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The icy wind was fanning my skin, swaying a few mischievous strands of my hair to tickle my face. Another moonless, noisy night. Another uneventful night in my lonely life. Uneventful is good. I silently hope that every night would be as peaceful as this. Taking a long drag off my Marlboro red, I inhaled the tobacco smoke until it reached my lungs, and puffed it out in the cold New York air. The cigar scent skimmed into my skimpy black dress, overpowering my lavender perfume. Lurking, I am waiting for my so-called new friends to come into sight in front of this club. They’re already ten minutes late. Together with the long line of waiting club patrons from the alley where I stood. Clubbing isn’t really my thing, but I made a promise to myself that I’d get out more when I moved to New York. Read more
The gorgeous man was not alone. Two men in black suits are beside him, the dimmed light of the alley doesn’t give away their faces but from their silhouette, I can tell that they’re well built and have good posture. I can’t win against them in a fair fight for sure. All three of them were holding guns but the gorgeous man had his aim at my head. Read more
Standing my ground,  I asked bewildered.  “What?” The gorgeous Italian smirked. “Wrong answer.” 

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~Ace Romano~ This information given to me by Alexa's doppelganger was giving me the excitement that’s sipping into my core. The kind that I haven't felt in a long... long time. She's to wed the Russian mafia second in command, Alek fuckin' Orlov. That asshole’s bride to be is my prisoner. What a blessed day this is. "What are you smiling about?" Luka asked as he entered my office. He transferred the girl into a different cell, much more comfortable with a bed, and tended to her wounds. I didn't argue with his suggestion because I needed that girl alive for my plan to work. "Don't tell me you're planning to use that girl." My best friend continued, pouring himself a glass of whiskey and slouched down on the couch in front of my desk. "I want to know who she is. Why is Val Orlov willing to let his son marry a regular whore." It puzzled me. Most of the weddings in each m
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~Lianna Black~ 'Be my fiancée' Read more
''O-ours?'' I frantically asked, my eyelids fluttering as if I wanted him to disappear. The beating of my heart doubled its pace, my mind racing with so many thoughts on why we would share the same room. Wait. Are we gonna share the same bed? No, no, no.
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~Ace Romano~ I don't know why but I was anxious to finish this trade we have tonight. My fingers kept tapping on my lap against my cell phone while Luka drove us to the port. We need to make sure that the goods were of excellent quality and will be deliv
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~Lianna Black~ I can't remember the last time I slept like a baby without worrying about Dante's minions. For the last five years I slept with one eye opened and last night I slept
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~Lianna Black~ It's been eleven days since I last saw Ace. He didn't come to his room again or maybe he did but I wasn't aware. I had prepared myself for the worst consequence for what happened between me and the mafia Don.Read more
~Lianna Black~ ''Fiancée?'' one man spoke ''what the fuck are you talking about, boss?'' another seconded him as Ace walked in from the big wooden door which looks like the main entrance. Read more Protection Status