My Stepbrother - Too hot to handle

My Stepbrother - Too hot to handle

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  "We can....not do... this," my voice trembled as I stared at his pretty eyes. I wondered how one could be so elegantly proportioned and intimidating too. "I do not think so, Dabby. Never really been a stickler for rules," his deep voice resonated irresistibly in my ears, and they sent tremors down my body to churn down my belly.   'Just how could I be this screwed?'              *.   *.    *.    *.   *.     The day my clumsy and boring life became more upside down, was the day the hottest and most intimidating guy in school, Damien became my stepbrother. He was HOT! And HOT-tempered.    My life in school became so messed, because no one could ever find out that we now lived in the same house as siblings. Worst of all, he messed with my life and shattered my peace at every chance he could.   'Who made the rules? Who shouldn't break them?'    Not until my friend Mason showed up at school, and suddenly became a rival and an enemy to my hot step brother in school. Okay, things were about to get really bad for me. And it did. I became a major subject for school scandals.  'A badass that was too irresistible? How could my poor self handle every inch of him? In the same house?'    Maybe there was a little more to Damien Anderson. A world nobody could see.

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53 Chapters
Getting a brother
Dabby:Not that I wanted to be like my mother or anything, but I just desired to be a little similar to her. The cool aura, sexy body, riveting smile, and every charm she possessed. She could make anyone love her, and she always got whatever she wanted, so far she put her mind to it.Joanna Sanders was hot. She was like a magnet. And no one would ever believe that she was my mum, because I was totally different from her. I was Dabby Sanders. The car that was assigned to pick me up on the last day of the first session in grade twelve drove through the gate, and all my nerdy eyes could catch was the beautiful sight of the guy, that would make every girl in school swoon together with his crew. He was really hot, handsome, charming and every good thing one can think of, but he was not just the typical cold and gentle guy. Damien Anderson wasn't the usual mind blowing guy you know that was like the ones you would imagine, but he was one of the most popular in high school and kind o
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Just how worse it gets
Dabby: Someone please hit me hard on the head, and tell me to wake up from this nightmare. "Time for breakfast," I heard the loud voice from my bedroom, and my limbs froze to even move at all. Everything was going to get hard. The fact that the day before was a Sunday, did not give anyone enough time to talk comfortably. The Anderson's house that we were moving into, was huge and beautifully close to the mansions that I have seen in books. Damien really lived the life of luxury. Everything was perfect already. The rooms were perfectly set to taste, and the house was already like we had been living there our whole lives. I kept wondering when mum had been planning the whole thing, that it just looked like we all went for a family vacation and came back to meet a perfect house. Our own house which was also in town was a really long distance from my school, but mum wanted a standard level of education for me so she made sure I attended Ryders high. And that was going to be my nig
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Getting worse by the minute
Dabby: No one seemed to know that something was going wrong, even if I was the only one being too overly conscious about everything. No one even cared or knew anything that was going on.'Of course, how could they know? It was a word never to come out to anyone.' The first class was hard to concentrate on, because Damien's voice kept ringing in my head. That was the first time he had ever talked to me before, and it had to be a threat because of our new unlikely relationship. I just struggled to write down some notes while the teacher spoke, and marked out the important sentences. My head was a mess. I need breath. The fact that I had skipped breakfast for the first time in a while was telling on me, as I struggled to keep up with the second period. It was as though the juice I drank made everything worse, as my stomach retched grumpily of hunger and pain. I usually was not the kind to go for lunch always, to avoid so many imminent dangers that could occur with irritating p
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If only you knew before
Dabby:I didn't actually wait for the last period to end or for the bell to ring, as I picked up my bag and ran out of class immediately. I didn't want to see Damien or the same car that was still returning, back to come to our house later in the evening. Even if Damien were not close enough to be friends or people who could even breathe in the same space, I kind of knew the way he lived his life in school especially. After he was done from school after the beg rang, he went out with either his friends or girlfriend. I had run into them a few times at the mall in the past, mostly in the evenings whenever I followed mum to pick groceries from the store. I was so glad that I would have the entire afternoon to myself alone in the creepily big house, without mum, a new step dad, or a grumpy step brother whom I never wanted. Quickly, I called a cab and took it straight home, because I could not afford getting lost on the third day of getting used to a new environment. Hones
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When you see death
