Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan

By:  Kellie Brown  Completed
Language: English
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When I woke up with a hangover, I found a handsome and naked stranger sleeping beside me. --- I’m Tanya, a surrogate’s daughter, an omega with no wolf and no scent. On my 18th birthday, when I planned to give my virginity to my boyfriend, I found him sleeping with my sister. I went to the bar to get drunk, and accidentally had a one-night stand with the handsome stranger. I thought he was just an ordinary werewolf, but they said he was Marco, the alpha prince and the most powerful Lycan in our kingdom. ‘You slut, you’re pregnant! Fortunately, Rick is kind enough to let you be his mistress and save you from shame.’ my stepmother said, tossing a pregnancy strip on the table. Rick was an old pervert. No she-wolf could keep up with his sexual demand. No she-wolf could survive with him more than 1 year. When I was in despair, Marco came to my rescue. He got down on one knee, took out a ring and said he would marry me. --- I thought Marco married me because he loved me, but later I found that was not the truth…

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Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan is a suspenseful novel about Tanya, an omega with no scent. She wanted her first time to be with her boyfriend. But the cheater ended up in the arms of her sister. Drunk and desperate to forget her sorrows, Tanya engages in a one-night stand with an attractive stranger named Marco, a Lycan prince. Tanya gets pregnant, and an old pervert wants her as a mistress. However, Marco comes to her rescue and proposes. She thought Marco was her salvation, a chance at love. Can his intention meet her expectation? Or is Tanya doomed for another disappointment?  

