Chapter 21

"When you said you wanted to paint me. I thought I would be the model, not the canvas." Jules said quietly. His mouth barely opening because Venus's paintbrush was dangerously close to slipping inside.

She laughed and since she was so close - literally straddling him, he shivered or maybe spasmed. He couldn't decide, which was the equivalent to the feeling of thunderclouds battling on top his skin.

"I could have done that, but—"

"...then you wouldn't be Venus." He finished for her. Wild, beautiful and unorthodox.

She smiled like she could read his mind.

He opened his mouth to say something but swallowed his words when Venus leaned forward; her face - lips - inches from his collarbone. Her hand moved, paintbrush tracing the arch of his neck, up his Adam's apple - which bobbed and then his jawline.

Jules couldn't breathe. When had things changed? When had his Sunday's changed? From watching anime, playing online games and compos

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