Chapter 10

"What do mean you can't come home?! Now you listen here Johnathan you better get your ass back in this house in the next 24 hours!" Marie screamed over the phone. 

Jules let his head rest on the door with a thump he wasn't really eavesdropping he could already hear Aunt Marie having a screaming match with his father over the phone from his room upstairs, so he decided to come downstairs to feed the pain growing in his chest. He listened to the one-sided conversation outside his father's study. 

"—Johnathan," Marie gasped. "That boy is your son! Why would you ever say that?"

"—that's no excuse! I can't believe you left him alone for this long! What would Moria say? Do you think my sister would have wanted this?!"

"—Don't you dare raise your voice at me, Jace! She was my sister first before your wife."

"—shut up! Just shut up!" She sobbed. "That boy did not

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