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After her confession to Ava, Kara hadn't nearly said a word at all to her. She was more distant and rather unemployable to any of the conversations they usually had together. 

Though Ava tried had to bring her back to the woman she had met before, she couldn't do much. She hardly wanted to raise Kara's hopes of ever getting into a relationship with her. 

No matter how hurting she made her feel, the decision about dating Martha still stood. 

She had never detailed the reason why she couldn't get into a relationship with Kara and neither did she explain it to her the moment Kara gave in. 

She rather took a stroll to start wooing Martha. 

To Martha, it was a pleasure knowing that Ava was interested in her. She had already fallen at first sight but had no idea about Kara's feelings towards Ava and neither did Kara ever show them again since the say. 

Two days before Halloween, Ava had asked Martha out already and they w
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