Chapter 4 : A Little More

"Why did he choose Faith out of all people? Is there anyone more useless? Other than that pretty face of hers, what else does she has?" 

Faith heard someone say as she left her house to go to work. The night Alpha Rigie came and asked Faith to accompany him to the gala had already passed a week ago but people were still talking. 

All of those who were mocking Faith behind her back or on her face had only one reason to do it. They could not tolerate that she was being take to the Gala where the most prestigious alphas and their Luna's went annually. 

Faith agreed with them silently. There was really no one as useless as her in their pack. She couldn't fight, she wasn't a scholar or a doctor, neither could she do anything to make the pack proud to have her. There were many other she wolves who were a pride to them and much more capable. But the only thing they lacked was the face that Faith had. 

None of them were ugly. Compared to humans, werewolf genes were incomparable. Each and every werewolf was a beautiful specimen and among them was Faith who was considered an even higher lever of beauty. 

As Faith silently passed the women who had mocked her, she mentally asked, 'I did not choose this, did you know? If you want then go and tell the Alpha to take your daughter instead. I will be happy to be home minding my own business.' 

However, in her head it sounded pretty savage to her but she did not have the courage to say it out loud. Folding her shoulders in, holding her backpack closer to her body, she walked in hurried steps towards the nearest bus station. 

"Faith!" A voice called from behind her. She stopped and turned around with a small smile. She already knew what was coming. Ivan came to her grinning widely. He snatched her hand, opened her fingers and dropped a small plastic pouch on her open palm. The pouch was warm on her skin, yet it didn't burn. 

"You forgetful little thing!" He patted her head twice making her giggle softly. 

Ivan was her neighbour, a sworn brother and the best friend since she could understand the meaning of those words. He was twenty five and lived alone with his mate, Yulia. 

Ever since Faith started working, she often forgot to have breakfast or there wasn't any left for her by the time she had to leave. When Ivan and Yulia found out they made a extra portion for her and Faith only had to pick it up on her way. 

Which also Faith forgot often. 

That's why Ivan have named her goldfish.

"Thank you Ivan." She said with a smile. Ivan shook his head and waved his hand forward telling her to leave. 

"You will be late. Go, I won't hole you up." He said. Faith nodded and waved the plastic pouch over her head which made Ivan laugh. 

Smiling to herself, with a small skip in her steps, Faith reached the bus station.

Their pack, Mystic Claw, had over two hundred members, not including the warriors and the ranked officials. The pack itself was further divided and sectioned into three parts, one of which was where Faith resided. Her sect was in the deeper part of the clever woods. 

She really did not mind, as it helped her mind her own business and stay away from others. When she was young, her childish mind wanted to be close to everyone, but the behaviour of her family caused that childish curiousity to dim into the a dull child.

Although she did not associate with others much, all those two hundred members had their own set of opinions about Faith. 

Good, bad, a little bit of both. That became another reason for her to remain cut off from the rest of the pack. Faith wasn't as naive as she looked, she knew they were all somewhere envious of her, wanted her to go away so that their sisters, daughters and mates could shine. In their view, Faith had outshone them all. 

Even now, as Faith kept her head low and did not speak, they thought she was acting arrogant.

How was being low spirtited in any way arrogant? 

Faith often asked herself but soon realised that there was no reasoning. The world always looks for a target, once found, all that is needed is a weapon to make wounds and tears on it, no reason or excuses will be able to stop them. So she stopped instead. 

Bearing all the harsh words on her like scars she went on with her daily life as if nothing bothered her. On the suface she was a beauty that everyone wanted a glimpse of, wanted to destroy. But on the inside she was no better than a withered flower, dead and scentless. 

Faith got the bus on time and rode it to where she worked. The Ice rink that she worked at was in the heart of the town. The hustling and bustling on the streets rejuvenated her energy. The dim smile on her face widen as she walked on the streets, away from the hot environment of her pack which always seemed to prick at her skin. 

"On time Faith. Zara will be able to praise you for once!" Ruth said from the front desk. Faith waved her hand at Ruth, with all five fingers on display and a smile that could compare to a sunshine. 

"She always praises me. But because I am late often, she has to do it in secret so you don't feel bad!" Faith teased and placed the backpack on the counter. She took out her water bottle, packet of breakfast from Ivan, a towel. 

Ruth tossed the empty backpack in one of the lockers and kept the key in her pocket. 

"By the way, what are you doing today? Zara said you have something very important to do so you are leaving early today." Ruth said, leaning her elbows on the desk and balancing her chin over it. Looking very interested. 

Faith's eyebrows screwed into a frown as she asked in confusion, "Leaving early? I am not leaving early. I have nothing to do today..."

She trailed off. Ruth's eyebrows shot up and she shrugged. 

"Zara told me she got a phone call from your home and they told her to let you leave early because you have some personal matters to attend. They didn't specify what." 

"From home?" Faith understood immediately that it had to be one of her sisters or her mother. But what she didn't understand was that why they did it. As far as she knew, there was nothing planned for today. Evennif there was, why would they include faith in it? They didn't tell anything beforehand and just called her boss like this? 

"Yeah. You should talk to Zara if you don't believe me. She told me that." 

Faith shook her head, "No, I believe you. I will leave early today then. Let's see what is waiting for me." 

Faith's phone was in her pocket. As she went in to change her clothes she was tempted to pick it up and call home and ask why they called her boss and asked for an early leave. But she didn't have the courage needed to do that. Faith was a helpless coward when it came to her family, especially her mother. 

"What are you up to?" Faith mumbled to herself, tying up the laces of her snow white shoes, she skated over to the bunch of kids eagerly waiting for her to teach them a few more tricks on the ice. 

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