- 2 -

I was playing Candy crush when my room door opened and Sarah stepped inside. I sat up immediately. 

"Hey" Sarah called out as she sat down on my bed. 

I didn't reply her as I plugged my phone. 

"Nervous much?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah" I replied.

"You are gonna do great" Sarah said with a shrug.

"Adeola said that too" I added.

"See" Sarah said gesturing with her hands to prove her point.

"Things are not going to be easy for me as it was for you" I replied.

Sarah laughed as she shook her head. She probably already knew I was going to start comparing us. 

"Of course things are not going to be the same, they are different schools" Sarah said.

"Ohh" I said nodding my head in agreement.

"You'll be fine, no qualms" Sarah said with confidence.

"You think so?" I asked my nervousness creeping back into place. 

"Why not? You are my younger sister; I don't expect less" Sarah replied as I gave her a grateful smile.

"Chat me up and send me pictures okay?" Sarah said more like a statement than a question. I laughed and then nodded.

Did I tell you guys, she also posted numerous of my pictures on her IG page? All thanks to her, I have about 20,000 followers on my IG page. 

"And get a boyfriend" Sarah whispered as I glared at her.

"I don't need it" I replied.

"Why not?" Sarah asked looking curious.

"I don't just need it" I replied not finding any exact reason.

Sarah smiled as she lied down on the bed "Is there something you want? I'll buy it for you" Sarah asked.

I looked up at the ceiling trying to figure out something that I wanted "For now, nothing" I replied after a while of deliberating.

"Okay" Sarah replied.

And so we sat in the comfortable silence before I spoke up.  

"Sarah" I called out.

"Huh?" Sarah replied.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked.

Sarah turned to face me with a huge grin on her face. "Why asking?" Sarah asked.

I rolled my eyes at her "Im just asking" I replied.

"Used to" Sarah replied as I picked the past tense.

"Used to?" I asked curious.

"We broke up February" Sarah replied.

"7 months ago?" I asked again.

"Yeah" Sarah confirmed.

"Why?" I asked.

"You don't wanna hear it" Sarah replied pouting.

"I want to" I replied.

"Anjola" Sarah called.

"Huh?" I replied.

"If you get to uni and there's someone you like, do tell the person. Go for it" Sarah said as I raised my left brow at her.

"Okay. Now answer my question" I replied.

Sarah chuckled at me and walked out of the room. I held my head as she walked out. 

So much for sisters before secrets

I lied down on the bed as I tried to think. I don't remember liking anyone before; as I turned to remove my phone, I remembered someone and I scoffed. 

Emmanuel Essiet

Everyone knew Emma liked me. He didn't try to hide it either. He always posted my pictures and gave me a lots of gifts but let's say I just didn't get the vibe and a lot of people hated me for not trying to reciprocate his feelings.

Emma would definitely fall under 10 most handsome guys on SS1 block if a list was made. He had this bright smile and a cute face, till now I wonder why I didn't feel anything whenever he flashed me that smile. Just when I decided to start liking him back, he moved. Just like that! Without a word to anyone. I had practiced what I wanted to tell him the night before.

Hey Emma, I feel like you've done much for me and I really owe you. 

I like you. 

Two statements. Well that was the best I could come up with, blame my social skills. Only for me to get to school on Monday and hear that Emma already moved. I went mad. He couldn't even tell me! I was angry throughout that week and I kept falling in and out of mood and even my friends were surprised. 

Thinking back now, I don't even know why exactly I was angry. Maybe because I didn't get to repay him for the gifts he gave me and the kindness he showed me but I definitely didn't like him. I pulled my covers over my body and looked at the ceiling, by this time tomorrow I would be lying in my bed in school. 

Dad had a meeting in Lag that day and yet he wanted to follow me to school. So we left as early as 4am. I remember Sarah holding my hands and pulling me into a hug. I remember James sleepy eyes looking at me with all his cuteness. 

"Give me the headset, will you?" He asked sleepily. 

"I dropped it on the dining table" I replied him with a smile.

He nodded and I turned to enter the car and his slightly small hands grabbed me and I turned to him

"Call often okay?" James said as I winked at him and got into the car. 

I slept off the moment we started the 7-hour journey. I hadn't slept a wink throughout the night, special thanks to my nervousness. Mom also pressed her chair backwards and slept while I stretched at the back of the car. 

By the time I opened my eyes the first words I saw were "FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AKURE (FUTA) "

"We are here already?" I asked in surprise.

"You slept for quite a long while" my mom commented before asking "Didn't you sleep at home?"

