Arranged To The Ruthless Billionaire

Arranged To The Ruthless Billionaire

By:  Seraphic  Completed
Language: English
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As an illegitimate daughter, sharon has never been worthy in the eyes of her parents, she has always felt trapped, controlled and unloved by her father. When her family is faced with a crises, her father's company was at the edge of going bankrupt, he got Sharon engaged to the famous son of the Gu family(John Gu) who is rumored to be disfigured and also diagnosed with an hidden illness. He wasn't just known for his disfigurement, he is also ruthless and horrible, another name for fear.

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109 Chapters
Sharon sat in a corner of the dark room on the cold tilted floor, hugging her legs to her chest, tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't wipe them away, she was in agony, she was pained and her heart ache.Her heart thump loudly in her chest, she was scared to death, getting engage to a disfigured man is something she had never envisioned in her mind.As an illegitimate child, her opinions were always consider useless, no one ever listens to her, no one cares about how she feels, she is always treated differently.Earlier today Sharon is seated in the living room, making use of her phone, and also watching her sister Jessi as she play a video game.While they were both engrossed in what they were doing, in the blink of an eye, her father stride into the living room with a sad expression written all over his face, his face hard as a rock.It was unlike him to come home unhappy, her father always comes back home filled with harmony, but today seems different.The sound of his footste
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John hands gradually continue to coarse her soft skin, from the crook of her neck, gently and slowly down to her boobs, to her upper region, and downwards between her privates.Immediately she felt his hands between her thighs, she resisted and pulled back from him, making him halt his hands.His hands stopped roaming, just their sound of breath could be heard in the dark room."If this marriage is going to work, I have to check and make sure you're clean." His deep manly voice echoed repeatedly in the room, sending a shiver down her spine.She cringed and clench the sheet hard for support, her heart thumping loudly, this was the worst day of her life, She thought as she tried to fought back her fear.She knew this was her fate, everything was real, she isn't dreaming. She decided to accept her fate, and play along. There's nothing she can do about it, talking to her parents won't change her fate. She clenches her fist, gulped down her fear and gave up resistance.She can do this, she
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While Sharon was surrounded by the group of reporters, bombarding different question at her, John was across the road seated in his car watching the whole scene unfold.He was raged seeing how they surrounded her, asking questions about him just to get a content to sell him out to the internet.What surprise him most, was how they found out he was getting engaged to her, he never made mention of such, but who would have told them to come to his house.He gritted his teeth, clench his fist, and turn to his PA, whose attention was on the road, watching the scene.He was about to send his assistant to go rescue Sharon, and lure the reporters away, but then Sharon defend him.When he heard her defend him in the presence of the reporters, he was a little surprised, he never expected it, especially not from her.He slowly diverted his attention back to the scene, and to his surprise, for the first time he got disfigured, a woman was defending him, Sharon was defending him in front of the rep
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After witnessing the whole scene, and Sharon leaving in a Roy Royce with an old man, John thought she left with her father.He turned to his assistant, "Take me to the family house, I need to speak with father." His authoritative tone ordered.And without another a word from Vincent to question his boss, he put on the car engine and hit the road. His aura doesn't look friendly, and to avoid getting on his bad side, you have to do as instructed.John sat quietly in the car, with a murderous look in his eyes, thinking of an easy technique to catch the villain.After some minutes drive, they arrived at the GU family house. The GU family house is one of the biggest and tallest building in the entire city, it's building is different from others, always surrounded with thousands of bodyguards.The touch of complete white painted on the building complimented it, and made it more radiant and beautiful.Vincent quickly steps down from the car and opened the door for John to step down.Vincent b
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Sharon trembled in fear when she heard he was back to the villa, she was scared to death to see his disfigured features. She had tried to avoid seeing his face earlier, that was why she didn't switch on the light in the room she was taken to, and now it seems she can't escape it which made her more frightened, and her heart thump faster. John march into the living room and witness Sharon falling to the ground. He hurried towards her to help her up on her feet. "Are you okay?" His manly voice asked and he quickly step forward to help her up on her feet. In the process of wanting to help her, Sharon saw half of his face was severely burnt with fire, and the sight of him is frightened, his burnt face was irritating. She got more scared and fell back to the ground, shivering in fear, her gaze on her toes, avoiding eye contact with him. John withdraws from helping her up after he noticed she was scared of his half burnt face. He thought she wasn't scared of him after defending him in
