Chapter 12 : Lunas Make Good Friends.

"I am sorry to hear that." Faith mumbled apologetically. It must have been so hard on Luna Rita as a daughter to have her own father try to sabotage her life. The wound may have healed on the suface but the gash on her heat must be still painful. 

Luna Rita shook her head, smiling bitterly, "You don't have to apologise. He met the end he deserved. Let's talk about you. Alpha Rigie said you are his Beta's sister." 

Faith's excitement peaked and she hurriedly answered, "Yes! My eldest brother is the Beta of our pack. I am the youngest out of all siblings." 

"Really? How many siblings do you have?" 

"We are eight in number. Four brothers and three sisters, and me." Faith said a little embarrassed. It was not uncommon for wolf families to have more than three children. Four or five were a common number among them, but having eight was going over the edge. Her family seemed to have tipped over the edg

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