Chapter 50

The whole family was in a cycle of perpetual happiness. That lasted for seven days, the time it took to prepare for the surgery.

Jules had told Carrie first, and she cried and cried and cried. She held onto him so tight, kissing both his cheeks were also wet. Then he told Venus step-brothers and Merlin cried.

And Jules was happy. Happy she wanted to live, try, stay and not just for him, but for her. It was something she had taught him. Months ago when the demons of his past hung around him like a dark shadow, a thick suffocating fog. When he felt responsible for two deaths and refused to die himself because he wanted to suffer.

But things had changed and not just for him, for both of them. Jules and Venus had collided but they didn't destroy, they created.

Even now, that's what they did.

"Are you okay?" Venus asked, but she wasn't really asking. She was just reading the words out of the pr

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