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Elizabeth had a chance encounter with her life mate. Finally, he had succeeded in totally moving her skirt out of the way so it was bundled at her waist. She felt his hands slipping under her underwear and pushing it away. The damp silk slipped down her legs to pool gracelessly at her feet. Mr. Tall and Dark used the opportunity to grab her ass in earnest. He groaned low in his throat as he caressed handfuls of her derriere. She continued to push futilely on his chest. The wolves trusted fate and believed their fate was sealed by their goddess. Considering how they found their mates, that made sense. They believed any human dropped into their lap was destined to be mated to a wolf. In their opinion, why else would Luna have sent them that human? Abused and Taken, will there be any hope left for Her? After many escapades, a mysterious event occurred. BOUND TO MY MATE is a 35 part steamy werewolf erotica series. Enjoy the ride....

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61 Chapters
Chapter 1
I like being a doctor, but it's taken a lot of time. Time other women might have used to date, get married and have babies. I sometimes think I should have used my time like that, too. Instead of long nights studying there would have been long nights with a lot better memories. I'd like to have wasted just one night studying, have just one crazy memory. I didn't succumb and now at 28 it seems like every relationship is about whether or not you are marriage material.Not that I had a lot of relationships period. My family was small and distant. Working so hard to become a physician hadn't left much time for anything else. I'd moved around a lot for school, residency, and now to a new town for this job. I had a few friends, but they were hardly what I'd call close. Desperate was the word I'd use to describe how I felt about meeting someone.When the perky drug rep, Katie, started in about how cute and smart her friend was, I listened to her. Blonde, tall, runs his own business, the imag
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Chapter 2
I quickly fell to daydreaming about Mr. Tall and Dark. I imagined those strong arms wrapped around me, that powerful mouth over mine. I imagined wrapping my arms around his strong neck and pulling him close. I wondered if his male anatomy was would be just as satisfying as the rest of him was to look at.Our little staring contest seemed to take on a life of its own. I only took breaks to make some sort of contact with my dinner date.The man's dinner companions never seemed to notice his lack of attention to them. They talked and laughed amongst themselves. Mr. Tall and Dark just continued to stare right at me. Occasionally I noticed he said something to the group. All other conversation at the table stopped abruptly when his lips were moving. Definitely a man in a position of authority I decided."..did you live, Elizabeth?" came the question from my dinner partner. Having been staring back at Mr. Tall and Dark I missed the first half of the question. Jeff's baby blues were turned r
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Chapter 3
I pulled my skirt down and tried to wiggle past him to the door. He stopped me with one strong arm. Pinning me with his hip to the wall I realized just what huge meant. I could feel the outline of him burning into my stomach. My eyes went wide when I realized what he must think I 'owed' him. I sucked in a horrified gasp and searched his face.He was smiling down at me, no malice on his face at all. "You are perfect," he murmured before placing a chaste kiss over my forehead.I don't know how I got though the rest of dinner with Jeff. I came back to the table with a death grip on my sweater covering the wet mark over my right breast. I never did get to clean up that damp feeling which was now 100 times worse.I had been to freaked to stop and pick up my panties, so I felt like I was soaking the back of my skirt. To make matters worse, I couldn't understand Mr. Tall and Dark's chuckling as he let me out of our stall or his cryptic, "I'll see you later, Elizabeth."'How did he know my na
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Chapter 4
I awoke the next morning feeling like a fool and a slut. I was glad to get to work and try to get back to normal. It didn't make sense but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop thinking of Mr. Tall and Dark. He was a phase; I tried to convince myself, a simple mistake. During working hours that excuse made sense, but nighttime was an entirely different affair.I found myself craving his touch and his smell once I was home alone. I never washed my outfit from that night and was pleasantly surprised his scent seemed to linger on the fabric. Every night was a repeat of the one before smell my clothes from 'the night', masturbate like there was no tomorrow, take 2 sleeping pills, and then pass out.More than once I had dressed myself with a plan to go back to Luna Ferus and see if Mr. Tall and Dark showed up again. I was just too chicken to do it. Nothing seemed to kill the lingering frustration, I felt like a rat on a wheel.My dissatisfaction hit a high by Thursday and I started wi
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Chapter 5
"I just noticed you didn't have anything to eat that wasn't single serve, frozen or prepackaged. Living in a large family I never had to eat like that. Nothing fresh either, we always have fresh things to eat."I was dumbstruck, how did this man know anything about what I had to eat. I narrowed my eyes as I crossed my arms across my chest."How would you know?""I stocked your kitchen last night for my Al-, for Mr. Latro, he was concerned you didn't have any food to eat. He was also worried about your safety, you don't drive very well.""Who's Mr. Latro?" was all my brain could come up withSaul raised an eyebrow at me and sighed, "You met him several nights ago at Luna Ferus, from what I heard he would be hard to forget. You all had a short but interesting meeting at the restaurant.""You mean the man from the ... bathroom?" I asked quietly."Yes, the man from the bathroom," he answered."Why are you here?" I asked as I sunk down into one of the chairs along the wall"I'm very non-th
