Chapter 15

We arrived at my apartment. He already stopped the car but because we are still talking about each other, I didn't get out of his car immediately. We are talking like friends long ago. We lost track of the time until we realized that it was already one o'clock in the morning when he dismissed me right away. We have a good time talking to each other. I felt happy to have another friend other than Liz. Anyway, he said a close friend so I agreed. But if I am being honest I like his personality too. He doesn't have the vibe of a spoiled rich young man. Maybe his parents discipline him for be would be in charge of their big business company. Actually, if he is not so rich and also my boss, I might be fantasizing to become his girlfriend someday. But Heis my boss and he is rich and I am not. He also has a girlfriend so it is a good thing to be his close friend. 

I was taken aback when he told me about being friends and he wants to know me better, especially when he told me th

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