"You do realise everyone at campus is talking about you." Samantha casts me a look. Hopefully Samantha lent me a pair of her emergency sneakers. They are way better than slippers for a start.

As we walk into the cafeteria, I don't miss the looks people give me.

"Great day for being a celebrity." I mutter sarcastically as we settle down at our table.

"People are just being assholes like they are. Ignore them." Sam murmurs.

"So tell me about Mr hot pants." Samantha winks at me. She calls Mr Harry hot pants and for some reason I have become accustomed to the nickname. She knows how I have the hots for him.

I tell her what really transpired in the morning. "You can't imagine Sam, I was so embarrassed. You should have seen his eyes." I remember the smirk he threw my way. Was he so amused by my embarrassment too?

"I know the feeling babe,"

"The whole impression thing didn't work out I guess." I sulk sadly.

"You could always try something else." she suggests with a smirk. I know something pervy is running through her head with that smirk and I need no part of that.

"Like hell I would." I sigh.

"Are you coming tonight?" Samantha asks. I frown. She stares at me ridiculously. What? I have been so off this week and I don't even know why.

"Halloween, duh?" Samantha scowls.

No shit. I even forgot today was Halloween. Which person my age forgets such a day in this century.

I promised to escort Sam to this costume party Teddy Waters had thrown. I now know why I had totally forgotten about it because Teddy is a cousin to my ex, Julian Sanders. I don't want to see that fucker's face but Samantha keeps insisting we crash the party.

Julian cheated with Zoe, the cheerleader. I don't know who to blame between everything. Me for being so naive and stupid or for them thinking I wouldn't find out. I really hate Julian for doing something like that to me. I trusted him with my time and heart and I got cheated on in the end.

I should have known boys like Julian could never be trusted.

"Earth to Lyka!" Samantha snaps.

"How could you forget such vital information?" Sam says in an irritated tone.

"Which vital information?" Keith interrupts joining the table.

"I can't believe L forgot about Teddy Waters' costume party. We are supposed dress up and have fun for heaven's sake. " she whines.

"This is about Julian, isn't it?" Keith asks. Instead I just stare at my food.

I don't want to answer that question so I stare at the peas on my plate like they are the most interesting things in the world.

"Haven't you gotten over that piece of shit?" Samantha asks. "Come on Lyka. Are you going to ruin your life for that idiot?" she sneers.

"I didn't say I was." I mumble slowly.

"Well, it looks like it." she furrows her brows at me.

"I am over him Sam, it's just I don't want to see his face."

"That's your excuse. That's what he wants Lyka, for you to be in his shadow." Was Samantha being serious now?

"Now you'll have to come to this party to show him that you are over him, that you moved on and don't give a fuck that he cheated on you." Samantha mutters seriously.

"Unless you are not over him Lyka. It has been three months..."

"I am over him." I blurt quickly.

"Then you'll have to come to this party." Do I even have a choice? No. I need to prove to Samantha that I was over the fucker or perhaps my self. This is Samantha and she always wins thanks to my poor arguing skills.

When I broke up with Julian, I wondered in a long time if I loved him in the first place or was it his bad boy vibes that I fell for? Julian is a handsome brunette with a built basketball player body.

I liked him the moment I saw him in the biology class. We talked and we hit it off really well. I crushed on his amber eyes and since he was pretty social, I liked him more. He was sweet at first with the beautiful dates and surprises and it didn't take long for us to become boyfriend or girlfriend.

Our relationship was going on smoothly until I caught him with Zoe Davis in his bed. The bitch was giving him head and I swear the memory is the disgusting scene I have seen my entire life.

I walked away from the room despite his pleading and apologies and I was proud of myself I didn't cry, not even a single tear. It was a waste of my time I guess and I made sure not to talk to him after even when he tried calling and texting.

Even in biology, I make sure to avoid his presence like he doesn't exist. That's how much I hate Julian Sanders and I have a bad feeling about tonight but I don't voice it to my friends.

After classes, I get back to my room exhausted from the events of the day. I guess I should call my mom then. It's been long since we talked which was just last week but don't blame me, I love the woman so much. She's all I got in my life after my dad died before I was born. I retrieve the phone from my bag, dialing her number.

It's strange when it goes to voicemail. Mom always picks up her phone at the first ring. Is she in some sort of trouble? I shrug the thought as soon as it pops in my head. I think am drawing inevitable conclusions right now. She might be just busy. I will have to call her later then.

Hearing Samantha's squeal at the door and I know am not surviving her paws today. And am not wrong because as soon as she enters through the door, she tells me to take a lady shower. For Christ's sake, what is a lady shower?

I have my regular bath making sure to shave just in case and since I have a message to make. As soon as I step out of the bathroom, Samantha pulls me to the wardrobe where she picks me a red skin tight short dress.

"Really? I am not putting that thing on." I mutter.

We bought the dress when I went shopping with Sam two weeks back and I have never worn it. I am a fun of sweatpants and jeans not skimpy outfits.

