Chapter 9

“Audrey?” It was the same as the old times. The voice that Audrey missed for so long.

“Nanny? Yes, it’s me, Audrey.” She tightly held on the rails for support. Other than her parents, Audrey had been dependent on her Nanny Esther. The old maiden spent her youth taking care of her mother and later, she was there for her when her parents weren’t around.

“Oh my! I received your wedding invitation but I’m too old to travel. Have you received my gift? I’m missing you so much and my days are numbered now,” Nanny Esther laughed on the other line. She still cared for her despite her old age.

“I missed you too, Nanny. The wedding went well and I just came back from a short vacation with my husband,” Audrey told her. Her nanny was the first person to find out that she had a crush on Shane when they were younger. And the elder would tell her mom about it.

“It was Shane, right? I’m so happy that you ended up together,” Nanny Es

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