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Goodnovel Writers Academy: Book Review of "The Alpha's Slave Mate" by Course Participant

By: AliciaOct 21 2022258

Goodnovel Writers Academy has launched two terms of web novel writing courses to cultivate good novelists. After learning our course, some of our participants, with refreshed writing theories and updated writing skills, have gained a new point-of-view to read our best-sellers.

Elena Raynang is the first participant who sent us a book review for our best-seller “The Alpha’s Slave Mate”. She thinks that this book has inspired her in many ways, especially in the way of character setting.

Let’s see her valuable insights:

“The Alpha’s Slave Mate” reveals the best kind of character setting with highest tension even only from the title.

“I like how the author describes the Male and Female Leads’ characteristics.” said Elena, “At the beginning I found Daphne was weak because she had been abused. Abuse strips a person of all self respect, self esteem, worth, and dignity. However, she finds the strength to walk away and realizes how really strong she is because of Caleb.”

Yes, this is a classic character setting of a romance female lead: weak on the surface, but strong inside, and growing independent. Those qualities look even more typical on a slave teenage girl in the werewolf world because of the huge class differences between she and her Alpha male lead.

“The Alpha’s Slave Mate” is a love story about equal rights and justice.

“On Caleb's side, Daphne begins to accept her defeats with her head up. As a reader, I want for our alpha to be the kick-ass woman he reveres but doesn’t hoist onto a pristine pedestal. And that's how the author created Caleb and Daphne. Daphne, being a kick-ass woman doesn’t mean she can drop Caleb with a martial arts move, but that she pushes him, challenges him. She is on equal footing with him, and he wants her, whether he realizes it immediately or not.”

Elena’s comments point out the most intriguing part of this story, and also an essence of romance: love is not the only attractive element in a love story; on the contrary, it is the part not about love, but about rights and justice in an intimate relationship, that attracts readers so much.

Besides, we get other fabulous feedback from Elena’s perspective of writing techniques, which let us see with happiness that our course did work: By practice writing, an author will have more appreciation towards other authors’ stories; and what he/she learns from others’ writing will nurture back his/her own writing.

If you are interested in how we can do this for authors, please pay attention to our web novel writing course which has launched on our website: Goodnovel Writers Academy. We will be looking forward to seeing you in the class!

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