Chapter 7

Cass entered her apartment, she closes the door but did not go directly into her room instead, she leans her back on the door and pondered for a while. Does she think if this continues who's a woman that won't fall for that outstanding man? only an idiot one. A few minutes later cass is preparing for her dinner in the kitchen after cooking she immediately fed herself then wash the dishes. She got in a shower before going to bed because of her work she felt a little exhausted maybe because she's new for the work so her system is still in adjustment. When her back touches on the bed she immediately drifted away to sleep. 

Whoever in the spacious villa, Josh called his best friend Robert to come for a drink or two. Robert who knows his best friend better, said " You know? I have never seen you like this before and it never crosses my mind that someday my best buddy will be infatuated by a girl who he just meet." he said with a teasing smile. Josh stared at him with furrowed brows while continuously sip his wine. " Why? Did I see you do the same before?" he sarcastically retorted which made his friend clear his throat but said nothing. Robert sneered upon hearing Josh remark but he does not take it to heart. Josh looked at his face which perches in the transparent wine glass that he's holding. He mentally asks himself, is that how bad he looks? Half an hour later, they felt that their surrounding was started to roil. Because he drunk too much this time Robert stayed in Josh's villa for the night because it's not convenient for him to drive anymore. Time flew as fast as a blink of an eye the night darkness has turned to daylight. All the people were busy with their morning routine, Cass is preparing her sumptuous breakfast she also put some food in the box for her lunch so that she won't spend so much money especially for the main time that she did not yet receive her first salary. She plans to eat her lunch in her office later during lunch break. Everything is ready for her to go to the office, she closes the door of her apartment then hails a taxi. Arriving at the president's floor in Stanley company she directly enters her office then she checks today's schedule of Mr. Stanley. She knocks on his boss's office when she heard permission from inside she open the door and enter. Walking towards in front of his boss " Goodmorning Sir, here is your today's schedule. You have a board meeting at 8 o'clock this morning and a Lunch meeting for the collaboration of your company to the government projects. In the afternoon, you have a meeting with Mr. Simson." She enumerated. " Is there no other appointment in the evening?" Ask Josh with a tone of authority. " NO Sir, that's all your today's appointment," she said in a professional manner. " You can go ahead now Miss Lim I will call you when I need anything, Thank you." He said. " You welcome Sir." she timidly answered. then she walks out of his office and enters her office next door. Josh heard the door close, he unconsciously tilted his head to the direction of the sound. Then without thinking seriously he buried himself back to his work. A few minutes before 8 o'clock Josh walks out in his office to the conference room. All the Board of directors is already sitting in their respective chairs. He immediately withheld the hostile and icy cold expression on his face, he sat down in his chair then tilted his head to look around. He can see that cass is sitting at the back while holding her notebook and pen. Josh who is sitting in front of everyone clears his throat to call the attention of everyone. The board meeting started, and everyone is busy discussing their concerns as well as an update on their upcoming collaboration with the other company. That meeting lasted until noon, after the meeting everyone goes out to go on their separate task individually according to their positions. Josh proceeds to his next appointment the lunch meeting with one of the government officials who is assigned to collaborate with them. He did not go back to the office after his lunch meeting instead he directly come to the place where he and Mr. Simson agreed to meet. He lost track of time when he finishes his meeting it was already 4 o'clock and its time for his employees to go home. Meanwhile, in the executive assistant office, Cass who is very focused on her work forgot to look for the time. It's already past four o'clock and only a few individuals are left in these tall building. She is preparing her boss's schedule for tomorrow when she heard a slight knock on her door. She unconsciously looks up to look at the source of the sound only to see Mr. Morrishead tilted in the ajar door. " Ms. Lim I'm going home and Mr. Stanley arrange a car to send you home and pick you up every morning to go to work."  He said in a friendly tone. Cass only nod her head with slightly pursed lips and said "Thank you". she did not think too much of it because for her it is reasonable for his boss to arrange a car for her especially for her job so as not to be delayed. When she's about to go back to what she's doing, she heard Mr. Morris said," Miss Lim in case you forgot the time it's already past four o'clock." He said with a smile on his stoic face then without waiting for an answer from cass he close the door and leave. Cass reflexively looks down at her watch to see if Mr. Morris said was true. She stands up from her chair then stretches her arms to get rid f the numbness that she gain from sitting for that long. She just tidies her table before picking her handbag before going out. She didn't mean to have overtime, it's just that she really forgot to look at the time, she must be very focused on what she'd done a while ago. Josh and Cass didn't know that theirs already a mutual understanding that forms inside of them. They just don't know because both of them think that it is just normal as an employee and employer.

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