Chapter Three

Isis plunged the key into the hole and jerked the door open. She stared grimly at the inside of her home. Who ever thought living alone could be so deafening? Didn’t college students usually jump for joy at being away from their parents?

She pulled out her cell and texted Alex.

Isis: Hey! I am home.

Her cell buzzed as she was beginning to shrug off her clothes.

Alex: Welcome, then! Lol. How was your date with the devil?

Isis: Date? I am certain there is a better word you could’ve used.

Alex: No. I think it’s appropriate Lol.

Isis: Sure you do. But I guess all scientists truly are insane. :P

Alex: Hey! I am not! Lol. You just can’t admit that he is handsome.

Isis: And why on this God forsaken earth would I not want to admit something? If I thought him handsome I would say, and contrary to what you believe, I do find him nice-looking but I am just not crazy over him.

Alex: But why? That is my question.

Isis: But why do you have that question?

Alex: You just seem to be using a lot of energy to convince me and yourself of your opinions. It’s not wrong to have a crush you know, even if that crush is the shared fantasy of the entire student population.

Isis: He is my professor.

Alex: And...??

Isis: There is no ‘and’ plus I believe I did mention that he was Lucifer himself!

Alex: I don’t like to question your judgement, ‘cause you are mostly right about people but I have a feeling you are holding something back. Besides, I heard that Professor Greyson was one of the nicest teachers in the university.

Isis: My judgement is always right and it would do you good to remember that! XD :P I am not holding back anything. Nicest my foot! Would a nice person have no regard for human life?

Alex: Perhaps he was just...was having a rough day?

Isis: A rough day?

I just met the guy and I will say it again...he is my professor. I don’t like him...not even remotely and he will never think of me in that way, and it is forbidden. So subject closed.

Alex: I swore I saw something when you were looking at him today, I mean maybe you’re suppressing what you feel because you know the chances of having that feeling intensify.

Isis: Alex, it will do no one any good if you push me into having feelings for my professor. Just please let this ridiculous notion go! Please! Anyhow I am gonna go take a shower, see ya tomorrow.

Alex: Ugh fine! I was just trying to help you to open up a bit. For some time now I realise you keep things inside and it would be easier on you if you let them out. I just saw this as my opportunity to help you lower your walls. Well... have a nice shower and I will pick you up in the morning. Night, night and sweet dreams.

Isis: Stop worrying about me. I am fine! I don’t keep things in, I just don’t have as much emotion as you seem to think I have. Okay, see you then. Sweet dreams.

sis dropped her cell on her bed and passed her hands over her face. Her eye lids were working with the power of gravity and she had to mentally tell her brain that they needed to stay open. She walked into the shower and turned on the shower head.

Isis scurried off to class, her eyes begging for mercy. She was so tired her entire body laced with fatigue. Her mind blocked everything out, the stares, the whispers and the giggles of a group of girls as she made her way to the back of the class. She plumped down and released a sigh, as she tried to brush the loose tendrils of brown hair from caressing her face. She didn’t have enough time this morning so she pulled her hair up and tied it in a messy bun, one that was falling apart.

Isis propped her face with her hands and stared unseeingly at the front of the class. She wasn’t eavesdropping but something caught her attention and she continued to listen.

“Why on earth did Mr. Greyson ask that bitch to stay back and help him?” One girl, with a pouty voice questioned.

“I know right! She is not even all that pretty. I am so going to get into trouble so maybe he can give me punishment.” Another replied and the girls giggled.

Isis tuned out, if they thought it was luck then hell, they could have her place! She didn’t want to stay back and help that man nor did she deserve to be hated for something she had no control over.

She tossed her bag aside and breathed slowly. Within those short moments, Mr Greyson appeared.

“Good morning. I am happy to see some of you are on time.” He hinted as his eyes locked on Isis, and she didn’t know why her heart began to beat so violently against her chest. She sucked in a breath and her eyes roamed him. How can a teacher be so attractive?

She let her eyes fall away from him as the attention of the class shifted to her.

“Right! So down to business.” He declared as he began to roam the class. “This play is personally one of my favourites.” He began and Isis wished he could just fall! The play was also a favourite of hers and she hated having anything mutual with this man.

