06. The Agreement

Bad decisions make good stories.


 A note.

Ofcourse how cliché.

I grabbed the note. And ran straight to dad's office. I knew Everett and dad would be there.

I barged into the office "Rose ran away'' I said frantically.

It was to late to realize. Angelo, Antonio and some of their men were also present in the office.

"TROVALA!" (FIND HER!) Antonio roared. I couldn't understand what he said but the way he said that was enough to make me tremble.

Without wasting a second Angelo and all the man ran past me speaking frantically in their earpiece. He must have ordered them to find her.

I hope they don't hurt her, God please. I send a quiet prayer quickly.

Everett sat on the couch that was present in the office with a loud thud his hands in his hair.

"What is that in your hand?'' Antonio asked me coldly eyeing the note in my hand. Dad and Everett quickly looked at me and then to my hand that was clutching the note tightly. I totally forgot about that.

"Ahh.. I.. It..'' I was stuttering so I took a deep breathe "Rose left a note behind.'' I said not making eye contact.

Antonio walked towards me in two long strides. He took my hand and snatched the note rather harshly, I was to scared to say anything.

He left my hand and observed the contents of the note.

After a moment I heard him chuckle but it seemed force. "your daughter ran away with her lover.'' he glared at Everett. "Want to know what this says?" he waved the note and then started to read out loud,

"When you find this note it means I'm long gone. I want to apologize to all of you. Especially you dad but I'm sorry. I can't sacrifice myself because of your mistakes. I have dreams. I have a whole life ahead of me I just can't get married to a mafia lord raise his children and be a polite house wife. I'm sorry but this is not me. I have dreams which I'm not ready to give up because of others mistakes. I want to tell you I'm safe where ever I am. I'm with the love of my life, We will be getting married soon. He understands me and supports my dreams. I just hope you guys find in yourselves to forgive me.''


Antonio finished reading the note with a mocking tone.

We all stood their shocked not knowing what to do next. Well I think I was the one who was the most shocked.

Alessandro.. Mafia leader?? Everett's mistake..

Everett what did you do?

I was both scared and confused. They all are related to the mafia??

"Tale padre tale figlia" (Like father like daughter) Antonio's voice brought me out of my thoughts. "Antonio'' said Everett with a warning. "non provare nemmeno a mancarmi di rispetto, traditore" (don't even try to disrespect me again you traitor) Antonio said fuming.

Even Though I was unable to understand a single word I still stepped away from him because he looked like he'll kill anyone in sight.

"Non ti do la seconda possibilità che tu sappia che sei un coglione. Ma l'ho ancora dato a te. e tu ingrato figlio di puttana mi hai tradito entrambe le volte!" (I don't give second chances you know you mutt. But I still gave it to you. and you ungrateful motherfucker betrayed me both time!) said Antonio with rage. Ohh how I wish I knew Italian.

"Indovina il tuo tempo scaduto. Completerò ciò che ho lasciato 2 mesi fa. Sei un traditore morto e anche la tua famiglia" (Guess your time's up. I will complete what I left 2 months ago. You are dead traitor and so is your family) Antonio suddenly pulled out a gun from his suite jacket.

I froze at the sight of the gun. "Antonio please! Forgive my family! It's all my fault leave my family. Give me another chance'' Everett was on his knees and shaking.

Dad stood their with his eyes closed a lone tear escaped from his eye. My heart clenched I could not see my brother and father like this.

Tina do something you can't just stand here and let your brother and father die. DO SOMETHING my subconscious shouted at me.

I came out from my trance. "A.. Antonio'' I said stuttering. He had a gun in his hand for god sake. Ofcourse I was scared.

He slowly turned around towards me. He made a face while staring at me as if he just realized at that moment that I was also present in the room. He didn't say anything just looked at me intently. That's my cue to continue.

"Please.. Don't do this'' I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek with all the strength I could muster up.

"TINA!'' dad yelled. "tina stay out of this. This is none of your concern.'' Everett glared at me warningly.

My concern? Really? I can't take this no more!!

