In this cruel and profit-oriented jungle world, a man who fails to be the breadwinner is always regarded as a loser. Spurned, insulted, despised and trampled on,
he has no man's dignity in his wife's house.
But, what if, this useless man is far from as simple as he looks?
What if , he's actually a hidden billionaire?
Every dog has its day.
We want a story where a "nobody" becomes a SOMEBODY.
Those who have been arrogant will be punished, and those who have been despised will rise.
Most important of all,
love that once could not be grasped is granted.
Want to participate in the counterattack life of such a man?

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To make sure your book is eligible for entering the contest, you only have to meet these requirements below:
1. ML and FL are married at the beginning of the story.
2. The huge gap between their social statuses has made FL’s family looked down upon ML.
3. ML manages to strike back and proves himself. This can be achieved by any means, including inheriting a good fortune from his long-missing family, unexpected help from a mysterious stranger, or his own pure hard work, etc.
*English only
*New books on Goodnovel only
*No fan-fiction
  • At a family gathering, the ML is taunted
    by the FL’s relatives as “the useless,
    good-for-nothing gigolo.” The FL feels
    ashamed of him and gives him a long face.
    The ML, being powerless, has no choice but
    to bear all the cynicism.
  • ML is aware of his true identity as the heir of
    the wealthiest family - he suddenly
    inherits a great fortune and is respected
    by all the magnates in this city. However,
    for some reasons, he decides to keep this a
    secret from his wife and her relatives.
  • FL faces a crisis. All her relatives
    ridicule her and refuse to help.
    ML, with his newly-gained power,
    makes some arrangements in secret and
    helps her to overcome the crisis. This elevates
    FL’s status in the family and slaps on
    the faces of those who want to see her
    disgraced. However, the true identity of the
    ML remains a secret. He is still seen as the
    useless son-in-law.
    (This could happen multiple times.)
  • The ML keeps helping the FL
    in secret and makes fools out of those
    arrogant, cunning relatives. After lots of
    twists and turns, FL defeats all her rivals
    and becomes the top inheritor of the family
    business. In this process, her relationship
    with the ML improves greatly.
    They find each other trustworthy and reliable.
    ML reveals his true identity to everyone; and
    the couple lives happily ever after.


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  • Q: Can I use an already-signed book to participate in this contest?
    A: Unfortunately, because we are looking for new stories on our site, we do not accept already-signed works.
  • Q: Can I apply for a non-exclusive contract with my contest story?
    A: Yes, both exclusive and non-exclusive books will be considered for the awards.
  • Q: May I know more about the judging standards?
    A: We will evaluate an entry based on its plot arrangement, character design, writing techniques, and, most importantly, how well the entry fits into the story frames.
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