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Ben managed to get Dante to a small cottage owned by Mr. Bradley, which was close to the streets of Manning. He had Dante lie down on the bed to rest while he cleaned himself up to head back to town to get some supplies and medication.

After changing into a saggy green vest and a pair of black jeans, Ben left the cottage to purchase medical supplies. As he left the pharmacy, he ran into Ava, who was standing behind the pharmacy entrance doorframe.

"Ben!" called Ava, startling him.

"Hi, Ava. How are you?" Ben asked with a forced smile.

"Do I look okay to you, Ben?" snapped Ava with gritted teeth.

"Umm, what's wrong?"

"Where is Dante, Ben? I know what you did to Kara. Now I need to talk to Dante. Right away."

"What are you saying?"

"The fact that you're buying medical supplies means you have him somewhere, and you're helping him."

"Wait, what?" asked Ben, puzzled by Ava's insinuation.

"Listen, Ben. Kara is locked up for a crime she didn't commit. You and I know it for a fact."
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