Married to My Comatose Husband

Married to My Comatose Husband

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Suzie Bei was a hard-working woman struggling to make ends meet. One day, her so-called father showed up and told her she was a member of the wealthy Thomson family. The Thomson family accepted her with open arms and treated her well- for two months. Before suddenly throwing a bomb at her that she had an arranged marriage to the Albrecht family's eldest son- who was said to be disabled and comatose. Being scammed into this family and this marriage, Suzie had no choice but to care for this comatose husband. She thought she would just take care of this comatose husband until the other party breathed his last, and thus she would be free. But who would have thought that her comatose husband would wake up?

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99 Chapters
Chapter 1: 'I Am Your Father'
It was the precious weekend when Suzie suddenly learned that she had a father. She was just having the best day of her week- her day off- when her door was knocked. Not expecting any delivery or guest, Suzie cautiously peeked into the peephole. As someone who lived alone for a decade, and a single woman at that, she needs precautions. Suzie saw a middle-aged man with two men in black behind him. They were all wearing suits. Just by the look of them, Suzie was immediately suspicious. "Ms. Suzie Bei?" One of the young men behind the middle-aged man came forward and knocked on the door again. Suzie stepped back and stared wide-eyed at the door. What were these men wanted from her? Her initial thought was that the creditors found her. But she was paying monthly diligently that she could not even afford to spend her day off on a trip. The debts that her grandma left behind made her broke to the point that even though she was working for twelve hours a day since her graduation from
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Chapter 2: The Thomson Family
The middle-aged man then told her about the story of her birth. It goes on like this. Her mother worked as one of the housekeepers of the Thomson family and was assigned to work in the building where her supposed father was staying. Since her mother was from the countryside and was too passionate to climb in the social ladder, she seduced the Young Master -her father- and got pregnant for one night. However, before her mother had a chance to tell the world that she was carrying the child of the Young Master of the Thomson family, she had learned that the Young Master had been engaged and was about to marry his fiancée. What made her mother more frightened was the stories that she had heard that the fiancée's family was quite ruthless. If they learned that she was carrying a bastard child, something might happen to her and she might lose her life. So to give birth peacefully, Suzie's mother left the Thomson family and went to her hometown to give birth to her. But Suzie's mother
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Chapter 3: A Bit Wrong
***The Thomson family was indeed a wealthy family.Their mansion was so big and they have dozens of maids and helpers. Suzie could not even imagine how much the bills this big house paid every month.Suzie met the current Mrs. Thomson and her step-sister.Suzie thought that since she was a child born outside of marriage these people would not like her. However...They were unexpectedly welcoming. Mrs. Venice Thomson was a sophisticated woman who always had a gentle smile on her face. She did not look like she was in her forties. But rather in her early thirties. Venice took Suzie's hand while the corner of her eyes was turning red, "Oh poor child. I have heard from my husband about the things you went through. You have not even met your mother and your only guardian passed away too early." A tear even came out. "Don't worry my child, you now belonged to the Thomson family. I would be your mother and you would be my daughter."Her step-sister also did not lose to her mother's drama
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Chapter 4: The Deal between two families
The day of the welcoming party finally arrived.The Thomson family gave importance to this banquet thus all arrangements were flawless and extravagant. They made sure that the guests would be comfortable and satisfied. The invited guests were people from high society so it was important for the Thomson family to show off their wealth. The hired musicians played a classic song in the background as guests arrived one after another.Mr. and Mrs. Thomson were wearing cream-colored matching outfits. The couple looked refined and romantic. Bianca also wore a cream-colored gown showing off her slender back. The three members of the Thomson family were greeting guests with a smile on their faces.They looked harmonious and happy."Is the Albrecht family going to attend today?" Venice asked her husband. George checked his phone. "My assistant did not receive a reply. But they accepted the invitation. Since this concern both families, I am sure they will come too." Then he asked, "Is Suzie a
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Chapter 5: She was still an outsider
When Suzie arrived, the banquet had officially started. The people had their backs on her, so they could not see her coming. Suzie hasn't been informed anything about the party except the starting time. The Thomson family only told her to be herself and depend on them. Suzie was not a person to depend on others. One thing she learned in the streets was to be more informed than others. So even though the people who were working in the Thomson mansion doesn't want to tell her anything, Suzie searched about formal parties of aristocratic families on the internet. She only learned the theory and some basic etiquette. And one of them was the celebrant was supposed to seat at the front, or where the spotlight was. Suzie did not know about the details of this party or the seating arrangement. So she looked for George and Venice. She found the three at the front. When she saw the three of them wearing matching outfits, she halted. Although she was not knowledgeable in this area, she unde
