Sci-Fi novels are a kind of literature which usually tell something that will happen in future or on other planets by virtue of brilliant imagination. Some novelties that don’t exist now and innovative technologies that may appear in future often are mentioned in this kind of novel. Backgrounds of Sci-Fi novels are usually fictional and far away from real life. Elements involved in Sci-Fi, from aliens to space exploration, are very broad. If you are a person who loves something high-tech and stories with brilliant imagination, you can find some Sci-Fi novels to read to know about the world described by various writers.

GoodNovel offers a vast collection of popular Sci-Fi novels and books online. Here you can read massive Sci-Fi novels that collect diverse ideas about the future and novelties from different authors.

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Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World
Venerable Soul
Earth in the year 30134 AD was nearing the brink of a total collapse because of the rapid depletion of minerals and metals that could be found at it core.Humans who were exceedingly frantic on how to stop this from happening, became terribly shocked when a rare mineral dropped out of a massive wormhole that unexpectedly appeared somewhere on Earth, simply signifying that another universe which they never knew about existed.Then very quickly, humans started mobilizing themselves to enter a simulated portal that would lead them to that parallel universe where the mineral fell out from.But in the end, only a boy called Max, a half-human and half-vampire hybrid was selected to go, mainly because of his astonishing, exceptional capabilities which were; countless numbers of Kron Particles endlessly supplying him with immense amounts of a catastrophic energy, a powerful reactive physiology that would enable him to easily adapt to the conditions of almost any world, then Vlessaract energy that continuously modified his body's make-up, giving him near-infinite, vast superhuman powers. Then armed with highly-destructive futuristic weapons, and equipped with high-speed bikes, vehicles and jets to cross really massive distances very quickly, Max will try to subdue every opposition that he will come across in this unprecedented world.But, would he be able to really accomplish his mission there in time? Since he was sent to a boundlessly vast world that possessed shocking numbers of mighty, ancient beings who were seen by their people as godly phenomenal entities that could unleash fearsome, seemingly magical powers that were totally capable of reducing entire massive islands, continents and even small, minor worlds to dusts.So, accompany Max as he tries to overcome all odds and obstacles that lay in his path to take astronomical quantities of that mineral back to Earth before it could implode.
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