Chapter 8

It's been a long night, and I'm not sure if it is fun going to a pub when I need to wake up early for work after tonight. My eyes feel gritty, and there's an ache stretching across my shoulders maybe this is because I slept in one position the whole night. Damn, how I wish I could crawl back into my bed until the pain in my shoulder will dissipate before I could get up and start another day for this week. But I was perplexed when I looked at my alarm clock on my bedside table and found out that I only have thirty minutes to prepare to go to the office. So I am rushing everything to consume the time, less than I usually did. Truly the time comes fast as it was. In the blink of an eye, it becomes an hour. An hour becomes a day and a day becomes a week without realizing it. Today, I become one month working as executive assistant of my outstanding Yummy boss. Oh my God! what was I thinking? The time and days that we spend working together make us more familiar with each other. We work harmoniously that makes the other colleague of mine wonder but I never give any malice of how Mr. Stanley treated me because that kind of boss is what I was praying when I was applying for a job be it in here or in the other company. Mr. Stanley treated me professionally and that's what I am to him too. I am used to the way my boss treated me. In my own understanding, it's just a pure employee and employer nature of sense.

From the time I started working, I have never been late even once. This morning was an exception. When the time I arrive at the entrance of the huge building where I work, I can see that everyone is already doing their own duties. I immediately enter the elevator taking advantage that no one bothers to look at me because they don't even notice me. I press the button for the top floor where my office was in. As for the reason why I was late this time it's because of Liz again. Yesterday is my day off and normally it's also the time that I can tidy my house then wash my clothes. After doing all of it, I would love to have a peaceful nap to relax. And that relaxation has never happened yesterday. Liz called me and tug me along with her to the pub to sip wine, yeah she said that only sip. Liz, it said that this serves as a celebration of our first salary. It is only dawn that Liz has enough for her facade so we decided to go home which is why I was late today. If Mr. Stanley will fire me because of being late, I'm done. I hope not if worst I will beg him not to fire me instead cut my salary for half a month. Next time I won't go out with Liz like that ever again. I carry on to my office then rashly fix some work before reporting today's schedule of my boss. I like this job, not just like I need this job more than liking it. I knock on the door before entering then I walk near his table with bulks of documents in my hand. While walking towards him he looks up and our eyes meet. My heart was beating fast, initially because of being late this morning but for other reasons, I am always captivated with that handsome face of him. " Goodmorning Mr. Stanley here are the documents that need to be reviewed and your today's schedule I printed it so that if in case you can forget you just have to look at it," I said feigned not being nervous. " Thank you, you can leave".He said void with emotion. It was just like I gained a pardon from being prison so I fled immediately not wanting to face my punishment. Thank goodness It seems that he doesn't know? or his just too busy to care for my small mishap but it does not sound like his style, never mind I have to face it whenever he would confront me. Returning to my office I buried myself for other work so as to patch up the time that I miss this morning.

while I was working on something pop-up in my mind, I pulled myself together unconsciously stole a glance at the clock on the wall that hangs above my office door. It was already twelve in the afternoon, time for lunch I don't have to bother myself ordering take-out food for my boss because he has a client meeting outside. I gather myself to the cafeteria just on the first floor of this building. I ordered my food and finish it in no time. I came back to my office. Time flew so by quickly. A day passed just like that. Before I go home I prepare the files and proposals that need to be review and sign by Mr. Stanley tomorrow along with his schedule. I put it on the table of my boss so that I don't need to face him tomorrow morning. After doing so, I walk inside the elevator towards the parking lot of the Stanley Manufacturing building. I just walk out of the elevator and I can see that uncle ben is opening the car door while smiling at me. Uncle Ben is the chauffer of Stanley's family that has been assigned as a company driver, he is serving my boss's family for almost 15 years. Now his job was included sending me to and fro. He in his fifty years old now. He is like a father to me after a month of being acquainted. The car is now speeding up in the road of this bustling city. I sit down quietly looking outside the car window. I don't know why but it suddenly dunned in me that it's like I miss someone. And who could it be? I don't have a boyfriend, or is it my parents? It couldn't be the case too because I always called my parents every weekend. I felt empty and weary, sigh maybe I am lack sleep so I would sleep early tonight so I can get rid of this uncomfortableness. I was interrupted with my thoughts when Uncle Ben stops the car in front of my apartment so I put away that unlikely thought. I got out of the car then wave thank uncle ben before walking towards my apartment. That's how my day has ended, a boring one to tell.

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