System novels are a genre of fiction where the experience of main characters growing up is just like upgrading the system. It’s common that system novels integrate with other elements, such as game, fantasy, superpower and so on. stories of system novels often record how main characters undergo obstacles and find ways to overcome them to become stronger or successfully finish certain tough tasks. Authors always create diverse attractive plots to capture readers’ attention in a similar story framework.

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The Legendary System
Draven Edgor Castel was a descendant of the Castel clan, in a futuristic world of superhumans and planet colonization. From an early age, Draven was gifted with talent which drew villainous grandfather to nurture him into a future powerhouse through soul crushing methods. And on the day of his age ceremony, Draven suddenly lost his powers and after being a public embarrassment for his clan. His grandfather was unable to stomach such humiliation and readily dumped him onto the lawless streets of London. When everything appeared hopeless for Draven, Abby decided to look after him until he became an adult. With years of abuse and rejection from his clan and school, Draven grew heartless and disconnected which caused an ominous spirit within to grow as big as his desire for strength. By fate's grace, Draven stumbled onto an odd pocket diary but his mere touch, caused his soul and mind to be linked to a powerful A.I, Lord Vernon a previous leader of an alliance of super-villains. With his assistance, Draven was able to unlock his original power and access the system's library of superpowers and techniques from the war of 2150. Everything should be smooth sailing for Draven but sadly his sudden gain of power awakens Kalaraja, an evil entity living inside of him who plots to possess his body while Draven uses his powers for his ambition and his love interest, Natalia Leroux his ex-fiancée. Things become complicated when Alister, her brother secretly fights for Draven's affection and to deter Draven's love for his sister, he sends one of his trusted aides, Becky Swanson to seduce him and arranges his sister's marriage with another elitist family. Will Draven fall out of love? Or will he fight for her at the cost offending the elites?
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