Chapter 5

Audrey subconsciously raised a brow upon hearing what her husband called her. She couldn’t help but pull a sneer at him when their eyes met. ‘Baby?’ she thought. 

“How many babies you have?” Audrey blurted out. “I heard you’re expecting a newborn baby seven months from now,” she added.

Shane looked tired and devastated, for whatever reason why he was like that, Audrey had a very tiny interest. “Baby, I can explain…” he muttered with his begging eyes. He was dressed so well like he always did but still looking like a mess. “Can… Can we go somewhere else?” He suggested as he peeked behind her. Audrey moved her head slightly to the side and noticed Nathan and Francesca through her peripheral vision. She sighed and nodded to Shane before leading the way.

She used to walk behind him as she enjoyed looking up at his back. It didn’t

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Comments (3)
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Noralyn Joy Orencio Obrial
Author, don't let this story reach hundreds of chapters. Thirty chapters is enough. Audrey's character is "greatly abused."
goodnovel comment avatar
Shalini Srivastava
when are you going to update? feeling bad for poor girl, she married a total jerk and stupid
goodnovel comment avatar
Helen Grace Hanopol
should not depend but rather decide now or all you get is more heartaches as days go by. say enough is enough. why not give your heart to Nathan instead who truly care about you? what is there in love when all you get is broken heart.

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