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Goodnovel Writers Academy: What Makes A Girl “Fated To The Alpha”?

By: AliciaOct 19 2022271

One of the most attractive aspects of a werewolf love story is that the hero (Alpha) and heroine (Luna) are born with a mate bond, and their union is fate, not coincidence. This gives female readers a sense of security that is hard to find in real life: I don't need to search hard, there is an ideal partner waiting for me in the near future.

However, if you read deeply and carefully into our werewolf best-sellers, you will find that those couples are fated with inner reasons, not merely the will of Moon Goddess – in other words, if you would believe the fantastic existence of “Moon Goddess”, who could be a metaphor of the true nature that everyone has, she is so wise that she never appoints a mate bond to an unmatched pair.

Our top classic “Fated To The Alpha” just presents how such an oracle becomes reasonably true for Katya and her Alpha Ezra.

Only A Girl of Great Potential “Fated To The Alpha”

Katya is that kind of girl who doesn’t really know how good she is, which means that she has limitless potential unrevealed. And Ezra is a typical Alpha, an embodiment of perfection, possessing everything about power except a Luna he would love from his heart.

So this couple matches for their needs: Katya needs someone strong enough to lead her to find her true self, as well as firm enough to confirm her transformation; Ezra needs an appropriate support for his pack, as well as the better half filling his spiritual world.

Only A Girl Blind to Power “Fated To The Alpha

According to the norms of reality, the most powerful man should be paired with the most power-worshipping woman, but this is not the formula by which romantic true love can be established.

Katya has no ambition to be a Luna; her biggest dream when she meets her Alpha was to have a sweet sleep. This attitude makes her easier than any other girls to see the Alpha’s personality without any judgement. So you can imagine how relaxed Ezra will be when he is with her – And if you read through the book and find the scenes where they get along with each other, you will know that it can’t be a lie.

Only A Girl Able to Enjoy Sex “Fated To The Alpha”

Sex is a natural thing, and it is one of the great attractions of romance novels. Through imagination, readers would enjoy mind-blowing sex in the romantic relationship between the hero and heroine. So the lead characters must fit in the readers’ common fancy.

We can proudly say that there is no reader who is not impressed by the sexual tension of “Fated To The Alpha”. Since Ezra can arouse any woman, the best part of Katya is that she is as naturally allured by her sexy Alpha as the readers are, and not ashamed at all.

The author Jessica Hall used her gifted pen to portray such a natural relationship, which is so worth learning by other authors. If you admire her talents but have some difficulty setting your lead characters into a proper relationship, please come to the Writers Academy. Our course might help you in some ways!

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