“So I am making it clear, any of you write crap about it in your essays, there will be hell.” He joked and the class erupted in laughter. Mr Greyson went into a lecture of the playwright and then a short summary of the play.

This took up most of the class and Isis was hooked on every word. His enthusiasm of the play and his manner of discussing the topic was on point. She agreed with his line of analysis and she hadn’t noticed the huge smile spreading like a disease on her features. She quickly shook it off and continued to take notes.

“We only have a few minutes left now but from what I have said and from your own analysis can someone tell me what the protagonist’s hamartia is?” Mr Greyson questioned, his eyes roaming the students.

One of the boys raised their hands. “Can you remind us of what that is?” He questioned.

Mr Grey stared at him. “You mean hamartia?” He clarified and the boy nodded.

“Is that a term you are all unfamiliar with?” His voice rose and Isis saw he was a bit annoyed although he was doing a hell of a lot not to show it.

The class mumbled. “I can’t listen to all your voices at one.” His tone was clipped. “Do you know it or not?” He questioned and the students replied with a resounding ‘no’. Mr Greyson shook his head.

“Ms. Davenport.” He turned his attention to Isis and she wanted to sink into a hole. He singled her out and now all the attention was on her-again.

“Can you please tell us what hamartia is?” He looked at her and she saw fury in his eyes. She honestly didn’t get his anger. He could just tell them what it was, it wasn’t hard to understand or onerous to explain.

“Hamartia refers to a character’s fatal flaw.” She answered and the darkness in his eyes cleared a little.

“And will you please tell us, what exactly is a fatal flaw?” He questioned again. Isis swallowed and tried not to think of her parched lips.

“A fatal flaw speaks to a character trait that usually brings about the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.” She replied and he smiled.

“And before you leave, give us an example of a fatal flaw, not using our text.” He commanded and Isis wanted to shrink back from all the glares she was receiving.

She swallowed and thought, “Okay, um. In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ his fatal flaw was jealousy and this was played upon by Iago. This causes Othello to spiral into a sort of madness as he suspects his wife to be unfaithful to him. It led to his downfall since he murdered her, then finding out the truth he takes his life.” She explained and he sighed in relief.

“Thank you.” He praised and then he turned his attention back to the class. “I expect some more determination from the rest of you. I don’t like explaining things that should be known.” He was quite serious and the class grew tense. “We will pick this discussion up next class. You can make your way out.” He declared and the students started filing out.

Isis shoved her books into her bag and waited impatiently for the students to leave. As the class was beginning to grow empty she rose and made her way down.

“Isis.” Her fists clenched at her sides at the mention of her name and two girls ahead of her stopped and glared as they made their way out.

She spun around slowly and stared at Mr Greyson blankly.

“Don’t forget at four you need to come back.” He insisted. Isis sighed heavily.

“When exactly will I be done with...atoning for my disastrous sins?” she queried, trying to keep the bitterness out of her tone.

Mr Greyson smiled. “I will let you know. Besides I wanted to ask if you would be interested in joining the university’s journalism club.” He leaned back in his chair and looked up at her.

Isis was shocked and caught off guard. “Journalism?” she questioned.

“I do believe that was what I said.” He replied casually.

“I don’t think so.” She replied unsurely.

“Why not?” his voice was laden with intent curiosity.

“I don’t think I will be good at journalism.” She confessed.

“You mentioned you like to write.” He pestered.

“I do like to write, but for myself. I really don’t know...” She was in the middle of making excuses.

“Listen, don’t knock it unless you try it. I am in charge of the club and I usually work with the members. I think you have promise or else I would never have asked you. Give it a try and if after a couple of weeks you find it too compelling you can leave.” He offered.

Isis sighed. “I guess I can give it a shot. I just might not be that good at it.” She replied. Mr Greyson appeared resigned.

“I will be there to help. Give me your contact information.” He riffled through his desk until he found his cell. Isis thought it very unusual, didn’t people value their phones a lot more these days?

“My email?” She questioned.

“And your cell and your house number. I need to know I can get through at any point.” He responded and Isis gave him the necessary information.

“Is that it?” she questioned, her legs itching to leave.

“It is. But I want to let you know that we are not having meetings as yet. I am waiting a couple of weeks before we officially start.” He indulged and Isis just nodded, after he was done she immediately left.

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