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Ann took Sharon back into the villa with a severe cold and fever. After spending the whole night outside the house with no roof or duvet to comfort her, she got infected with a cold and fever.With slow steady stride, Ann helped Sharon to the guest room and gently place her on the bed to rest her head, and body."I will quickly go get you some drugs that will ease your pains." Ann said and Sharon just nod her head slightly while shivering.Ann hurried out of the guestroom, she went to her room and picked out some drugs from her bag.She dashed out and head to the kitchen, get a glass of water, and rush back to the guestroom.She pushed further into the room and place the drugs and water down. "Let's help you sit up, so you can take your drugs." Ann said, and helped her up.She peeled the drugs out and pass it to her. Sharon gulped down everything and handed Ann the glass of water, before laying back on the bed."Rest for a while, I will quickly get the house chores done and head back."
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"Gu san." Sharon said again with a little chuckle, her gaze buried on her palms.John got amazed on how boldly she called his name, and yet she still look shy. He lean close to her and pulled her into his chest, stroking her hair gently with his right hands, while his other hand wrapped around her tiny self, bringing her close him."You should call me your husband from now onwards." He tease, waiting to hear her respond.Sharon forced herself to look up to his burnt face, their gaze locked together with their breath few inches away, still wrapped in his embrace.Even though she would want to call him husband just like he has requested, she couldn't because she's not yet to the age, she's yet to be in the position to do that, she's just seventeen and can't refer him as her husband."When i turn 18 years old and can get married and register, i will call you husband, I'm not close to the age." Sharon mumbled, hoping not to offend him, unbeknownst to her, he was only trying to tease her, n
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The next day, Sharon woke up, and slowly adjusted her gaze to the light in the room. She spun to her right, and back to her left, but she did not find John in the room, so she assumed he didn't spend the night in his room.Last night, Ann directed her to his room to pass the night there. Sharon thought she had to sleep with john the whole night. But to her suprise, she spent the whole night alone in his room. John never showed up until she drifted off to sleep.Sharon heaved a sigh, slowly step down from the bed, and made her way into the washroom. Ann had helped her out yesterday, she knows her way round the house, to his washroom and wordrobe, where her clothes and bags was kept.John bought her outfits from one of the biggest mall in the city and he made sure she had enough of everything she needed.She stride into the washroom, pack her hair into a messy bun, strip off her clothes, before putting on the shower.She relaxed and allowed the warm water to cascade down her body, enjoyi
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Jessie is skeptical about marrying David, due to the rank in status. The last thing she wants to happen, is seing Sharon superior to her.Jessie like leaving an extravagant life full of nothing but lies, and pretence. The only reason she's interested in marrying David is because of power, and status.She has always wanted to live a celebrity lifestyle, and marrying into the Gu family will be an opportunity for her to appear on the media.The Gu family isn't Just known for their power, they're one of the most and top influential family here in morroco, and Jessie thought with that she can make herself known to the word by becoming the president's wife, but only if David will be the president.David's Father is the first son of the Gu family, if his father is taking over the presidency, David is going to be the heir after his father.Her mother has been ranting just to convince her to marry him, but her words and effort were all useful, knowing Sharon is engage to John, and when he becom
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Sharon stood by the road side waiting to hail a cab. She felt depressed and lonely. After hidden it from her for the past seventeen year's and today she had to find out like this.It was hard to believe she has been an illegitimate daughter for the past seventeen years, she has lived with them, not knowing the truth. But how they had maltreated her was enough reason for her to believe, she is an illegitimate daughter.The love they showed her, can't be compared to that of Jessie. Jessie is an angel to them, their favourite. She has always been treated with so much love and attention. But for Sharon the story has been different, she doesn't even have the right to feel bad, she can't even blame anyone for what has been happening to her.'I always did as instructed, i even sacrifice my happiness for them to be happy, but that wasn't enough. What else could i have done to be loved?' Sharon thought inwardly.She forced herself to pushed the thought aside. She hailed a cab to a dessert shop
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