shattered mate bond. Before he can decipher what is going on, Emlyn leaves. She goes to Araphyra, to the Fae King, to find out how she can break her Guardian bond with Richie. If he's not her mate, then she isn't going to be his Guardian. Richie will have to race against time and Emlyn to figure out why they have a mate bond he can't feel. But will he be fast enough to keep her from breaking the Guardian bond, the last bond tying her to him, or will their bonds be shattered forever?

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61 Chapters
It’s the day of my Alpha ceremony. My father, Liam Holstin, couldn’t wait to pass the Alpha title over to me. He’s been training me to take over our pack, the Shadow Falls pack, since I was a child. Unlike him, I’ve had my parents to help raise and guide me. I’m ready to take over the pack. And, unlike many Alphas that don’t want to give up the power and control that comes with being an Alpha, my father couldn’t wait to spend all his time with his mate, my mother, Angel.My parents are disgustingly happy. I may be the oldest, but I have six brothers and sisters ranging in ages from 6 months younger than me to three years younger. Four of us are only two years apart if that gives you any idea of how much my father enjoys my mother. The thought of my parents together still makes my stomach churn. I've walked in on them in a compromising position way too many times.My parents plan to take my three youngest sisters with them to the house that they built for their retirement, but my broth
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Chapter 1: Emlyn
“Mom! You know I don’t like wearing dresses. Richie doesn’t care if I’m wearing a dress.” I say to my mother. This argument is one that we’ve had countless times. My sister, Riley, is the girlie girl. Give me a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and boots any day of the week. “Emlyn Grace! This is Richard’s Alpha ceremony, and you will dress the part of not only an allied pack member supporting the transition of power, but the Alpha female and Guardian that you are.” I grab the dress that my mother is holding out for me and stomp down the hallway back to my room. “If I was really an Alpha female and Guardian, I could wear whatever I wanted to wear.” I say under my breath as I get to my room. My brother is just coming out of his room, and he winks at me. Emerson is a great older brother. He never tries to make me into something I’m not and accepts me for who I am. I wish he was a little bit more relaxed and laid back, but he takes his future role as our next Alpha very seriously. He’ll be grea
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Chapter 2: Rich
As I walk into the after party, I’m surrounded by people who want to get close to the new Alpha. This isn’t new. It’s been this way most of my life. My brothers are I are constantly surrounded by she-wolves that want our attention or want in our beds. And then, there are the guys that want to be close to or friendly with Alpha males.When I walk further into the room, Finley, my wolf sits up. ‘What’s up, Fin?’‘I don’t know.”“Something dangerous?’ It’s not uncommon for packs to be attacked during Alpha ceremonies or the night of the celebration in an attempt to weaken the pack by taking out the new Alpha on the night of their oath.‘No, not dangerous.”‘Well, let me know when you figure it out.’ I tell him, refocusing on the party.The party starts out as a full pack celebration with food, drinks, and dancing for pack members of all ages. As the night goes on, people begin to leave and only the young wolves are left. As the new Alpha, I wasn’t drinking, taking the time to speak to th
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Chapter 3: Emlyn
I have no idea what’s gotten into Richie. It’s not like he’s never given me attention. I’ve spent my life surrounded by Alphas and Guardians, but this is different. This feels…intimate. And I swear when he pushed me against the wall, it felt like he had a hard on. I’ve not actually ever felt one before, but I know what it is. I’ve seen them. When your best friends are guys, you see and know a lot that you wouldn’t necessarily know as a sheltered woman. So, he either had a large, steel pipe in his pants, or he was excited.Was he excited by me? Was seeing me in a dress really that arousing? Or was he aroused by someone else and I’m here? No, that can’t be it. Richie would never do that. First, he knows my father would kill him, alliance or no. And then, he has to know that his brothers and Cohen and Clint would never forgive him either. So, this is something else.He leads me into his room, closing the door behind us. “Did you want a drink?” He asks me, heading to the bar.“I probably
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Chapter 4: Rich
My mate is so responsive, I feel like I’m about to blow my load in my pants. She’s so compliant, so submissive to me. It’s making me so fucking hard. I lean in and take one of her perfect breasts into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her hardened nipple. I love how her body responds to me. I can only imagine how much more she will respond once she feels the mate bond. I suck on her nipple until I begin to hear her whimper, then I switch to the other side. I take my hand and pluck her still-wet nipple before sliding my hand down to her stomach to the heat between her thighs. It was a surprise to see her in a thong. The strapless bra was expected with the dress, but the thong? And to hear that she likes to look sexy? Fuck, I’m a goner. I run my fingers over the outside of her thong, sliding my fingers between her thighs. Her thong is drenched. Perfect. I want to taste her. Time to see how submissive she will be for me. I give her nipple a final flick with my tongue before standing