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Chapter 6: A Huge Hint
As the party continued, Suzie was quiet.She thought about this Thomson family who appeared out of nowhere and told her she was the eldest daughter. They accepted her warmly and acted cordially toward her.But today, with the obvious hints she noticed, she understood the Thomson family doesn't truly accept her as one of their own.Why do they have to keep this eldest daughter that they clearly don't want?Were they forced to do it? What for?Because of bloodline?Or was there something else?Suzie suddenly remembered what those people said earlier.The Albrecht family.When the dinner was done, George lead Suzie to another table beside them."Suzie come here. I wanted you to meet our valuable guest for today. This is the Albrecht family."Suzie's ears perked up.'The Albrecht family'.This was the second time she heard the name of this family.Suzie looked up and saw a dignified couple."This is Colton Albrecht and his wife, Reyna. The Albrecht family had been close with us since my g
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Chapter 7: Arrangement
The man noticed their presence at the table and greeted them. "Mrs. Thomson and Bianca." Except for Suzie."Are you enjoying the party?" Bianca shyly asked.The man has a charismatic appearance. Among the guests that Suzie had seen today, this man's look was the best. No wonder Bianca was so smitten with him.Kingsley nodded, "Yes. The one who planned this party is very considerate. I like the food and entertainment. I also saw a lot of my friends here.""I am glad you like it. My daughter Bianca helped me with the preparation of the banquet. She especially asked the kitchen to prepare the food in your preference." Venice chimed in."You did? No wonder all the food suits my taste. Thank you, Bianca. I appreciate it." Kingsley smiled at Bianca. Although his words were that of a gentleman, his eyes were all flirty. Bianca turned red, "I am so thankful that you like it. It pays my hard work."Venice smiled at the two's interaction while Reyna remained silent and observed the couple.On
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Chapter 8: The Culprit and Accomplice
The party lasted for two hours.During these two hours, Suzie smiled without changing her face at the guests until her jaw hurt.Although she could vaguely guess that the Thomson family did not like her, especially Venice and Bianca, she still do her job well to not tarnish the Thomson family. After all, she was a professional.When she and the Thomson family sent the guest out, the family of three began to use the family card. They were gentle and warm as if the previous incident were an illusion.Suzie stared at Venice who was playing the role of a kind and open-hearted stepmother. The conversation earlier had proven that Venice doesn't like her, but now she was acting as if she was some precious daughter.She felt funny inside. It looked like she came from a family full of actors.When all the guests left, Suzie brought the staff to the family of three and told them about her 'interesting' experience."I don't know who was so childish to play such games. But I am telling you, I won
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Chapter 9: Leaving the Thomson Family
With Suzie's urging, she received the severance pay and managed to get the old maid kicked out. As expected, the head maid was shocked. She even begged Venice and George for the sake of the long years she had served. However, since Venice promised to handle the matter cleanly, she could not give any other way out. The head maid had no other choice but to leave the Thomson mansion without a single penny. The sudden outcome caused the maids and staff to be scared and think twice about their actions. The head maid had been working for the Thomson family for decades. Yet, she was mercilessly used as a scapegoat and was dragged out of the house. A lot of them began to doubt whether actively participating in the schemes would be good for them or be their downfall. It had been almost two months since Suzie arrived at the Thomson mansion. The maids and staff who were cold to her suddenly became milder. They must have been afraid of what happened to the head maid. They now greeted Suze whe
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Chapter 10: Tearing off the mask
It was a good thing that she wasn't too attached to these people and this place so she could leave without a heavy heart. Even that father of hers was not something she regretted leaving behind. The head maid suddenly came running. "Eldest Miss! Please wait. We can't just let you leave like this." The head maid took a breather before continuing. "How about you have dinner first? The cook in the kitchen was already preparing your food." Suzie glanced outside, the sun was still up. "It is too early for dinner. Besides, I just have eaten lunch a few hours ago." "T-then! How about some snacks and desserts?" Suzie looked at the desperate head maid and the maids that were blocking her way. Why does she feel like they were desperately preventing her from leaving? "No need." Suzie began walking. But the head maid blocked her way. "Eldest Miss! Can you at least please wait for the Master to come? In that way, you can bid goodbye to each other personally." "I have nothing to say to Ge
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