Chapter 6 : The Red Dress

If Faith was told to shop for a dress, she wouldn't have been so worried, or afraid for that matter. However, it was the fact that she had to shop with her sisters that made her shiver as she changed into fresh clothes. 

Faith quickly dressed herself in a light yellow shirt, paired it with a light blue jeans and grabbed her little bag with her phone and wallet in it. Dea had already given her the money for the dress, or dresses if more than one fit her budget. 

Of course it was not out of her own pocket. Alpha Rigie had heard from an unknown but highly reliable source that Faith had nothing but baggy and non Gala friendly clothes in her closet. Since his whole purpose of bringing Faith along was to save some face, he could not let her go to the Gala looking like a haggard. 

His bank balance had enough money to give her. Dea took the money and gave half of it to Faith for the dress. 

Caren and Winter were already waiting for her downstairs when she arrived. They wore much lighter clothes than Faith as it was almost summer and the heat was begining grow. 

Faith liked to wear her winter clothes all year round. Because she spend a lot of time in the Ice rink, she always felt cold or just got accustomed to wearing them. And she liked them because it covered her body completely. 

"Do you take us for granted? Who takes do long to dress like that?" Caren rolled her eyes after taking a glance at Faith. Faith bit down on her bottom lip and silently walked down the stairs. She followed them out of the house. 

They were taking Sol's car as they had to go deeper into the city for shopping. Faith could imagine Sol's face when he was told to give up the keys. 

Faith had nothing particular in mind regarding her dress, but her sisters surely did. Winter and Caren left her to scout on her own as they started their own hunt.

Faith immediately got lost in the part of the store with long gowns and knee-length dresses. The more she walked, more beautiful the dresses appeared to be. From gentle pastles to dark bold colours, everything was made to give the wearer a premium look. 

She touched the soft chiffon fabric of a dark purple colour and giggled at the tickling feeling on her palm. It was the smoothest fabric she had ever touched! 

"Excuse me ma'am?" A staff came to her with a smile. Faith returned the smile and nodded. "Would you like to try this dress? It will look extremely gorgeous on you!" 

Faith blushed despite knowing that the girl was just doing her job by flattering her into buying it. Biting her lip, she hesitantly nodded. 

"Okay. I will try it." She said. 

The girl beamed and said, "I will bring this dress in your size!" 

Faith nodded and kept looking at other dresses. But her eyes kept going back to the same dress she had touched. The softness was hard to forget. It was a spaghetti strap A-line dress with layers at the hem if the skirt. The bodice had little roses made of the same fabric and in different shades of purple. 

Faith was already in love with it and if she got it in her size then this was the one she would love to wear at the Gala. 

The girl came back holding the dress in her arm, smiling widely at faith she handed it over. "Here you go, ma'am." 

"Thank you so much. I will try it on now." 

With that said Faith disappeared into the changing room. She quickly changed into the dress. It was light as feather on her smooth skin, it weighted no more than the air around her. And it looked stunning as she could see in the full body mirror. 

Her body was perfectly embraced in the dress. She was going to get this one! 

Smiling to herself she went outside the changing room where rhe girl was still waiting for Faith. The girl's eyes widen in surprise when she saw faith wearing the dress. 

"You are looking out of this world! I am not even joking!" She exclaimed. She looked more excited than Faith! 

Faith giggled lightly and told her, "I will take this one." 

"Like hell you are going to the Gala in that piece of crap, Faith. Save us some face will you?" A snarky voice came from her right. It sounded like Caren. 

Faith's face fell immediately and she looked to the side where Caren and Winter were standing with bunches of clothes in both their arms. 

"But it looks beautiful. I want this one." Faith frowned. Her fingers enclosed around the skirt protectively. 

"That is not for you to decide. Mom knew you would do something like this so she already told us to do the selection for you. And we brought the clothes for you to try on. Get rid of that one." Winter pipped in her part and dumped the arm fills of clothes on the sofa in front of the changing rooms. 

"Try them out. Not." Caren added and copied Winter's actions. Faith's frown deepen and her eyes burned with moisture. She sniffed a little and took a shameful glance at the girl who was also frowning.

"I am sorry for the trouble." Faith said in a small voice full of sadness, "I won't be able to take it." 

Faith couldn't look at the girl anymore and rushed back into the changing room, on her way picking up a few random dresses that her sisters dropped on the sofa. 

As soon as the door closed behind her, droplets of tears fell from her eyes. Faith took off the dress and held it in front of her for a full mini before putting it up on the hanger again. She tried the other dresses and went out to show them. 

Faith did not like any of them. Either they were too tight, or showed too much skin. The colours were too bold for her. The girl staff from earlier was also there to keep them assistance. She kept giving Faith pitiful glances as she kept on trying on dresses. Caren and Winter did not have anything good to day either. They heavily criticised Faith for not looking beautiful in the dresses that are worthy of being worn at the Gala. 

Faith did not talk back or say that she was uncomfortable. It was Dea's orders after all. Faith did not have nay say in the dress she would have to wear at the Gala. So what was the use of calling her off work before time?

"This one!" Caren cried out as Faith stumbled out of the room yet again. This time she wore a black bodycon dress with a high slit. It had a sweetheart neckline and thin spaghetti straps. Faith squirmed, holding the neckline up. It was extremely uncomfortable for her. 

"No. She does not have that much of a physique." Winter countered Caren's choice. And yet again Faith was sent in. Trying on dresses one by one, Faith was ready to fall and pass out. When the last dress was rejected by both her sisters, Faith sighed. 

"Ma'am, do you want me to suggest you something?" The girl said from the corner she was standing in. Caren and Winter looked back as if just realising she was standing there this whole time. 

"Sure, you can try as well. But I doubt she will look good in anything fancy." Winter taunted. Faith looked down. She had chosen the perfect dress earlier, bug it was rejected by them. And now they were Taunton her for not looking good in any dress? 

The girl sprinted away whilt the three of them waited. Only a minute or two had passed when the girl came back with a dress inside a bag. She handed it to Faith. 

"Try this one." 

Faith speechlessly took the dress and went inside yet again. She unzipped the bag and took out the dazzling dress from inside.

It was a Ruby Red colour gown, the satin fabric shone in the light and slid accross her fingers. It had an off-shoulder V-neck not too low, just right for her taste. The skirt flowed from upper waist all the way to the floor, leaving a little bit of a trail, giving it a ballgown effect. 

The purple dress was extremely beautiful but this one outshone it. Holding it in her arms, she felt a different kind of warm emotions gather in her heart and tickle her soul. 

She quickly wiggled into it and grinned at herself in the mirror. She threw open the door, the three set of jaws fell open at the sight of Faith in her red dress. 

"I'll take this one!" She announced with a face splitting grin. 

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