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Chapter 5: Emlyn
My senses are on overload. Richie is strumming my body like it’s his instrument and he’s a maestro. I’m dizzy and overwhelmed with everything. I don’t know why Richie’s dominance is such a turn on. Maybe, because as a Guardian, I’m supposed to always be in control. When he slides into me, I feel the burning sensation between my thighs. Even though it’s painful, when he asks me if I’m ready, I know I am. If there was anyone I wanted to give my virginity to, other than my mate, it would be Richie. I’ve had a crush on him for years. As soon as he thrusts into me, my body tenses with the pain and my throat closes, making it hard to breathe and impossible to speak. He begins kissing my cheek, the corner of my mouth and down my neck. “Relax.” He purrs in my ear. “Give it a minute. I won’t move until you’re ready.” Thankfully, I have advanced healing as part of my Guardian genes so it doesn’t take long before the pain subsides and the feeling of Richie inside me begins to make me want to
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Chapter 6: Rich
She said yes. Fin and I are on cloud nine. And while I really wanted to seal the deal by taking her again, I knew she needed a break. I pushed her in ways I know she’s never been pushed. And she responded just like I always hoped my mate would. Even though we went to bed very late, I wake her up early. I want to take her again before she has to leave for the day, and I have to get back to the reality of being an Alpha. I wake her up slowly, feasting on her delicious peach taste before burying myself inside her. Then I pull her into the shower with me and I take her again. I realize that I need to add some other shower gel and shampoo to my shower for the days when I can sneak Emlyn into my room for a night. She already spends nearly half her time here. We had set up a schedule where the Guardians would train in all the packs, helping the warriors to get stronger and become better fighters. As I think about it, this week will be Emlyn’s week to train here. Perfect! Thankfully, betwee
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Chapter 7: Emlyn
Richie spoke to my father and since it was so common for me to be here or at Canyon Ridge, my parents weren’t bothered when Cayd drove me home to pack clothes for the week. “Let’s stop by and have dinner with Cohen and Clint.” He says as we get back into the car. I shrug. I’m dying to get back to Richie, but I also know that he started his Alpha duties today and is probably swamped. So, we head to Canyon Ridge. “Cayden! Emlyn!” Luna Cara says as we walk in. “How nice to see you. Are you staying for dinner?” “You know it, Auntie Cara.” Cayd says. All the kids of the Guardians call the parents of the other packs Aunt and Uncle in informal situations. We've grown up as a family after all. Cayd is always hoping that Aunt Cara makes steaks. She apparently learned from her father, Clint, and I have to admit, they are really good. “It’s not steak night Cayd. You know Thursdays are steak nights in Canyon Ridge.” He deflates a bit before brightening again. “What’s for dinner tonight?” “
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Chapter 8: Rich
Emlyn’s been in my packhouse for four days. Four glorious days. I’ve snuck her into my room every night. She's my new favorite addiction and while having her here is distracting, I know that once she’s gone, it will be much harder. We’re currently at training. I’ve always run afternoon training, so it was a simple transition to just add the morning training into my schedule for now. Once Jackson is official, he can run one training and I’ll run the other. Today, I have to keep refocusing my attention away from Emlyn. Every daughter of a Guardian is an amazing warrior. Leana and Lily are no different and while I appreciate their strength and skill, Emlyn is my mate. ‘She’s incredible.’ Finley purrs in my head. I turn, watching her take out one of my best warriors. Then she helps him up and explains to him how he can better protect against her attack before going at him again. I’m about to turn away from her again, when suddenly she, Leana and Lily all jerk their heads in the same d
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Chapter 9: Emlyn
When I walk back into the packhouse, Leana and Lily rush to me.“Are you okay Emlyn. I’m so sorry. You know how our brothers are.” Leana says, pulling me into a hug.“I do. And you’d think that they would also know how we are by now.”“What did he say?” Lily asks, pulling us into a private room.I know they are just concerned about me. They are as much my sisters as Riley is. “Exactly what you’d expect. ‘I’m an Alpha. I don’t need you jumping in front of danger for me.’” I make my voice as deep as I can, mimicking Richie’s.Both Lily and Leana roll their eyes at that. “So, how did he leave it?”I just found a perfect reason to be in Richie’s room, waiting for him. “Well, he needed to go interview the rogues they captured, but he wants me to meet him in his room afterward.”“Ugh! Don’t give in to him Emlyn. Richie needs to understand that even though he’s now Alpha, we’re still Guardians. It’s our job as much as it’s his job to run this pack.” Leana says.“Don’t worry. I have no intent
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