White Wolf.

White Wolf.

By:  Cendrillon1996  Completed
Language: English
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Seth have just came of age and it's time for him to be sent off to the alphas home to train. Everything was normal until he shifted... White wolves are rare, only five of them exist out in the world, they are omegas the third mates to alpha, a sign of power and wealth. Seth's life is filled with adventure and secrets to be reviled. This story is a ddlb/fluff story. You've been warned. Apologies for any misspelling and grammar mistakes.

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38 Chapters
Seth POV. Hitting puberty is a big milestone in people's lives it's when you go from being a child to becoming a man, or woman, or whatever you want to be, who knows anymore in this life. For us it's different, I won't grow up to be a man, I'm going through puberty to become a wolf, I'll be a strong wolf, I'll be a warrior like my father and brothers, and sister. Don't underestimate my sister she's one of the strongest wolves in our pack, and now it's my turn. The brother of warriors Will, Sam and Moira, well Moira is more of a captain, she's higher in rank than our brothers and I look up to her, I want to be like her one day. But to do that I have to endure the shifting, I'll have to leave my parent's home and move into the alpha's place, all kids my age have to do it. Wolves are immortal and take our sweet time before bringing kids into this world, my siblings are old enough to be my parents not that we show, the whole pack look around the twenty to the thirty-year-old mark. On
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Seth POV. Once there we were guided inside by beta Emmett, our bags left behind, we were guided to the basement, not the best place to start but the safest. "Listen up, the alphas would be here soon, you'll be each taken to a private room, you'll strip and shift, the alphas are here to help you through it, it's gonna be painful, it's gonna take time, but remember we do this with pride," the beta gave us a pep talk before leaving the four of us standing there. Looking at each other with sad smiles we are friends, it's hard not to be friends with the only people who are in the same age group as yours, would all four of us manage to get through this, if our wolf isn't strong enough we'd die, if we can't shift now nor do we show any signs of our wolves, we'd die soon. Our wolves need to come out or we'd die, it's a really nothing major or scary, don't take our trembling bodies as sign of fear, it's freezing down here."When we call your name come forward," alpha Aiden says going into t
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Seth POV. "Hey, baby, wakey wakey," I heard a very familiar voice, a voice I always connected with happy thoughts, Moira, my sister was here. "Hey," I say in a gruff voice, my throat was so dry like I have swallowed a million nails. "Don't tire yourself, Seth, I just came by to check on you, you did so well, I'm proud," she says making me smile, making the captain of the house proud brought happiness to my heart. I tried to pull my hand up to touch my sore head, it felt like a drill has went through my skull, making me whine and groan. "Hey, it's fine, I have to go, I bribed the beta to allow me in but can't stay long, I just had to make sure you made it," Moira says kissing the top of my sore head and leaving the room, the darkness called back to me and I closed my eyes going back to sleep. "It's time to wake up little one," I heard a firm voice says, but I ignored it wanting to sleep. "Sleeping time is over," the same voice says again, caressing my face, is Moira back? I thin
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Seth POV. I slept for the rest of the day, I couldn't wake up until the next morning when River came into my room and told me to get up, alpha's order. I went to the joined bathroom and did my business showering in the hot water before coming out, good thing I'm the last to wake up then. I saw clothes ready for me again, similar to the one I wore yesterday, sweats, I put them on noticing the lack of shoes again. I walked down to the kitchen feeling well rested this time, I saw the two alphas along with the beta and my two fellow new wolves sitting there having breakfast. "Breakfast is served by seven, don't be late," alpha Aiden says and I nod avoiding his eyes, I took my seat on the table noticing that they have served me a plate, it was huge and I could hardly make a dent into it while the two guys ate their whole thing. "When you're done put your dishes away, class starts in thirty minutes," alpha Rowan explains leaving the table along with his mate and fellow alpha Aiden. "Y
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Seth POV. The morning classes were too much to take, beta Emmett kept on going about bonding with the pack and how this bond could save us while it felt like a break of privacy for me, having everyone inside my head felt wrong for some reason. When the class finally ended I was ready for a nap, but I couldn't take one, instead, we sat outside in the living room all three of us talking until lunchtime. "It's so cool, it's like I can feel my wolf," Kyler says all too excited. "Don't call him though the alpha would kill you!" River says. "Have you seen alpha Rowan in action when he ordered my wolf to come out, I just ran forward and felt like I belong," Kyler says. "No alpha Aiden is the one who made me shift, he didn't really have to talk his presence made my wolf jump forward it was like one second I was human the next I became a wolf standing on all four," River answers didn't happen to me, I just remember the pain and then blacking out. "I never felt as free as I did when I we