"Yes you are."

"You very well know that's out of my comfort zone."

"That's the whole point. We are getting you out of your comfort zone sweetie."

I knew I can't win with her so I agree on the outfit. It is Samantha being Samantha.

Samantha does my natural platinum blonde hair in curls and my make-up. I am really thankful for the reflection in my mirror. Instead of looking like an over weight skimpy hooker like I thought, I look like a hot woman wolf with the ears Sam purchased me and the canines. The dress shows off my curves and ass. Honestly I am not proud of myself in the boob side but happy with what I have.

"Perfect," I hear her mumble behind me and I couldn't disagree.

This was a hell of a makeover on Lyka Moore.

Samantha is a stunning succubus in the tight skinny jumpsuit that looks like a second skin. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole boys came escorting us back tonight. Samantha is a hot sexy brunette and hazel eyes. She's a very beautiful young woman who is not afraid of her sexuality. She's much of an extrovert which is one of the reasons why I like her.

We pull over to Teddy's compound in my red convertible that mom gifted me on my nineteenth birthday. Red solo cups already dot the place when we pull over. Did I mention that I hate parties? I really hate college parties and nothing could change my opinion.

I look outside my window spotting a red riding hood, some witches and Chucky. I guess people prepared their costumes real well. Samantha technically yanks me from the car to the backyard where the party was.

Couples making out, ping pong table, cigarettes, weed and sex. This is not my scene totally. It doesn't take long for me to spot Julian. Thank God I have my first solo cup filled with whatever Sam brought in my hand.

I think I need the drink morethan ever. He is standing next to Zoe whose paws are everywhere on his chest. Julian is a vampire whereas Zoe is a witch. Their outfits really matches their personalities and I couldn't agree less.

I look away from the scene as soon as they start making out.

"Hey beautiful ladies," Keith stands before us as a gargoyle.

"Nice outfit," I compliment him.

"Thanks." he sings loudly gulping all the liquid in the glass.

"Have missed anything interesting?" Samantha asks. "Not as far as I know except if you are meaning half naked Ray." Keith points to Ray who is up on the table left only in his boxers. Tell me about it.

Samantha went with Nick, the guy she has been dating for two weeks now. Sam is into the guy because sometimes she cannot stop talking about him. I am happy when she's happy so if Nick makes her happy, I don't have anything about it. I don't know where they went off to but I feel so lonely now. When I try to find Keith, he is already in a drinking competition with Brad.

I excuse my self from the crowd spotting a bench near a flower garden just at the far end. I walk over to the bench settling down. First of all the high heels were killing me and secondly, the view is great and the place less crowded.

"They are beautiful, aren't they?" A voice I know very well interrupts my peace. Immediately a dangerous chill makes way down my spine.

I quickly rise up from my seat before his hand stops me. "I am not her to cause trouble. I want us to talk calmly." Julian pleads.

Every fiber in my body tells me to escape from here but I know that we need to settle things. He wants closure, I will give him closure if that is the least I can do for myself.

I sit back down giving us some space when Julian settles beside men

"I know you hate me Lyka." Julian starts the sharp canines making it hard to speak. Hate is just an understatement with how I feel about him.

"Nothing can change what I did. It was an asshole move. I should have never done that to you."

I can't believe we are having this conversation in the first place. Julian removes the canines and I resist the urge to smirk at his stupidity. He smiles nervously.

"You can choose not to forgive me Lyka and I understand. What I did is  unforgivable I want to apologize still. You didn't deserve that..."

One moment Julian was in my face apologizing, the next he was yanked away from the bench. Before I had time to take in what was happening, his lifeless body lay on the ground.

Panic and fear. My whole body freezes in place as I meet the gaze of who had done this. For a moment, the time stops my heart pounding heavily as my eyes trace the pool of blood. Could blood turn chill in a mere second? I was convinced now as I watched everything in slow motion.

I was awoken from my state of shock by a pair of strong arms clutching at both sides. Noticing the needle in the hand of one, my brain switched on. All over a sudden instinct kicked in and thanks for Judo lessons, I was resisting the torture but the men were too strong.

Stamping on the feet of one and kicking the other in the groin, all I wanted was to get away from whatever nightmare I was having. Quickly their grip came back on my hands holding me in place.

Immediately the man on my left was yanked from me and he was on the ground now followed by his friend. My saviour beat the living shit out of them like it was the most normal thing to do. When I looked back at the party, no one seems to have noticed the events taking place.

I wanted to scream for help but I could not also find my voice. Then I noticed the needle in my arm. The men had already injected me with whatever was in it. Wobbly legs and a throbbing headache, everything started blurring.

Before I hit the ground, the strong arms hold me. I force my eyes to open and what I see surprises me. I can't be dreaming of steely grays. Either way I couldn't tell anything in my condition.

"Mr Harry," I call before darkness envelopes everything.

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