I sat up on the chair and shook my head. My dad collected the parking card and drove into the school. The last time I was here; I came to write my Post Utme. 

Dad parked and brought out his phone. 

"Let me call Michael" my dad said bringing his phone to his ear.

I look around at the students walking about.

 I'll be like them soon. 

I got out of the car the moment I saw Professor Micheal coming. Professor Micheal was my dads bosom friend, they went to the same secondary school and did their masters abroad together.

"Good morning sir" I greeted with a smile. 

"Anjola, how are you? Professor Micheal asked with a smile.

"Im fine sir" I replied.

"Ore mi bawo ni?" Professor Micheal asked my dad. (trans- My friend how are you?) .

"Im fine my dad replied.

"You came early" Professor Micheal commented.

"I have a meeting at 4pm sharp and I need to be back to Lagos by then" My dad replied.

"Just take a flight" Professor Micheal teased knowing my dad hated planes.

"Please.... " my dad said.

"Mommy, e kaaro" Prof Micheal greeted my mom turning to her.  (trans- mommy, good morning) 

"Good morning" my mom replied.

"What does she have to do, am in a hurry my dad said impatience seeping into his veins.

"Farabale jare" Professor Micheal replied as he collected my file from me and waved his hands for us to follow him. (trans- Be patient) 

We soon got to a large building with SCHOOL OF COMPUTING boldly inscribed on the walls. 

"This is your school right?" Professor Micheal asked.

"Yes sir" I replied.

We walked inside and I saw a very long line of students carrying files. We walled past them into the office and I could feel eyes boring into the back of my head. My mom went for my hands immediately and I turned to give her a small smile. 

"Wait here for us" Professor Micheal said as he and my dad walked off. 

"Dress well when you are here" my mom said.

I turned to my mom and sighed "Yes ma" I replied.

"Eat well too" my mom added.

"Yes ma" I replied.

"Anjolaoluwa" my mom called.

"Ma?" I replied.

"Adding a new friend to your friend list also isn't a bad idea" my mom said with a huge grin.

Professor Micheal and my dad walked out after some minutes. 

"Done?" my mom asked and my dad nodded.

"What else?" my dad asked Professor Micheal.

"I already helped her submit her pending course form so she will go and print the approved one" Professor Micheal replied.

"There are cyber cafes here right?" my dad asked.

"Of course" Professor Micheal replied.

"I'll help her go and print it" my dad said.

"She has to print it tomorrow" Professor Micheal added.

"Ha" my mom replied her face twisting.

"Any problem?" Professor Micheal asked.

"Anjola has zero social skills" my mom replied but it sounded like she was complaining. 

"Now is not the time, Paul will take care of that" my dad replied.

"That's all?" my dad asked again.

"She'll have to come back and pay her Faculty and departmental dues" Professor Micheal replied.

"How much is that?" my dad asked.

"Should be roughly about 10,000" Professor Micheal replied.

"Can we take her to her hostel now?" my dad asked.

"Sure, I have a lecture in three, so just ask around for the directions of your hostel" Professor Micheal replied.

My mom shook her head "I just told you she has zero social skills" my mom said.

"She has but you two don't right? Professor Micheal asked laughing.

"Ohhh" my mom said sighing.

"I'll see you when I see you" Professor Micheal said as he offered me a small smile and walked away. 

My eyes went to my watch. 


They still had time. We walked out of the office back to the car. 

"Call your friends" my mom said.

"Huh?" I asked again not hearing her well.

"You said you made friends, call one of them" my mom said.

I looked nervous as I brought out my phone and dialed a number. She picked after two rings. 

"Hello" I said into the phone.

"Heyy, Jola, how are you?" a voice asked.

"Im fine" I replied.

"What's up?" the voice asked.

"Have you resumed?" I asked nervously.

"Sure" the voice replied.

"I am in the school now but am finding it hard locating my hostel" I said.

"Where are you?" the voice asked.

"In front of some huge building" I replied.

"Some huge building?" the voice asked before laughter echoed in my ears somehow calming me down. 

"I can't find a name" I replied.

"Is there is kiosk in front?" the voice asked again.

"Yeah" I replied finding a kiosk in front of the building.

"I'll be there in a minute, am just around the corner" the voice replied and hung up. 

"What did she say?" my mom asked.

"I should wait for her" I replied.

My daddy glanced at his wristwatch and I could see impatience in his eyes. 

"Why don't you drop my things and get going, I'll find my hostel myself" I said.

"Do we know how far it is?" My dad asked "We'll just wait" he added as I felt a tap on my shoulder. 


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