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Chapter 6
I felt him responding too, a thick bulge growing ever so quickly against the outside of my hip. I wanted to reach down and stroke him. It took every ounce of decency I still had not to. I focused instead on the parts of him I felt comfortable touching. I rubbed my hands over his chest and shoulders brushing over his rock hard nipples earning me a deep growl from his chest.His mouth tasted wonderful, the scent of red wine wasn't there but he tasted heady and extremely male. I moved my tongue inside his decadent mouth as my fingers ran along his jaw line. I felt his tongue pushing against mine in a wordless play to dominate the kiss. I retreated and let him explore me freely. When he withdrew from my mouth I nipped at his lower lip with my teeth, drawing out a faint groan.His hand on my thigh had started to stroke the inseam of my pants. I wiggled against him, absorbing as much of his touch as I could. He broke the kiss to whisper against my mouth, "I prefer skirts, next time wear one
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Chapter 7
The driver from earlier was suddenly standing at our table and I started a little."The car is ready, sir, as you requested, please pardon the interruption." He then stood back looking expectantly at his boss.I jumped out of the booth, "Oh no, am I late?" I fumbled through my pockets looking for my cell phone and cursed my inability to remember to wear a watch.Joel seemed to find my sudden movements humorous and slid out beside me. "Not late, love. I wouldn't let you do that."I rolled my eyes at the patronizing tone he seemed to slide into so quickly. He was definitely used to being in charge.As we walked toward the exit I pondered this recent and strange meeting. I felt more comfortable with Joel Latro than I had any reason to. By my count he had assaulted me in a bathroom, had me followed, broken into my house, and stalked me at work. Despite my gut instinct of really liking the guy, I felt a little nervous about what was happening to me.As we rode back to the clinic he sat hol
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Chapter 8
The drug rep dinner was boring as usual. The same speech I've heard a dozen times on a dozen different drugs.I drifted off into thinking about Joel midway though the meal. I was lost thinking about running my hands through his silky smooth hair. I imagined how his naked chest would feel under my fingers. I wished just once I'd taken hold of that impressive tool below his belt. I blushed at the image I conjured in my mind of Joel, even clothed the man was an Adonis, naked would be even better.Clapping shifted me quickly back to reality. Now that is a great way to lose 30 minutes I thought to myself. Before I could make a hasty exit I was stopped by the drug representative in charge of the whole thing. Katie was dying to know what I thought of her friend Jeff. Pulling on every creative bone in my body I described a lovely romantic date I had to bail on unexpectedly."Well, you certainly have been popular," she gushed, "Jeff had so much fun on your date, he keeps asking about you. I've
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Chapter 9
He pulled a quilt from a small chest in the room and placed it over my naked body. One final glance my way and he was out the door closing it behind him.Voices filled the cabin for several minutes, and then I heard an engine start up and it sounded like the van was driving away. I listened; barely breathing waiting for what I was sure was coming. The dull thud of boots on the floor came back to the door and stopped. As the door swung open, the giant reappeared in the entrance moving to sit heavily on the bed.Using a rusty blade he cut the filthy gag at my cheek and pulled it away from me. He came to stand behind me. He reached under the blanket and toyed with my bound wrists for several minutes. His breathing was coarse and etched up several notches while he was behind me. With a metallic chink the handcuffs were separated into two pieces and he grunted appreciatively. The bindings at my feet received the same attention.Pulling the blanket tight around me I stared at the giant wond
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Chapter 10
The giant stared at me for a minute before answering. "Lucas, I was called Lucas," he finally replied.I washed quickly while he waited. I considered my circumstance and tried to think of a way out. Lucas didn't seem dangerous, not like the ones that kidnapped me. His comment confirmed what I had hoped was just a bad dream, werewolves had brought me here. If this was all true then Joel was probably a werewolf, too. I had to ask."Lucas, do you know Joel Latro?"It was the wrong thing to say, Lucas screamed as if bitten by something then backed away from the enclosure."Latro killed my Linda, KILLED MY LINDA!" he hollered.His face started to lengthen as did his hands, the dirty outfit he was in split away at the sides and I was suddenly 1 piece of plywood away from the largest scariest creature I had ever seen.The wolf man had to be eight feet tall, he towered over me. He stared at me with large golden eyes, his long ears twitching and flicking. Suddenly he changed again, shifting in
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