Chapter 14 : Shopping Down the Hill

The blue eyes appeared in the night like shining sapphires. Peony jumped on her hind legs and almost howled in happiness to be let out like this. Faith internally scolded herself for keeping her wolf in all the time. After all they were all animals and confining then was not the most ideal thing. 

Peony ran a lap around the ginormous estate and yipped happily with faith reminding her to keep it low from time to time. The night was freezing cold but peony loved it. Her silvery fur brushed against the wind and reminded Faith of the ice rink. 

After running for a while peony fell tired and cosied up her furry body against a large tree. Faith was a bit embarrassed by her Wolf's tiny amount of stamina so she changed into her human form and creeped back towards the window. The little pebble was holding the tiny gap so Faith stuck a finger into the gap and opened the window effortlessly. 

Faith fell back on


I've been MIA for a longest time, I know haha. But I'm back now and intend to complete Alpha's Beauty! Those who have stuck around until now and left reviews and comments, thanks a lot! I'll do my best with this one! XOXO

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Angie Chavez Swofford
I’ve been waiting along time for this one. Lol welcome back .
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it's a little annoying it keeps talking about faith in the 3rd person

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