Chapter 2

Emelia POV (1 week later)

Moving day and I can't wait. This last week has been one crying fest. Our last day of school was on Friday. While I hated school, I'm going to miss so many of my friends.

"Ann, let me just check my list one more time than we will be able to go."

"Emelia, I'm going to take that list and burn it. We have been over that list 3 times. We have everything. Anything we missed we can buy once we are in Pennsylvania."

I know Ann has a point but the list is calming me down. I'm nervous. Lots of new friends to make. What if the college kids don't like me? Wait, I'm jumping the gun. Let's first get to the university.

"Ann I'm just going to say bye to my parents. I know we still have a 10-hour drive."

"Make it quick. Please."

I run into the house. I hear my parents in the kitchen. I stop halfway realizing they are arguing.

"Jack, how long do you think you can keep it from her that you never wanted her? I saw how she is looking at you. She knows something already."

"Well Amanda, all I wanted was Heir and you even couldn't give me that. In all these years I have been married to you. Once she is done with the university, I never want to see you or her again. I have done my duty as a father to her. You were supposed to be a one night stand Amanda. You tricked your way onto my life. I only married you because I thought you were expecting a son. I have been fending for myself since this mistake I made. You know I was rich before I married you but because of you, my father told me he wants nothing to do with me if the baby was a girl and guess what. IT WAS A DAMN GIRL."

My dad came running out of the kitchen and saw me standing in the door. Before he could say anything I was out the door and in my car. Ann saw me running and she looks at me confused. I just left and saw Ann behind me in her car.

How can my father hate me so much? I have done nothing to deserve this. I didn't ask to be born a freaking girl. Did my mother trick my dad to marry her? I feel the tears running down my face. I need to stop before I get into an accident.

After I stopped, Ann was next to me in a matter of seconds.

"Em, what happened? I saw your speed and didn't know what to do. Em, what's wrong? I know you will miss your parents but you will see them again."

"Ann those are not my parents! I hate them! They will never see me again."

"Calm down, people will think I'm attacking you. Explain to me what happened"

The next few minutes I tell Ann everything I heard my parents say to each other. I have never felt so alone as I did now. Even with Ann next to me. I am unwanted. How will I find someone to love me, when my father does not want me?

"How dare they Em. You need to know that no matter what your dad says, you are wanted. You are my friend and I love you. Jeez, I would have been dead by now if it wasn't for you. We will show them. You have 4 years of university. You will be the best graphic designer and you will rub it in their face, OK. You don't need them in your life."

"I guess you are right. It is not my fault they don't want me. I will work hard. It just hurts to hear you parent talk about you like that. Now, I know why I have never in my 18 years met my father's family. They are mad that I'm not a son. How can they not like me, if they have never met me?"

I hear my phone ringing in the car. I pick it up and see it's my mother. I don't want to speak to her at the moment, so I just switch my phone off.

"Let's not think about that right now. We have to get going again. We have been driving for about an hour before we pulled to the side of the road. We have been standing here for an hour, so we still have about 8-9 hours to go."

As soon as we start driving again, we don't stop until we are the Pennsylvania campus. We go to check into our dorm room. I am so happy my roommate is Ann. It's 6 pm, so we decide we need to get something to eat. We go online to search for the nearest restaurant.

"Em, we have a choice between 3 restaurants. White dog cafe Baby blue barbecue, and New deck tavern."

"Lets go-to baby blue BBQ. Just the name makes the food sound delicious. "

"Let's go I'm starving."

Arriving at Baby Blue BBQ, we are immediately sat down at a table near the back.

"Good evening ladies. My name is Keegan and I will be your waiter this evening. Is there something I can bring you to drink before you order?"

"Good evening Keegan. Would you please bring me and my friend both a fountain soda? Anyone is fine with us. Before you leave, please tell me if you have a job opening. You see we are starting school here on Monday and I kind of need a part-time job."

"O that's cool. I will go ask my boss real quick I will be back momentarily with an answer and your drinks."

Ann is staring at me open mouth after Keegan leaves.

"Em, can't we at least settle in first before you start looking for a job?"

"Ann, you don't understand, do you? My father told me that gas and insurance are on me. I need to find a job as soon as possible. I don't want anything more from that man. He can pay for what he needs and then I'm done. I don't want to ask him for any money so the faster I find a job the better for me."

"First off, when did he tell you all this? And secondly, I understand completely. If they were my parent, I also won't want anything to do with them."

Keegan comes back with our drink order.

"I spoke to my boss. He says we have an opening for the night shift from 5 until 10. He first wants to speak to you before he gives you a job. Just give me your order and I will take you into the back. Sorry I wanted to ask you what your names are."

Ann speaks before I can. "I'm so sorry our parents did teach us manners I promise. My name is Ann and this is Emelia."

"We will have 2 ½ chickens 2 creamed spinach and 2 Chicken smoked rice."

I stand up and walk with Keegan towards the back.

"You said you're starting school on Monday. Where are you going?"

"O, I'm starting at the University of Pennsylvania."

"That's great I'm also going there. I'm studying architecture. What are you studying? "

"I'm studying to become a graphic designer."

"Let's continue our conversation later. We are near the office and the boss is waiting for you."

Keegan hands me his phone and I put in my number. I hand his phone back to him, and he smiles at me and turns around. I knock on the door. I hear a faint "come in" from the inside. Once I step in, I see a male sitting at the desk. His hair is getting gray.

"Good evening you must be Emelia my name is Rave Williams. I'm the owner and manager of this restaurant.

Tell me do you have any experience?"

"Yes, I have been a waiter at a cafe in my home town for a few years before I decided I need to focus on my school work instead in my senior year."

"That is excellent. When will you be able to start? I need a new waiter as soon as possible."

"I will be able to start right away. "

"That's settled then you can start your first shift tomorrow at 4 pm. I will ask Keegan to show you the ropes."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Williams."

I walk out of the office happier than I have ever been. This is just the start of a great new life. I see Ann sitting at our table. I see our food has already come.

"Em, so did you get the job?"Ann looks at me in anticipation.

"Yes, I did. I can help you unpack and settle into our room until 3 pm. My first shift starts at 4 pm. "

We pay for our food and by the time we got home, it is already 11 pm. We went straight to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me.

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