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Seth POV. "You did well guys, go shower," Moira finally let us out from her torture session, my whole body was aching with pain, I could hardly move an inch from my place on the ground. "Seth," Moira says dropping her captain voice and coming toward me. "Hey little guy, how you doing?" She asks as if she doesn't know, she just did this to me, she had me working so hard, and everything in me hurt. "I'm fine captain," I say with hurt filling my voice, all I wanted was to hug her, but instead she pushed me away. "Training is over Seth, I'm Moira again," she says but that doesn't mean I forgive her. "Right," I say rolling my eyes at her, I always get snappy when hungry or tired and right now I'm both. "Come on, I'll help you in, you should take a hot shower, the first days are always the worse," she says and I just shrug, it's not the training it's more of her treatment toward me."Ouchie," I say standing on my two wobbly feet now, as she helped me toward the house taking my shoes
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Seth POV. I woke up with the urgent need to pee, I ran toward the bathroom only to find it occupied, I knocked on the door trying to tell whoever is there to hurry the hell up. "It's busy," Kyler answers me making me groan. "Hurry up," I called back starting to jump up and down, really needing to go now."Go away," Kyler answers me, I did my best dancing around the place, trying to hold it, while kyler took his sweet time. "You're trying to summon the rain?" River asks behind me with a chuckle. "Need to go, need to go," I answer him still jumping up and down. "Kyler hurry up the pup won't make it and we don't want to be left with the cleaning duties," River says out loud and finally Kyler left the bathroom. I ran in ignoring the bad smell and did my business, finally, when I was done I washed my face and brushed my teeth leaving the bathroom to River now."Damn it stinks here," River says as I went back to my room to get ready but then decided to stay in my hoodie and sweats, t
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Seth POV. One thing I'll never get used to is training and running, I thought Moira was bad, her friends were worse, they all called me Moira's boy, although I tried to explain how we are siblings no one cared really. Moira is the strongest one in our house hold, no wonder everyone of us is referred to as Moira's blank. "Let's go, let's go..." Our current trainer yelled, how long have we been here? I lost count of the days but I know our routine now, wake up, run to the bathroom before the other two, get breakfast, classes with either the alphas or beta, and then get out for training, get the floor moped with my dignity or what's left of it and then get back in, for dinner and some free time before food. I'm getting better at everything, I think, but my whole progress is nothing compared to Kyler and River, they are now double in size, muscles were showing on their once weak and tiny bodies, they could do moves that I can't even dream of achieving. I was behind, far way behind in
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Seth POV. I woke up earlier than ever, I did need the bathroom but not pee, instead, I ran to the bathroom and vomited my whole dinner, I knew the icky chicken won't agree with my stomach. "Hey, you're okay?" I heard one of the alpha say behind me, I didn't know which one of them was here feeling too sick to lift my head as another wave of nausea hit. "Hey, hey, you're okay," a soft voice says and I was met with green eyes and dirty blonde hair, alpha Rowan was the nicer of the two, a thing I have noticed during my stay here, he was giant compared to me, or maybe it's me who hasn't grown up yet. "I need to brush my teeth," I whine the taste in my mouth was terrible he helped me through that as well, staying at my side until we left the bathroom. "Rowan, why are you here?" Alpha Aiden asks walking toward us, wearing only his boxer briefs that didn't hide much, I was quick to look anywhere but at him."He's sick," Rowan answers him in a firm voice. "What's wrong pup?" Alpha Aiden
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Seth POV. I was ordered to stay in my room, not that I wanted to get out or meet with the beta's eyes after what he did, instead, I cried into my pillow, that was the most embarrassing experience I ever had to endure. Halfway through the day, the whole house went empty everyone was out except me, I was to stay at home since I'm sick. Wolves shouldn't get sick, or maybe when we do, we should get better right away, but I was bed bound for now. "Hey baby," Moira says coming into my room, she had a small smile on her face, dressed in her casual clothes her brown curly hair left down instead of being confined into a bun. I had most of my sister's looks and we both had them from our dad, another reason why people think I'm her kid. She came into my room and sat next to me in bed, pulling me toward her for a hug, this was my sister Moira visiting and not the captain. "How are you feeling?" She asks me and I didn't want to lie to her, she'd know, she always does. "My head hurt and I fee
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