"Than who's concern should it be Everett?? Huhh?? Tell me?? I don't know what the fuck is going here, no one wants to tell me the fuck happened. How did you get yourself fucked up with the mafia?? Why did you force Rose to marry that men?? She ran away for god's sake. We don't know if she is even safe!!! And you say this is none of my concern!?? This is my family too. As much as you are part of this family so am I. So I don't care what the fuck you say because I should be concerned."

I was more than angry and didn't care about how I spoke to my elder brother. I was breathing profusely by the time I was done talking.

I was sick of this hide and seek game. I wanted to know what is going. I'm grown up I'm not William. I'm Valentina.

Everyone was staring at me with shock evident on there faces.

"Tina'' Everett started to speak but was cut off by me "please Everett.. please tell me the truth." I begged while tears started to form in my eyes. "what is happening here? Why do we have mafia people in our house?? What did you do?" I sobbed.

Everett took in a deep breathe. A tear slipped from his eye.

"Tina it all happened so fast I don't know myself." He started to cry hard.

I thought he would talk no more but after a monent he spoke.

"I.. It all started 6 months ago." He gulped and continued.

"I wanted to start a new business, one of my friends suggested me some ideas and proposed that we both add half and half money for the business. I didn't have that much money. I could've asked dad but my plan was to surprise him and make him feel proud of me, But.." he sobbed

"..I was trying really hard to get the money and during that time I met Antonio in a bar." he glanced at Antonio who looked like he was ready to get this all over with as soon as possible.

"Antonio said he can easily provide me the amount but I have to sign an AGREEMENT." Everett paused and took in a sharp breathe.

"It said that I will return his money within the next four months and I have to return double the amount that I have borrowed and if I don't return it I must serve the mafia or die with my family from there hands... I was in urgent need of money and my friend told me we would become millionaires overnight. I blindly trusted that fucker and thought that the returning the money won't be an issue, I agreed to the agreement" Everett glanced at me for a second.

"That fucker was a lier, as soon as I handed him the money he vanished into thin air.. I searched for him everywhere.." he started to sob again.

"I really did.. 4 months passed way to fast and next thing I know Antonio was standing with a gun on my head in my house ready to kill me because I asked for more time and refused to join the mafia...

But then suddenly Rose came early that day from school. Antonio asked about her and after some moment he said he will let me live in peace if I agreed to marry Rose to Alessandro.." Everett sucked in a shaky breathe

"Alessandro is a heartless beast everyone knows about him. I couldn't let my flower be thrown to a beast.. I would never do that to her" he shook his head furiously and started to cry hard and kneeled down.

"He.. He threatened me that he'll kill me and forcefully take rose and my family with him. He said they'll have the worst fate. So it was better for me to agree to the marriage beacause he assured me of Rose safety that way..." Everett glanced at me "and you know the rest" he said his head hung low.

I was speechless, I stood there not moving. This was to much handle.

"I suppose the story has ended, now say your goodbyes." Antonio said in a bored tone and aimed his gun on Everett's head, he was about to pull the trigger.

"Antonio!" I shouted. He closed his eyes tightly and then turned towards me "what now?" He said glaring.

"You want a bride for Alessandro right?" I said shakily. He looked at me skeptically and then slowly nodded.

"I'll marry him." I said quick so I don't back off my decision. Antonio's eyes widened and before he could say anything he was cut off by Angelo entering the room.

"Immagino che il problema sia risolto giusto? Perché non siamo riusciti a trovare la ragazza." (I guess the problem is solved right? Because we couldn't find the girl.) Angelo sighed and looked at Antonio.

Antonio was in deep thought after a moment he looked at me.

"Get ready you have an hour.'' with that said he barged out of the office with Angelo in tow. I let out a shaky breathe. I glanced towards Everett and dad, both of them were staring at me with shock.

I exited the office, Mom and Bridget were standing outside crying their eyes out. They hugged me as soon as they saw me come out.

I felt numb. Everything seemed heavy and I felt it hard to breathe. I took in deep breathes and made my way towards the guest room. Where the bride was supposed to get ready.

The dress was laid on the bed untouched.

The beauticians didn't arrive. They said they got a call saying the wedding was moved ahead.

I looked at the dress. I never thought while selecting this dress that I would also be the one wearing it instead of Rose. I sighed and picked it up.

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