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GoodNovel Content Policies – Things you should know

Readers from all over the world use GoodNovel to access various stories every day. Our Content Policies provide guidance on the type of book content that is approved. If you think that your content was mistakenly rejected, you can submit a request for a review again.

Book Title

Policy: Book title should not contain any words that imply sexual content.

Not Allowed:


Forbidden Love






Allowed for readers above 18+:

A Night With The Billionaire

Mated To The Alpha Knight

Undeniable Attraction

Forced Into Marriage: My Husband Is Too Mean

The Bully's Obsession

Book Cover

Sexually suggestive or sexually explicit images are strictly prohibited. Weapons, ammunition, explosives, tobacco products, drugs and alcohol are not allowed. It is strictly prohibited to upload infringing book covers. If you upload any infringing book cover in violation of this regulation, we will reserve the right to hold you accountable to laws!

Not Allowed:

Nudity or implied nudity

Excessive visible skin

Covers focused on specific body parts

Images alludes to sexual activity or intimate behaviour

Self harm, suicide, blood, choking

Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to guns, knives and batons.

Portraying drinking alcohol or smoking (including e-cigarettes)


Nudity in a sculpture

The clothing is acceptable in a public context or maximally clothed

Fireworks is allowed in a harmonious context

Book Synopsis

We don't allow synopsis that contain erotic content or profanity, including but not limited to pornography and harassment.

Not Allowed:

Massive descriptions about sexual activity

Book Content

Policy: We politely ask every author who published any stories on GoodNovel to obey the following principles:

Provide readers with valuable and age-appropriate content

Maintain mutual respect and understanding

Author's Note

Policy: GoodNovel opens this section for our authors who would like to interact and communicate with their readers, please do not leave any contact details in this section.

Book Review

Policy: All newly-published and signed stories will need to be entered to the review list first, please modify your content before submitting again.


GoodNovel will modify, remove or delete the prohibited content as appropriate, and keep the evidence for future reference. We will impose warnings and orders on users who repeatedly or knowingly post content that violates the rules.

If the legal rights and interests of GoodNovel have been infringed due to the release of illegal content, we reserve the right to claim compensation from the content publishers according to law.

Getting Started

Create a book Watch the video to learn how to create a book

a) Create an account or login with existing account first

b) Click the ‘New Story' button

c) Fill in your novel information and click the ‘create' button

Add a chapter

a) Enter the ‘stories' section on your left and click to create a New Chapter

b) Upload and publish the chapter

c) Once done, you've successfully added a new chapter!

Edit your story info

If you need to edit the story details, go back to the ‘stories' section and edit your story.

Getting Signed

a) You will be able to apply for the contract when the word count reaches 5,000 words!

b) Fill in and submit the contract application form

c) After submitting your application form, you're all set to write your story. We will email you if the application gets approved, usually the decision is made within one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change pen name

How can I change my pen name/ pseudonym

- Click the ‘settings' and enter your profile page

- Submit your pen name and save the changes

Fill in the payment info

Where can I fill in my payment details?

- Under your dashboard, there is a section where you could fill in your payment details.

- If you already filled in the account info, you will need to contact your editor for detailed changes.

Delete a chapter

How can I delete a published chapter?

- Go to your story and click the “…”button to delete the chapter. Please note that already- signed story can't delete any chapters. If you publish or duplicate a wrong chapter, you could replace it with a new chapter.

Timed Publishing

How do I use the ‘Timed publishing' to update my story?

- When publishing chapters, tick the ‘Later' button and schedule the date and time to publish the chapter.

- Once confirmed, your chapter is scheduled to be published.

Mark the story as complete

How can I mark my story as complete?

- Please contact your editor if you would like to change the story status to complete.

Payment Date

May I know when is the payment date

- The payment will be processed on 10th, of each month you're expected to receive the income within fifteen working days. Your patience is appreciated.

About Gem

What are Gems?

Gems are valuable for GoodNovel readers. They can send the gems to their favorite books&authors. The more gems an author receives, the higher the chance they will appear in the GoodNovel Gem Ranking List and gain more exposure.

Readers giving Gems to a book is a way to recommend the book to other readers and support the writers.

What is Daily / Monthly Gem Ranking?

The ranking is based on the total number of Gems received by a signed book during a specific period(daily / monthly).

What is New Books Gem Ranking?

The ranking is based on the total number of Gems received by a signed book during one month. The book needs to be signed within three months.

How do readers get Gems?

Readers will get corresponding Gems by completing tasks like check-in, reading task, and top-up.

How do readers reward the gems to favorite books?

Readers can give gems at the end of every chapter and the homepage of the book.

Encourage readers to give gems for your books.

You can ask readers to give you a Gem by writing a Note.

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