Chapter 12

"It's not fair!" Kenya murmured, lethargically while rubbing her eyelids.

"Stop, moving." Jules scolded from behind her. He had been given the task of taming her wild fro into cornrows, something he had gotten experience from the countless times he did it for his mother. "And what's not fair?"

"Why do you have to go to a fair with some girl? When we came all the way here to go with you and have fun."

He laughed. "You did not come all the way here to go to the fair with me, don't be ridiculous besides we are still going to have fun together. I'm just going there a bit earlier with Venus."

Venus had been smiling before he popped the question. She'd just finished rereading one of her favourite books, Black holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays.

"Listen to this, Jules" she'd said eyes closed and cheeks flushed. "Black holes of stellar mass

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