Dabby:I tried texting Mason for about two days, but he had not been checking his messages. Knowing that he would still end up checking them later, I didn't want to pressure him unnecessarily about replying or anything. He was like the only friend I had, and there was no way I would lose that by being too clingy. The setting at home was still the same, and my mornings ended up with being dropped miles away from the bus stop. I guess having a rich step daddy was better than I thought, because he sent money into my bank account, which was more than I had ever received as keep-money. So, regardless of how Damien avoided me like a plague or acted, I didn't feel so bad. The trauma of being poured sauce still stuck to me for days, so I made sure to avoid being in the same space with Madison or going for lunch. We were in the same class and it really sucked, because others also wanted to take advantage of how she acted to mess up with me. Damien and his friends were not in our own class
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New move
Damien: I didn't see Dabby run off to the house today after school, and I was really thankful because I think things were working well as expected. No one would find out about our spiteful relationship. I was still pissed off with my friends about the canceling of plans, and it was probably because Xavier's family was better than mine. Madison came to meet me in her usual annoying way, and I had to spend the after school hours with her. I still didn't tell my friends that I got a new family or anything like that, and I have always been that way because it was the best. No one got to see my weakness, strength or vulnerable side. I never allowed anyone to see. Madison was acting all annoying and dumb that I wanted to wack her across the face, but the coming week was going to be the last one of our relationship, so she would get what she had been looking for. She knew that I really hated clinginess and possessiveness, and yet that was the most of her forte in the relationship. I
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Stepbrother saga
Damien I was pissed when I noticed that I was talking to Dabby, and she got distracted by a message notification from her phone. I knew I had overreacted with how stressed I was from tending to her the previous day, but I was mostly because of the plans of vacation I heard my dad discuss with her mum. If it was in the past that I knew that Dad was traveling, I would have been happy because it was a great avenue to have my freedom to myself. But having to remain in the same house with a clumsy girl for days, where I would want to host a party and enjoy my space stuff is the worst. I could never allow anyone to know or find out that we had become step siblings. Especially from school. Without even allowing me to say any further, she opened the door to the car and alighted like she had been waiting for that. And off she ran like a flash of light without even looking back. I wondered why she was really dumb. I was used to seeing most ladies rebel whenever they didn't like some
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Plans to frustrate her
Dabby: I woke up to the cold feeling of the marbled floor, and then I realized that I was lying on the floor instead of the couch. I shook my head and stood up immediately realizing that I was supposed to be waking up from my room, and not from the living room where anyone could just see me. Remembering that mother and Damien's dad were not no longer in the house, I frowned the moment I checked my phone to see no call from mum. Time was already fast spent. 'Was she that invested in spending more time with her new lover, that she absolutely forgot her daughter?' Nevertheless, I stood up from the couch, grabbed the remaining pieces of Mac and cheese I was eating from yesterday night, and made my way straight to the kitchen to clean it up. My mind traveled back to the previous night when Damien walked past me to the kitchen. I opened the pot to check and I knew that he had eaten from the food. I wondered if he was probably seeing me in a likable light. I felt kind of delighted
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New student
Damien:Almost immediately, the doorbell rang and I pretended to not know who was there, as I opened the door nonchalantly and looked at them in the usual way. They were carrying a lot of things with them for the party. "Why were you running? We called you but you seemed to be in a rush," Xavier said with a doubtful look on his face, as they all made their way in one after the other. Madison gave me a tight hug immediately and tried to kiss me on the lips, but I evaded it instantly by just patting her hair. "Had something really important to check," I lied, and I almost snarled at myself. I didn't want to also be a snob to my friends like the figure I represented to others, but I definitely could not look like a joke either. "This place smells like baked cake or something. I thought you said your dad traveled already," Madison pointed out, and ran to the kitchen where the smell was coming from to check immediately. I wanted to yank her by the hair real hard, and drag her back to w
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My hero
Dabby:When he was asked to go and sit down after the teacher introduced him, he ignored the willing eyes that urged him and came to sit in the empty locker space next to mine. He gave me a wink when I gave him a confused but timid too, and my heart almost melted. 'It was really him. Was I dreaming?' I couldn't focus for the next two classes, because my mind was filled with the fact that I had talked so much about myself, with a stranger that turned out to be real. And he was in my school. "I.. cannot believe this is really you," my voice came out so timidly, and fearfully too as I looked at the tall guy standing before me outside the classroom. He looked more handsome and manly than he did in his pictures, that it was difficult to believe that I had been friends with this hot guy all along. His pretty green eyes were really charming, and even his new style of hair was stunning. 'Just how could things take this kind of turn?' "It is more nice to see you, Dabby. You are rea
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