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100 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Betrayal From My Boyfriend
Tanya’s POVWell, I never thought I’d end up like this.Awake, naked, on a soft woollen bed that isn’t mine, and wrapped in the arms of a terribly handsome stranger that I absolutely do not recognize. As if that isn’t bad enough, I have no memory of what happened the previous night.I shut my eyes for a few seconds, hoping, praying, that I’m dreaming. But I open them again, only to be faced with a pair of icy blue eyes, and I scream.I have no idea who the man is or how I got to the room. All I know is that the previous day was my eighteenth birthday. And just like everything else in my life, it was a total nightmare.____________________One day earlier“Fuck me, Brandon! Yeah, baby, that’s it!”I was standing in the doorway of my boyfriend’s room. We’d been dating for years, and yet… I was not the woman in the bed that he was pounding senselessly. The horror encompassing me at this moment contrasted starkly with how I felt this morning.I woke with an elated buzz in my system. Even
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#Chapter 2 Lycan Prince Marco
I was trying to switch on the light when I suddenly froze. I was not alone in the room and a low, wolfish growl confirmed it. “Mate,” he murmured.____________________Tanya’s POVDespite my sorrow, I allowed Alina to dress me as she pleased. I gazed at myself in the mirror, unable to believe my eyes. I looked like a beautiful princess. The emerald gown Alina gave me seductively hugged my curves and accentuated my beauty. I knew I was beautiful but I never imagined I was that beautiful.“…and for one final touch,” she announced. “A perfume.”“I’ve got one,” I exclaimed and fished out the perfume I created recently from my bag. This perfume was inspired by a scent that always hovered in my mind. Malik, my boss at the perfume shop, must have sensed how much the perfume meant to me that he gave it to me as my birthday gift.“It smells really nice,” Alina said as she sprayed it all over me and gave it back. “Come on, we’re going to have so much fun,” she said and dragged me into the stree
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#Chapter 3 One Night Stand
Tanya’s POV“Who are you?” the menacing voice growled.“I…” I stuttered as I tried to say something, anything; but my mind was blank. It took all my willpower to stay awake and I lacked the energy to form any coherent sentence. The room was dark and all I could see was a dark figure in the shape of a man. The only source of light in the room was the dim rays of moonlight that spilled into the room from the open windows, but it wasn’t enough to fully illuminate the room.“Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” the voice said.I wanted to say this was my room; that he was the intruder; that he had no right to interrogate me, but all I did was stagger and stumble into his arms. I was shocked when I saw a pair of icy blue eyes and realized that it was the same man I saw in the crowd. His face lacked any emotions as he stared at me, patiently waiting for me to respond. He was naked, save for a small towel wrapped around his waist. The sight of his naked body completely disoriented
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#Chapter 4 The Girl With My Boyfriend Is My Sister
At Present_________________Tanya’s POVThe man is unruffled as I scream my lungs out. He just gazes at me with those wicked, cold eyes that send chills down my spine, making me scream louder. Although it is only for a few seconds, it feels like I am screaming forever; yet the man doesn’t blink. He just keeps staring at me with those icy, cold eyes.“Who are you?” I ask, confused and startled that I am naked, in bed, with a man that I clearly don’t know. I subconsciously touch my neck. Luckily, at least he didn’t mark me.“I think I should be the one asking you who you are?” his voice is cold.He drags his icy blue eyes all over me and when his gaze rests on my face, I shiver slightly as the room seems to get colder. His gaze is filled with raw, cold power that envelops me like an invisible cold fog.“No, I should be,” I whine nervously. “You’re in my room. You’re naked and sleeping on my bed.” I wring my hands together, trying to hide the anxiety that threatens to overwhelm me.I tr
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#Chapter 5 I’m Pregnant
Tanya’s POVThe slammed door shakes terribly, making a loud sound that attracts everyone’s attention; hence everyone turns to face Marco as he exits room 401. Shocked, I realize that I have underestimated how tall and huge he is. He is at least a head taller than everyone in the hallway and his cold, icy eyes sweep through the crowd in one swift glance.“What’s the problem?” he says, leaning against the doorway to his room with a cup of whiskey in his hands. “You all won’t let us sleep.”“It’s this bitch,” Alina yells. “She cheated on her boyfriend.”“Is that so?” he glances at me as though he has never seen me before in his entire life. “And what makes you think so?” he calmly asks, his eyes still lock on my face.“What?” Alina asks, confused by the question.“You march in here,” he turns to face her, standing erect and dominating everyone with his incredible physique. “Yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs that this pretty girl just cheated on her boyfriend as though you ca
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#Chapter 6 Sold To The Perverted Rich Man
Alina’s POVNo matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t seem to make sense. The aphrodisiac I gave Tanya is the most potent one in the entire kingdom. It has taken me a considerable amount of money, energy and effort before I could lay my hands on it. The drug is so potent that even the most powerful werewolf will not be able to resist it.I close my eyes and try to remember every detail of that particular morning. I remember that Tanya looked disheveled. Her hair was rough as though she had been in bed all night, yet she hadn’t stepped into her room. I think I saw hickeys on her neck but I am not sure.“I wonder who that stupid idiot is,” I hiss. “If that stupid giant hadn’t appeared, my plan would have worked.”Though my plan to make Tanya’s break-up public and disgraceful has failed, that doesn’t mean I have given up. In fact, it is the exact opposite. I am more determined than ever. Angrily, I decide to go to Brandon’s place to come up with a solid plan. On my way out, I am to
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#Chapter 7 I Will Be Her Husband
Tanya’s POVThe sharp knock on the door rings again, accompanied by a greasy voice, “It’s Rick.”My heart sinks with that sound. My first reaction is to run away, but this is my home, and where can I escape? I huddle in the corner of the living room as if that would make Rick unable to see me.“Welcome Mr. Rick,” Alina greets the fat pervert with a very bright smile. “We’ve been expecting you.”“Well,” he cackles. “I’m here and I hope I’m not too late.”“No, Rick,” Richard says, his voice reeking of indifference as though he is bored and would rather be somewhere. “Come, let’s get this over with.”“Oh, there’s my bride,” Rick laughs. I know I shouldn’t cry, I shouldn’t show my cowardice in front of Rick, but when I muster up my courage to glare at Rick, my tears still fall from my eyes indefensibly. Rick seems to enjoy my tears very much.His face gleans with lust and he repeatedly smacks his lips as he looks me over.“Well, let’s get to business,” Maya announces.“Father!” I sob and
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#Chapter 8 Back To The Capital
Marco’s POV“Is that everything?” I ask her as she dumps a light briefcase at my feet.“Yes,” she gasps. “I’ve only got a few things.”“Good,” I reply and shove the briefcase into the trunk, “Get in the car. We have quite a ride ahead of us.”“I’ve never been to the capital,” Tanya says. “What’s it like?”“You’ll see,” I reply.The drive goes on in absolute silence. Though I can sense that she wants to make small talk, she seems unsure of how to begin. Her shyness amuses me. I’m just about to break the silence when I receive a mind link from Oliver.“What do you want, Oliver?” I sigh.Oliver is my best friend. We’ve connected numerous times through mind link that it is so easy for either of us to establish a mind link between us regardless of distance.“Hey buddy,” Oliver laughs. “You missed the party.”“Oliver,” I reply. “I thought we already agreed to call first before we establish a mind link.”“I know,” he laughs. “But what’s the fun in that? Besides, I couldn’t find my phone. I w
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#Chapter 9 Charity Auction
Cathy’s POVA small crowd has gathered before the fitting room to see the results of the girl’s stupidity. I am mortified that the clerk has allowed that pauper to wear the most valuable clothes in the whole kingdom. I have tried that dress multiple times and it never seems to fit, no matter how hard I tried. After many trials, I gave it up. I don’t understand what gives that beggar the audacity to think that the dress will fit her when it won’t fit me, the Princess of the entire Wolf Kingdom.The curtain to the fitting room slowly pulls apart and I am ready to burst into deep laughter at the monstrous figure that will appear behind the curtain. The girl slowly steps out of the fitting room and faces everybody. Instead of the mocking laughter that I’ve anticipated from the small crowd, they are all shocked; indeed, so am I.The clothes fit the girl perfectly. She looks like a perfect Luna but even that is an understatement; she looks like a divine goddess. The clothes hug her feminine
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#Chapter 10 He Is The Lycan Prince
Alina’s POVI am livid with anger when the guard finally comes to let us in after what seems like an eternity. I just cannot believe that he has totally ignored Brandon and me because of Tanya. My blood boils with so much anger that I am determined to make Tanya pay for the way she humiliates me. I am also angry at the guard and I barely pay attention when he hands me a device with which guests will bid with and explains to me how it works.The device is small and can fit smugly in one’s palm. It has a red, glowing button on top of it that alerts the Auction Master as to the exact person that is bidding for a particular item.“…the button indicates you’re willing to pay five thousand dollars more to the bidding price,” the guard deftly explains but I wave him away.“Let me carry that for you,” a very young girl dressed in a red gown approaches Brandon and me and collects my small purse. “And lead you to your seat.”She leads us to an empty row and we sit directly behind Tanya. Even fr
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